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How can my Shanghai Cafe "save itself" after losing 10000 a day

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 picture source @ Vision China

picture source @ Vision China

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Inventory is empty .4 month 26 Friday night , In a sealed off building in Pudong New Area, Shanghai , Brother cat was pulled into a small group .

He is a neighbor in the same neighborhood, Gu Gu , They don't know each other , Now they have a common goal : Round coffee .

3 In the middle of the month, it was sealed , To date 41 God , Brother cat in just over a month , I've known you for the past two years, almost 0 Most of the neighbors in contact . At first it was sharing survival supplies , The closure came suddenly , People in the same building rely on “ Mutual relief ” After the first two weeks of hard times ,“ Later, it evolved into all kinds of things , I also took out the prepared coffee beans and divided them .”

until 4 End of month , Brother cat's coffee beans are used up , I met Goo Goo who proposed a round of coffee in a large group .

Shanghai people like to drink coffee , It's no secret now . before ,# Shanghai I want coffee # Get on top of hot search , Super heat 3 Billion , Some netizens commented on the old coffee cannons in Shanghai :“ The fragrance of Arabica is flowing in the blood ”.

In Shanghai, , Huaihai middle road goes from beginning to end , You can see 49 A cafe , Nanjing West Road has 41 home ; Fengjing road has an average of 100 MI can pass by 5 A cafe . today , On little red book ,# Teach Shanghainese to make coffee # Your notes have exceeded 4 Ten thousand ,Manner、Seesaw And other coffee brands also actively transmit the message of coffee group purchase on various social platforms .

Group purchase information on the content platform

Coffee beans —— This creepy character , Gradually become active . Goo Goo is a new coffee leader , His coffee balls are small groups , stay 3 It soon gathered in the day 195 people , Brother cat became the assistant of the head , In the morning 11 Point open group , Afternoon 3 The ball was pulled together at one o'clock . Enthusiastic demand of consumers , To the supply side , Let coffee brands see hope .

Shanghai coffee under the epidemic , It has gradually become the epitome of the city and people moving forward hand in hand .

《 Shanghai coffee consumption index 》 data display , By 2020 end of the year , In the business structure of Shanghai Cafe 35.08% For chain cafes ,55.88% For boutique coffee or small and micro Cafe . As the city with the largest number of cafes in the world , Scattered in Shanghai, large and small 8000 Many cafes , This is also going through the most difficult period .

The store cannot open , The rent 、 Manpower is a hard cost , What is more difficult to solve is supply and logistics ——3-5 June is the new season for coffee beans , Past , Coffee beans from all coffee producing areas around the world will be unloaded at Shanghai Port , Then it covers the national market . Industry shutdown , From upstream coffee producers 、 The product processing plant in the middle reaches 、 Coffee Roasters go to downstream cafes 、 consumer , Are facing their own anxieties , But it shows amazing resilience .

Open group buying 、 Online 、 Waiting to be unsealed , There is no stagnation in life , A cup of coffee is exerting its magical power .

01 I , In Shanghai, , Round coffee beans

Brother cat is a 95 after , Engaged in financial industry in Shanghai .

In his opinion , Shanghai people drink coffee in two ways : A kind of , It is the unique influence of urban culture , Drinking coffee is a habit . Small cafes with different characteristics in Shanghai , It's an important scene for young people to make friends ; Another kind , It's job demand , Coffee refreshes and relieves fatigue .“ Take our industry for example , High working pressure , An exaggerated two or three cups of coffee a day ‘ The lives ’.”

By contrast , Brother cat is not the group that needs coffee heavily , But he understands the need .

“ After home isolation , We still need to deal with work and daily life , The rhythm is sometimes faster .” Help make coffee , Instead, it has become an alternative way to decompress brother cat .“ Organization and coordination ability in the process of group purchase 、 A sense of accomplishment that can help others , And communication beyond work 、 communication , It's all what I think is valuable now .”

The epidemic has disrupted people's pace of life , But let the cat brother who came to Shanghai for more than two years , I feel the warmth among neighbors in material sharing . Brother cat and Goo Goo , They are all free and spontaneous community leaders . At first, they didn't have a way to make coffee , But with the resumption of some enterprises , Various coffee brands also began to save themselves , In little red book 、 Tiktok takes the initiative to send out a group buying message .

Goo Goo first opened Seesaw My coffee ball , Contains coffee beans 、 Coffee juice 、 Lyophilized powder, etc , But the regiment did not succeed .“Seesaw The starting price requirement is 2500 element , But there is an invisible condition for actual distribution , It requires that the single item is full 40 Share . When we get together in the group 30 Multiple copies , The other party said they were out of stock .”Seesaw For a short time, it has become the heart of coffee friends “ Cheating on men who play with women's affections ”. Brother cat then suggested driving Manner The regiment of ,20 Send from , But it requires additional 300 Yuan delivery fee .

Different distribution requirements push up the overall cost , However, the prices of various coffee brands are maintained at a normal level or even a small discount . With Manner For example , Provide to consumers 8 Set meal , among 1kg The price of Italian coffee beans is 300 element , The price of its tmall flagship store is 75 element /250 g , The price range is exactly the same as the former .

From brother cat Manner Optional packages

“26 Into the group , After the first wave failed , the second Manner The regiment soon opened up ,27 Afternoon of 4 Place more orders , evening 9 It was delivered to the door of the community at more than ten o'clock , The goods were sent by Lala .” Brother cat told me 「 E-commerce online 」, In a matter of 3 Days. , There are three groups in the group , first Seesaw After the failure of the regiment , Then I tried again .“ This time, the group also arrived 30 About , Goo Goo simply pays the remaining ten shares of money first .” Collect information from 、 Confirmation of order 、 Contact the shipping department , After being delivered to the community, it will be distributed to all buildings , Compared with other leaders , The head of coffee is relatively relaxed , But it provides life, not just the value of survival .

“ We can't say this thing , Not a necessity for anyone , For whom is a necessity . Everyone is different , Just like if you were from Sichuan today , Maybe I'm going to buy hot pot seasoning , This is related to the city's economy 、 Culture is closely related . In Shanghai, , Coffee is a very prosperous industry , It has a stable customer base .” The first is to solve personal needs , Then the neighbors helped each other , After May Day , A self-employed coffee brand found brother cat and Goo Goo from xiaohongshu ,“ Small physical enterprises are more difficult , We can also help a little now , Help them do some diffusion .”

The self rescue information released by the cat brother help brand

02 Forced interruption of the supply chain

In the coffee industry chain , Consumers and cafes are the end , The upstream is also connected to the raw coffee bean merchant 、 Coffee roaster 、 Product processing plant …… Consumers mainly worry about how to buy , Every character in the chain , The anxiety is different .

last year 3 The boutique coffee baking brand established in June Coffee Buff, The main product is coffee beans . among , The situation of raw coffee beans and cooked coffee beans is different .“ Our warehouse is in Pudong , Generally speaking, we prepare 3-5 God's goods , Because the best tasting period of roasted coffee beans is 7-15 God , exceed 15 The customer will be more concerned about it in a few days .”Coffee Buff Yang Yifan, one of the founders of, told 「 E-commerce online 」, Even after unsealing , This batch of cooked beans can't be delivered , It's a hard loss , But this is not the most worrying problem .

Before the outbreak ,Coffee Buff Is preparing its first offline store . It is different from the scale of dozens of chain coffee stores , Offline stores of boutique coffee pay more attention to experience and service , Revenue mainly depends on B End business . at present Coffee Buff There are nearly a hundred customers B End business , They are all coffee shops scattered all over the country 、 Barista , among 80% The above is not in Shanghai .“ We can't deliver goods here , But customers in other regions are still operating normally , Some customers use hundreds of kilograms of coffee beans a month . If it takes a long time , We also worry that they will find other suppliers .”

also , The storage time of raw beans is longer than that of cooked beans , But the industry generally gives priority to the current season beans .3-5 June is the new season for coffee beans , After this time , The beans in the warehouse become out of season beans , It's also hard to sell to new customers . This is also the main problem faced by all raw bean merchants and bakers in Shanghai : Supply and circulation .

T12 As early as 2015 Taobao store was opened in , Then I also launched my own applet . before , The proportion of online revenue can reach 20-30%, After the outbreak, almost 100% came from online .T12 One of the founders Figo tell 「 E-commerce online 」,“T12 Of offline stores , Loss of about 10000 yuan per day during non business period , About 60-70% It's the labor cost of employees .” Fortunately ,T12 Our cooperative factory is in Ningbo 、 The e-commerce team is in Hangzhou , This allows online delivery to work properly .

“ Our main problem is that it is difficult to send the goods to Shanghai . Normally every 2-3 God , We will bake a batch of coffee beans in Ningbo and ship them to Shanghai . To ensure taste , We can't sell coffee beans to customers after baking for a certain period of time . At that time, I didn't expect that the closure would last so long , So the Shanghai store only prepared 5 About days of goods ,4 month 3 It was sold out through flash delivery on the th . You can also ship goods online from Hangzhou , But many customers don't know this , So online orders are actually nearly half less .”

To be precise ,Coffee Buff and T12 All belong to coffee roasters , The roaster's upper reaches are raw bean merchants 、 The middle reaches are processing plants . The new production season is also the time for coffee beans from all over the world to be transported to all countries , Raw bean traders need these samples to determine the business content of the next year . However , Shanghai is the largest coffee import Province in China , Raw bean traders can't get imported beans , It will also fall into the chain reaction of supply anxiety . And the sales of all kinds of coffee beans are scattered 、 Take small batches of goods downstream for many times , panama 、 Colombia 、 Brazil's beans may be supplied by different raw bean producers , This makes it more difficult to adjust and integrate the supply chain .

03 The strength of coffee brands

The flower shop 、 The bookstore 、 The coffee shop , Once regarded as the three major loser projects of literary and artistic youth . As early as 2016 year , The average closure rate of cafes in major cities across the country has reached 18%,2020 In, the bankruptcy rate of enterprises engaged in coffee service industry was as high as 83%.

Especially in Shanghai , Boutique coffee gathered ——1982 year , American boutique Coffee Association SCAA Formally established , Coffee beans are scientifically 、 Score systematically , Score on 80 More than ( Full marks 100 branch ) Coffee beans are classified as “ Fine coffee ”. Compared with traditional catering , Boutique coffee pays more attention to the unique flavor of each coffee 、 The skill and style of a barista .

Coffee bosses in Shanghai , Compared to business , Feelings are more indispensable . After the interruption of the supply chain , Coffee people have anxiety 、 uneasy , But it's different from what the outside world expected , The brand that has operated for many years still has great confidence in restoring business .

“2019 When the first epidemic came in , There has been a wave of reshuffle in the industry , Many small brands didn't survive at that time . In this year's situation , Long operating time 、 Big brands with more sufficient funds , Still better , More likely to survive .”T12 Partners Fox Think , Whether the anti risk ability and brand positioning are clear , Very important at this stage .“ On the one hand is your sales channel , Diversified online and offline layout , Stronger risk resistance ; On the other hand, whether your product capability is excellent , Even if there is no expansion of the brand , If guest loyalty is high , After the market restarts, the recovery speed will also be faster .”

let me put it another way , Boutique coffees that dig deep into the moat with unique flavor products and skills , Confidence comes from old customers who have operated for many years . This mood , There is a certain taste , There is also warm wind from the industry :3 month 29 Japan , Issued in Shanghai 《 Some policies and measures to fight the epidemic and help enterprises promote development 》, It was mentioned that Shanghai will expand the scope of rent reduction from the service industry , Small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households covering all industries , At the same time, large commercial buildings are encouraged 、 The mall 、 On the basis of negotiation, the park and other market operators , Appropriate rent reduction and exemption for tenants engaged in entity operation , Various government support policies give priority to market players who take the initiative to reduce or reduce rent ;4 month 24 Japan , Taobao tmall released 2022 Coffee merchant support program , It is expected to hatch within one year 50 More than ten million new coffee brands , The plan will be oriented towards 9 Wanjia offline Cafe 、 Bakery 、 Overseas imported coffee traders and new coffee merchants willing to start businesses on Taoxi platform . The former determines the hard cost of coffee shop rent , The latter frees up the ability of coffee supply and performance .

4 Since the month , The founder and operation team of coffee brand are busy . Yang Yifan is in his hometown Luoyang , Race against time to measure some raw beans .“ Get the sample first , Start testing , Get all the products ready . When we unseal , Can be quickly updated . This month's time , Our designers are also at home , Optimize the main map of all our Taobao stores 、 Detail drawing .4 In June, we also did online activities , But those who place orders during our blockade , There will be gifts , It's a compensation , I hope customers can wait patiently for a while .” Yang Yifan has another identity , China judge of the world barista competition 、 industry KOL, Now she will also create from the media 、 Some communication work is on the agenda .

T12 Then simply slow down , Focus on the stability and improvement of products and supply chain .

“ Our upstream factories are actually very rich in resources , But each factory has different regulations .”Fox explain , Boutique coffee is actually a category that is difficult to be fully standardized . Planting environment 、 climate 、 The treatment methods and other factors will affect the yield and quality of raw beans , And the subsequent transportation of raw beans 、 Storage conditions 、 Baking process 、 The bar produces …… Any link goes wrong , Can make a cup of fine coffee lose its charm .“ Therefore , There is often a balance between scale and quality . We believe that the vitality of a brand is not just the expansion of space , More is the continuation of time .”

Whether it's opening a coffee ball 、 Layout line , Or return to the supply chain , They are all different directions chosen by coffee brands .

In Shanghai, , Coffee is not so much a commercial consumption , Rather, it has become a cultural temperament . In a special period , There's nothing wrong with wanting coffee , After all, while people are satisfied with food and clothing , It is also inseparable from spiritual needs . And for coffee brands , Consumers , Although anxiety still exists , But confidence in future development has never been lost . Like that moved to Figo and Fox Small details of ,“ As long as you see your cafe is still , It will feel like a hope ”—— This may be , It has already gone beyond the scope of consumers , But from a city resident , Highest appreciation for an industry and brand .

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