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After the management enters the site, is the children's snack track a good track?

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picture source @ Vision China

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“ The capital market has been quite deserted in the past two years , There are big environmental factors , But the fundamental reason is that there are fewer and fewer good tracks .” One investor sighed . I asked him what kind of track is a good track , His answer summed up in three words :“ Growth ”.

By this standard , In the current stock market environment, it is really difficult to find a track with strong growth , But if you focus on the segments , Although the overall scale may not be particularly large , But there are always new opportunities in subdivided areas .

such as , Children's snack track .

From the financing situation of the capital market , Even when the capital market is deserted 2021 year , There are still many financing events at the children's snack track , such as ,Little Spoon、 Akita Manman 、 Little yellow elephant 、 Duomaomao and other brands have financing recorded . On the whole , Although the financing amount is not particularly large , But it's also on the tens of millions of dollars level , But there are many brands that have just been established in the past two years . what's more , Among its investors are Sequoia China Seed Fund 、 Shun is the capital and other big name management .

Behind the entrance of big name management , The segment of children's snacks is rising , But if players want to find gold on this track , It's not easy .

Category thinking landing , From influencing decisions to supply iterations

A major trend of consumption upgrading is the continuous improvement of market segments . Reflected in the snack track , The segment of children's snacks has ushered in new growth opportunities .

Growth in consumer segments , There are no more than the following reasons :1、 The industry is growing in scale 、2、 Changes in consumer habits promote market expansion 、3、 The industry is not yet mature and standardized , Nonstandard means that people have more chances to break the game .

According to the data of the third party organization ,2023 year , The children's snack market will reach 1500 One hundred million yuan . Although the market scale of 100 billion yuan is not too large , But the key is that the growth potential has not been tapped . Besides, compared with liangpin shop 95 Billion 、 The three little squirrels 88 Billion market value , Under the 100 billion scale track , There is also the possibility of the birth of a 10 billion child snack giant .

According to the data of the seventh national census , In our country 0-14 The proportion of the population aged from 2010 Year of 16.6% Growth to 17.95%, The proportion of two children is from 30% to 50%. In other words , Since the liberalization of the two-child policy , The new baby boom may bring new baby consumption opportunities .

In addition to the demographic dividend , The change of consumption habits is also an important factor to promote the growth of market segments .

Living with snacks since childhood ,90 The latter group has always been the main consumer in the snack market . The present ,90 Later, he became a parent , More willing to spend money for children , There is also a strong willingness to consume children's snack products .

Besides , At present, the family structure of young people is “4+2+1”, The proportion of children's consumption expenditure has increased , data display , Chinese family children 1.7 ten thousand -2.6 ten thousand , As a percentage of household expenditure 30% To 50%, From the perspective of household expenditure structure , The market space for children's snacks needs to be further explored .

“ Children usually like to eat snacks , Maybe I grew up eating spicy strips , Now I always feel that snacks are not healthy , Every time I buy snacks for my children, I always spend a lot of time choosing , After all, children can't eat food carelessly .”90 Later, her mother Fangfang said to Xiangshan finance and Economics , Even children cry because they don't have enough snacks , But for the sake of children's healthy and safe diet , I usually buy less snacks .

From the current situation of the snack industry , Fangfang's consideration is not unreasonable . One side , Although the demand side of children's snacks has been expanding in recent years , On the other hand , The changes of the industry relative to the market always lag behind , The supply side of children's snacks needs further iteration .

Consumption track , Category thinking is the basic thinking , But on the landing of category thinking , Always prefer category differentiation at the marketing level , And ignore the differentiation at the end of the supply chain .

Snack track , Food safety risks still exist ,2021 year 3 month , Liangpin shop once because “ Chicken gut maggots ” Hot search on microblog , Arousing widespread concern . After the event , The company issued a letter of apology .

Yang yinfen, President of liangpin store, said in an interview with the media , The quality problems of leisure snack products can be divided into systematic problems and accidental problems . The company has also made a lot of investment ,“ Occasional problems are hard to avoid ”,“ If the investment is too large, the cost is too high , Finally, consumers have to pay ”.

For children's snacks , Because consumers are children , So even accidental problems , It is also difficult to be accepted by the public , For this question , How to deal with liangpin snack fairy in the future , It deserves the attention of the industry .

in fact , Compared with ordinary snack products , Children's snacks are a separate category . For players in the industry, this means two things :

One , Children's food Focus on marketing 、 A decision-making consumption track .

The general consumption track focuses on Marketing 、 Light decision track , Because when consumers make purchase decisions, they mostly make decisions instantaneously , At the end of the decision chain , Therefore, brand marketing is the focus .

Children's snacks are different , Although brand marketing is also valued , But what is more needed is to break the consumer's inherent impression of snack products and remove “ Junk food ” The hat of . such as , Beyond brand marketing , Guide consumption decisions more through children's nutrition knowledge , In terms of consumption cognition , play “ Nutritional snacks ” The concept of .

in fact , Most parents don't know enough about all kinds of nutritional intake that children need , Rely more on your own experience than scientific knowledge , secondly , Young parents prefer to learn this knowledge , To help children grow up healthily .

Two , On supply , Not the expansion of the existing snack product production line , It requires iteration on the production side .

Cognitive shaping influences C Beyond the end decision , The core of nuggets children's snack track is to solve the problem of supply chain .

such as , Snacks are passing through “ Irradiation ” After the sterilization process , Although the product has a longer shelf life , But the nutrients will be destroyed , Unable to meet the intake needs of children . therefore , How to innovate a new production process , Or for the healthy nutritional needs of children's snacks , Establish new production facilities 、 Quality control system , It is an urgent problem to be solved at the supply side .

“ Compared with the adjustment of production management system , Brand changes in marketing are easier , Because the former pays a higher cost and consumers' perception is not obvious , Snack brands are mostly OEM manufacturers, and enterprises are not willing to invest too much in this aspect .” The person in charge of a domestic snack consumer brand told Xiangshan finance and economics :“ At present, children's snack products on the market are mostly at the marketing level , The production and supply side has not yet established a perfect system , At this point, it may take some time to invest and plough deeply .”

The value of children's snacks is deep : A substitute for dinner or Complementary products

In addition to the improvement of the supply side , Children's snack track may need to go some way before it is mature .

before , The first group standard for children's snacks in China 《 General requirements for children's snacks 》 stay 2020 year 6 Month of formal implementation , But it only defines the concept of children's snacks , And in safety 、 Industry norms have been preliminarily established in terms of health .

It is worth noting that , Because it is not a national standard , The binding force of the group standard itself may be limited .

This year, 4 month 27 Japan , The Beijing Consumer Association has issued consumption tips , Remind consumers to buy carefully “ Children's food ”. in fact , At present, there is no clear domestic “ Children's food ” classification , There's no special “ Children's food ” National standard .

For a long time , Snacks produced by domestic manufacturers , Mostly adult standards , The national food additive standard is based on 60 Kilogram adults set the standard , Behind the industry's spontaneous implementation of children's snack group standards , The competition of children's snack track is becoming more and more fierce .

2020 year 5 month , Liangpin store releases its sub brand liangpin snack fairy , Located at 3 Nutritional supplement snack products for children over the age of . At the same time , Baicaowei online “ Tong An'an children ” Series of products , Three squirrels announced their entry into the field of children's snacks .

Three major snack brands have entered the children's snack track , On the one hand, it is the opportunity to see the existence of this subdivision circuit , At present, the children's snack market is not yet mature , This means that there are new opportunities for the track , Coupled with the lack of benchmarking brands in the industry , At this time, the purpose of entering the game is to seize the user's mind . On the other hand, from the perspective of operation , Gross profit margin continues to decline , It means that the operating efficiency of enterprises is declining , The brand urgently needs new growth points .

Take liangpin shop as an example , Ryohin keikaku shop 2021 Operating cost in the third quarter 46.3 Billion , Year-on-year growth 22.2%, Higher than operating income 18.8% The growth of , Leading to a decline in gross profit margin 2%. It is worth noting that , As the sales expenses increase year by year , The gross profit margin decreases year by year , Once upon a time it fell through 30%, As marketing costs continue to rise , The gross profit margin may be further compressed .

Although the snack fairy, a children's snack brand under liangpin store, seems to have a good growth rate , But as the children's snack track gets hotter , A number of brands focusing on children's snacks have rapidly emerged in the industry , Like the little yellow elephant 、 Qixuduo cat 、 Full marks 、 Akita Manman and many other players . According to Tianyan APP Search shows , There are children's snack related enterprises established within one year 160 Bar result .

Low threshold 、 Weak barriers , Make the success of the brand easy to copy , This gives emerging brands more opportunities , Plus the capital side's support for the new brand , Players such as liangpin xiaoshixian may not have much competitive advantage .

Beyond the new brand , Wangwang group 、 wahaha 、 Even brands such as Baobao Jinshui compete cross-border in the children's food and beverage track . These consumer brands have strong advantages in supply chain and channels , It also adds many variables to the next competition .

One thing that cannot be ignored is , Competition in the snack consumption track , There is not only competition between brands , And competition between categories . So is the children's snack track .

The snack industry is very big , The children's snack track is also big , But no matter how big the consumer industry is , The entry point is very small .

Ryohin keikaku shop 、 The route chosen by the three squirrels was focused on nuts , Make a long tail category . The advantage of the long tail is , Brand effect is more obvious , But there is a threshold for category selection management , Need to be more sensitive to market changes .

The problem lies in , Because it involves many categories , And most of them are OEM production , The risk of food safety is high , If a vertical class is exposed to food safety problems , It will have a joint and several impact on the whole brand . in addition , There is a low probability of explosion in the category , It's hard for new brands to have explosive growth .

By contrast , The advantage of a single item is , Consumption memory point is stronger , Strong repurchase rate , The disadvantage is that brand differentiation has a limited impact on consumption decisions . such as , Melon seeds are among the big items , Cha Cha's brand memory point is obviously stronger than that of other brands , It is also more likely to cause repurchase , But the substitutability of melon seed products is too strong , Higher brand loyalty is needed as the basis for repurchase growth .

For children's snacks , Self positioning is as important as category selection .

The premium space for children's snacks is relatively high , It can give manufacturers more redundancy in cost , This means that the lack of nutrition in children's snacks is expected to be solved by technical means , Health is standard, not a selling point , The key is product positioning .

The long-term value of children's snack track is deeply rooted , There are no more than two kinds of positioning : Substitutes and complements

The logic of alternatives : Take white rabbit milk candy as an example , Early years “ Seven big white rabbits are equal to a glass of milk ” Under the advertisement of , Milk sugar has become a substitute for milk sugar , Big white rabbit is a household name , Become the childhood memory of a generation .

Now , Under the concept of healthy diet , Light food products such as oats are becoming more and more popular , There is a tendency to replace some meals . The closer to substitute children's snacks , The more room for growth . For example, nutritious children's yogurt products replace protein food intake .

Actually , For children , Snacks are far more tempting than meals , In this logic , So some alternative targeted children's snacks on the premise of ensuring the nutritional content , There is also good room for growth .

Complementary logic : Wahaha is a complementary product , The earliest Wahaha was a nutrient solution rather than the well-known AD Calcium milk , Even later , In essence, it is also the attribute of snack complementary products .

From the point of view of most consumers , Snacks are snacks after all , But children's snacks are indispensable .

in fact , The reason why snacks can stimulate appetite , It's about satisfaction in a short time , It's like being addicted to short videos , It's an instant satisfaction .

But children's snacks as a substitute , Consider more nutrition , It means giving up more taste , The logic of the so-called complementary products , On the premise of ensuring health , In the trade-off between higher nutritional content and better taste, we prefer the latter . such as , The popular sugar reducing candy on the market at present 、 Sugar reducing pudding and other products , It's all this logic .

From the perspective of the market audience , Products under the logic of substitutes need “ Get it done ” Parent . Take care of the parents , The core is healthy nutrition , Is to solve “ Help the children eat ”( Get enough nutrition ) The problem of .

Complementary logic , need “ Get it done ” children , The core lies in the taste and content of the product IP marketing . Like piggy patch cookies 、 Bears haunt children's snacks, etc , All through cartoon images well known to children , To get traffic .

For children's snacks , Fully explore children's content IP, In fact, it is to explore this part of traffic .

The rise of new brand consumption has one characteristic , Growth comes from traffic + The dual growth of the brand . Energetic Forest 、 The secret of the rise of new consumer brands such as daily black Qiao lies in traffic + The dual growth of the brand . The growth of children's snack brands , It is also inseparable from such growth logic .

At the end :

Children's snack track is hot , Whether for the capital market or the consumer market , It's all a good thing , But for the brands and enterprises in it , Still need awe 、 Prudence .

Children's snacks in the past , For many years, he has been bearing a bad reputation in the hearts of his parents , After all, for every parent , Every little thing about children's food, clothing, housing and transportation is a big thing . Now the market demand is growing , Industry opportunities emerge , How to hold the bottom line and grasp growth , It is still a question that needs to be considered .

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