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After the "epidemic" takes off, how far can Yunkang group realize its dream of listing?

2022-05-08 00:55:55Hong Kong Stock Research Society

 picture source @ Vision China

picture source @ Vision China

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Laozi once said “ Woe comes , Where happiness lies ; Fuxi , Where misfortune lies ”, It means that good and evil can coexist and transform each other , This may be the portrayal of the current era —— This one “ The black swan ” It has affected some industries , For example, catering 、 tourism 、 Aviation, etc , It has also accelerated the development of some industries , For example, fresh e-commerce 、 Medical treatment, etc. .

In the near future , A medical operation service provider that provides a full range of diagnostic and testing services for medical institutions —— Yunkang group plans to list in Hong Kong .

It is reported that , Yunkang group was established as early as 2021 year 2 It was submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in September , But it didn't work , And in the 7 After a month , The company handed in the form again , Failed again . Until this year 4 month 29 Japan , Yunkang group finally heard through the Hong Kong stock exchange , To be listed on the main board of Hong Kong , And in 2022 year 5 month 5 Japan -5 month 11 Daily offering .

After more than a year , The listing of Yunkang group seems to have come to a successful end , What kind of story can it bring after it goes public ?

Business affected “ Epidemic disease ” growth , Turn a loss into a profit

Yunkang group is a medical operation service provider , Provide a full range of diagnostic and testing services for medical institutions . On 2020 year , China's diagnostic outsourcing service market has more than 800 Market participants , By revenue , The market share of Yunkang group is 3.0%, Is the fifth largest provider in the market .

According to the prospectus , from 2018 - 2021 year , Yunkang group has completed a relatively gorgeous “ breakthrough ”, Successfully turn the profit from loss during the year 0.62 Turn 100 million yuan into profit 3.85 One hundred million yuan , And in the two years after the outbreak , The company has achieved more than 10 Billion annual revenue .

Source prospectus

However, behind the beautiful performance , But it is the crisis of over reliance on the detection services for the COVID-19 . According to the data , stay 2020 Years and 2021 year , come from COVID-19 The revenue from testing accounts for% of the total revenue of Yunkang group respectively 45.6% and 58.1%, And accounting for the gross profit of the same period 53.0% and 62.3%.

This shows that , The epidemic dividend has played a key role in this bright data , The company also said in its prospectus that , from 2020 - 2021 year , An important reason for the decline of its gross profit margin is that it is set in the government pricing agreement COVID-19 The test price is reduced because it has become a routine test . therefore , When the epidemic tends to stabilize , The profitability of Yunkang group may need to draw a question mark .

Any doubts or from the market will be fed back to the secondary market , The stock price trend of Yunkang group may also become twists and turns , For example, biotechnology companies that also benefit from the epidemic Moderna, The unit is 2021 Reached a peak in (497.49 dollar ), During the year, the increase was more than 132%, But then the market doubted what to rely on to support its performance after the epidemic , The company's share price shows a downward trend as a whole , By 5 month 4 Japan , Its market value has fallen by about 2/3.

To sum up , The glory of Yunkang group now largely lies in the development of nucleic acid detection business , But for now , The company not only needs to face the crisis of epidemic dividend or ebb tide , Its main business is also being tested .

According to the prospectus , from 2018 - 2019 year , The first core business of Yunkang group is genetic disease diagnosis and testing , What accounts for the revenue respectively 39.5% and 36.2%, However, to 2020 Years and 2021 year , The business suffered a sharp decline , The proportion decreased to 15.7% and 10.9%.

Source prospectus

meanwhile , The revenue of diagnosis and testing services provided by Yunkang group for non-medical institutions is also in a declining stage , Proportion from 2018 Year of 7.8% Down to 2021 Year of 3.1%, And if the income from nucleic acid testing services is excluded , This proportion will be only 1.9%.

This shows that , Yunkang group's main business performance is not excellent , Therefore, if we want to make the revenue grow steadily , The company not only needs to steadily develop its main business , We also need to find new profit generating points other than nucleic acid testing business .

Reliance on third parties , How does Yunkang face the growth bottleneck ?

The prospectus shows , According to frost Sullivan data , China's medical operation service market has entered a rapid and stable development stage ,2016 - 2020 The compound annual growth rate in is 27.2%, And it is expected that 2025 The annual market size will reach 479.461 One hundred million yuan .

The vast market will certainly provide sufficient development opportunities for participating players , However, the segment of Yunkang group —— However, the diagnostic outsourcing service market may change from high-speed growth to slow down .

Source prospectus

According to the prospectus , Although China's diagnostic outsourcing service market starts from 2016 - 2020 The compound annual growth rate of is 26.5%, And it is expected that 2025 The year will come to 420.427 One hundred million yuan . However, compared with the diagnostic testing services in the medical association market , The growth of this market will slow down significantly in the future , Finally, it will occupy less market share in China's medical operation service market .

For Yunkang group , Not a good sign , Because it means , The company's business growth may encounter bottlenecks .

Under the uncertainty of the future , The high cost expenditure of Yunkang group may worsen .

According to the data , since 2018 Year to 2021 year , The sales expenses of Yunkang group are 1.87 One hundred million yuan 、1.93 One hundred million yuan 、2.19 Million dollars 2.73 One hundred million yuan , Proportion of income in the same period 31.4%、28.4%、18.2% and 16.1%, As one of the industry leaders, the sales expense rate of Jinyu medicine in the same year was only 15.5%、15.3%、12.0% and 12.0%.

Regarding this , Yunkang group said in the prospectus that , Its high sales cost is due to the need to hire more third-party marketing service providers and suggest their own sales network . From the specific data , Yunkang group has indeed invested more in third-party service providers , from 2018 - 2021 year , The company paid more than... To third-party market service providers 1 $ , It accounted for more than 60% of the expenditure in the same period .

Besides , Yunkang group also relies on the largest supplier of raw materials —— Daan gene . According to the prospectus , from 2018 - 2021 year , The company's purchases from Daan gene group are 0.8 One hundred million yuan 、0.5 One hundred million yuan 、0.8 Million dollars 2.3 One hundred million yuan , Respectively accounting for the total purchase amount in the same period 15.4%、9.9%、11.7% And 22.1%.

From this we can see that , Yunkang group relies on third parties for both sales and supply , So once the third-party market changes , The company's business will be affected more or less , This may also become a lasting challenge for the company in the future .


Benefit from the benefits brought by the epidemic to the medical industry , Yunkang group has won super reputation for two consecutive years 10 Billion annual revenue , But it can not be ignored , Nucleic acid detection business is uncertain , It is likely to become a hidden factor in the company's performance in the future . Coupled with the sharp decline of main business , At present, Yunkang group does not seem to have the elements of stable and long-term profitability .

therefore , For the current Yunkang group , Listing can help them get more capital , Maybe we can expand new business . And in the future , How to find a reasonable and long-term business , Maybe this is one of the tests that Yunkang group needs to face .

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