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How many more sources of happiness do the LSPs have when the subtitle group of kaudo announces the stop watch?

2022-05-08 01:32:00Chinese industry information station

Fortunately, , The subtitle group of fandu just stopped updating this time , And normal Xinfan , It will continue to be published in relevant forums . Even in the statement , Fandu subtitle group hopes that other organizations can take over the follow-up content , But I believe every rational reader knows , The era of subtitle group , After all, it is gradually disappearing . Get Lipan “ cooked meat ” The difficulty of , It's getting higher and higher .

I don't know when to start , People seem to be used to , One old subtitle group after another , Major changes have taken place one after another , Or dissolve , Or stop more .

In this year 3 month 11 Japan ,SUBPIG The subtitle group of pig Japanese drama announced that , At the request of relevant departments , According to laws and regulations , Rectify the website and all film and television related content 、 Delete 、 close . meanwhile , The subtitle group will focus on information and news content in the future . This one has 20 Year old subtitle group , Today's situation is deplorable .

The past year , Folk subtitle groups that have encountered changes in China , It's not just pigs and pigs .2021 year 4 month , The face swelling and Sinicization group, which is very famous in the Li Fan world, suddenly disappeared , It's widely spread , The head of the facial swelling Sinicization team has been invited by the relevant departments to “ A cup of tea ”. Some Chinese team members with swollen face posted farewell information on the Internet , It indirectly proves the dilemma encountered by the Sinochem Group . As for the real situation , Can only wait for time to give the answer .

Similarly, , Just after the accident of the Chinese group with swollen face , Another well-known subtitle group, magic cherry subtitle group , Urgently announce the temporary closure of the Forum , Stop new updates . It's just 2021 year 4 End of month , The magic Sakura subtitle Group officially confirmed , In the future, only new links will be sent , No more videos . And the reason behind it , Direct to the content “ tort ”.

And in the 2021 year 11 month , Smash the subtitles at “ quake ”, After all, it's coming . Shanghai Third Intermediate People's court , The case of Liang Yongping suspected of infringing copyright was heard in public . Audited and identified ,“ Renren subtitle group ” There are unauthorized film and television works in the website and related clients 32824 Ministry , The total number of members is about 683 ten thousand . since 2018 year 1 Month to the crime , Total illegal business volume 1200 More than ten thousand yuan . The final judgment of first instance , The defendant Liang Yongping is “ Renren subtitle group ” The founder constitutes a crime of copyright infringement , Sentenced to three years and six months in prison .

After the verdict , Everyone confirmed , Renren film and television can no longer be restored or restarted , Because they can't solve the copyright problem .

Maybe , At the moment when Renren subtitle group withdrew from the stage of history , The death knell of the folk subtitle group , It's already ringing . When the copyright issue becomes a big mountain in front of the subtitle group , Belong to the era of folk subtitle group , Only into the evening .

There is no denying it , The emergence of folk subtitle groups , It is the unity of chance and necessity of history .2001 Around the year , American dramas are becoming more and more popular in China , More and more American drama lovers , Gathered in the Internet content community , Share American dramas 、 Experience exchange .

Chinese Internet at that time , There is no consensus on copyright protection , Free resources fill every corner . therefore , For domestic audiences , The biggest barrier to American dramas , Just language . Even today , There are still not many viewers who can chew American dramas , And in those days , The desire of many viewers for Chinese subtitles , It has become the voice of the times .

Folk subtitle group , It is in response to this call that .

Famous American dramas 《 Friends 》, Become the fuse that gave birth to the subtitle group .2002 year ,F6 The forum was officially established , Responsible for making 《 Friends 》 Chinese subtitles F6 Subtitle group , Break into the public view . At the beginning of creation ,F6 The subtitle group adheres to “ Generate electricity for love ”“ Free to share ” Idea , And this idea continues to this day .

Now , Domestic viewers can open membership services on several major video websites to watch genuine 《 Friends 》—— Although only the first season

With F6 The subtitle group is a starting point ,TLF Subtitle group 、 Eden subtitle group 、 Broken bear subtitle group and other non-governmental organizations have appeared one after another , Among them , It was originally called YYeTs Renren film and television subtitle group .

2003 year , Canadian Chinese student kid , Created YYeTs Subtitle group . first ,YYeTs The subtitle group is more inclined to a content sharing platform , until 2007 After changing its name to Renren film and television subtitle group in , Start recruiting a large number of like-minded netizens , Gradually developed into the largest subtitle group in China . There is no need to say more about the glorious past of Renren film and television subtitle group , Made from it 《 Game of thrones 》《 The big bang theory 》 Wait for the subtitles of American drama , Popular with American drama lovers . The existence of these sinicized groups , For the domestic netizens at that time , Understand excellent foreign cultural products , Opened a skylight .

Someone once put folk subtitles into groups , be called “ The revolution of translation ”. so to speak , In the past Chinese history , There has never been such a huge 、 Cultural translation behavior spontaneously formed by folk .2006 year , The United States 《 The New York times 》 Published a piece called 《 Chinese subtitle group that breaks the cultural barrier 》 The article , Special introduction to the popular wind soft subtitle group . At the time , The future of the folk subtitle group , Like a vast sea and sky .

Beyond the development of American drama , Japanese animation 、 comic , It has also become one of the main battlefields of the folk subtitle group . And responsible for the three “ Migrant workers ” Subtitle group , Is the representative of them .

I believe many fire fans remember , Once made 《 naruto 》 Chinese subtitle pig subtitle group . except 《 naruto 》《 A god of death 》《 Fairy Tail 》 And other classic animation , All have the figure of pig subtitle group . Feng Xue subtitle group, which is the same age as pig subtitle group , By making 《 One piece 》 subtitle , Known to the audience .

For a long time , There are no three major in China “ Migrant workers ” And many of the latest Japanese comics 、 Animation copyright . Due to the influence of the policy at that time , There are many continents TV Taiwan will no longer introduce Japanese animation , Officials actually stopped the translation of Japanese animation . Until the original simplified Chinese version 《 naruto 》 Available in Chinese Mainland , It's already 2009 It happened in 2000 .

in the meantime , Numerous folk subtitle groups have sprung up , Free resources for love power generation , It meets the public's demand for Japanese animation 、 The desire for comic books . And the pig subtitle group 、 Fengxue subtitle group and other non-governmental Sinicization organizations , Also in the hearts of many viewers , Built a deep emotional link .

Among many Japanese animation resources , Lifen has become an existence that cannot be ignored .

Generally speaking , Lipan refers to the animation works of Japanese adults . Since the popularity of folk subtitle groups , Specially responsible for making Lipan , Or subtitle groups that take into account both Lipan and ordinary animation continue to emerge , Opened the door to a new world for many gentlemen .

In addition to the subtitle group dedicated to translating Li Fan , some “ Part-time job ” Translate the subtitle group of Li Fan , Also made an indelible contribution . Among them , There is something familiar to the audience HKG Subtitle group .

HKG The subtitle group has translated many famous works , Include 《 IkkiTousen 》《 The implied record of gambling 》《 Some scientific super electromagnetic gun 》 etc. . And the works that made him famous in the first World War , Also count the classic youth love animation 《School Days》. The Chinese translation of this work “ Day on campus ”, It's from HKG The hand of the subtitle group .

It's not hard to find out , The vigorous development of folk subtitle groups , There are two prerequisites . firstly , It is the lag of copyright protection by laws and regulations ; second , It is the lack of commercialization in the corresponding field . In essence , It is closely related to the level of China's economic development . Due to the huge potential of the mainland market , People's demand for excellent foreign cultural products is increasing day by day , The development speed of domestic entertainment industry , Unable to meet people's objective needs . therefore , Folk subtitle group for love power generation , It was pushed onto the stage of history .

Due to the lack of previous laws and regulations , even 《 Day on campus 》 Such works , Even more explicit animation 、 comic , It can also be widely spread on the Chinese Internet . In addition, the domestic economy was still in the development stage at that time , The public is not only unaware of copyright , Similarly, there is no ability to pay for copyright . enjoy “ Free lunch ”, It is the limitations brought about by the times .

Someone used to use 《 I'm not a druggist 》 To describe the original folk Sinicization group , Despite the exaggeration , But there is no denying that , The existence of these sinicized groups , For the domestic audience whose economy was still relatively weak at that time , Brought immeasurable spiritual wealth .

However , It must be admitted that , The existence of the folk subtitle group itself , On the edge of laws and regulations . Even if many subtitle groups will solemnly declare , The resources they share are for personal learning only 、 For communication , Users need to download 24 Delete in hours , And the subtitle team will not bear any legal responsibility . But in fact , The subtitle group makes subtitles 、 The act of sharing resources , It already involves infringement .

And this infringement , It is not just sanctioned by domestic laws and regulations .

2016 year 9 month 29 Japan , Two members of a Chinese subtitle group , because 《 The wind and dust dance in the war of arlesland 》《 Magic girl * Elia 》 Wait for animation to make Chinese subtitles , Carry out network communication , Arrested in Kyoto by Japanese police on suspicion of illegal infringement of the dissemination of animation works . Maybe in the subconscious of the public , Making subtitles for film and television works , It's not illegal . But in Japan , Even out of generating electricity for love , Making subtitles without interest , Still violated 《 Japanese copyright law 》 The first 27 The right to translate article .

After confirmation , These two subtitle members belong to the subtitle group of Chengkong School Park . And before that , Chinese have been accused of illegally spreading Chinese 《 One piece 》 comic , Arrested by Japanese police .

At home , Copyright protection has also attracted more and more attention , Corresponding laws and regulations , It is gradually improving . Original , Domestic laws provide that , Overseas film and television works as non-commercial communication for exchange and learning , It's not against the law . But in China, video websites have gradually entered the era of big copyright , After overseas cultural products become the target of various websites , Even if you spread overseas film and television resources in the name of love power generation , It will also face great pressure of infringement .

2021 year 4 month , Affiliated to the MCE Sinochem B Station account summer auditory hallucination , Permanently banned , The reason directly refers to the same year that the Sinicization team was responsible for 4 New moon 《 Reincarnation of shrem's diary 》. in fact ,B The station has bought 《 Reincarnation of shrem's diary 》 Copyright , however , Because this animation adopts the way of trial before broadcasting ,B The update progress of the station is far behind that of Japan 《 Reincarnation of shrem's diary 》 Release speed of , Domestic audiences simply can't see the latest episode of animation for the first time . Based on this ,MCE The Sinochem team made 《 Reincarnation of shrem's diary 》 Resource links for .

With formal copyright B standing , It's obviously impossible to be indifferent to this , Quickly banned the account for publishing resources, summer auditory hallucination .B The station did not MCE The Sinochem team took the case to court , But those who belong to the folk subtitle group “ Leichi ”, It has become very clear . As long as the weight of copyright remains , No subtitle group can cross the minefield one step .

In addition to the weight of copyright , Pressure from regulators , It also increases the risk of illegal subtitle groups .

Involving pornography 、 Animation with violent content , It has always been the target of severe crackdown in China . As early as 2015 year 6 month , The Ministry of culture has launched a number of domestic websites , There is a lot of violence 、 Pornographic animation , Launched a large-scale clean-up and suppression operation . Animation works added to the blacklist , As many as 40 Yu Bu .《 The attacking giant 》《 Dating battle 》《 Day on campus 》 And other works are impressively listed . So shut down illegal websites , As many as 8 home .

And ordinary film and television 、 Compared with animation works , Lipan is undoubtedly a high-risk work that is easier to step on thunder . And that explains , Why did the subtitle group of kaudu break the arm of the heroes of Lipan , And still retain the ordinary new updates . As long as it doesn't involve business profits , And copyright disputes with domestic video websites , To the extent permitted by law , For the time being, the subtitle group can also survive in the cracks .

Now , The biggest persistent disease bothering the folk subtitle group , It's about commercialization . Although the original intention of the folk subtitle group is to generate electricity for love , however , When a subtitle group grows 、 After the formation of scale , Commercialization has become an inevitable way back . However , Unfortunately , After more than 20 years of development , Domestic folk subtitle group , Still haven't explored a more feasible way of commercialization . The core contradiction is , Once the subtitle team uses the translation resources for profit , Will face severe legal sanctions . And in the age of big copyright , Even Renren film and television subtitle group, which was once at its peak , Nor can it solve the copyright problem .

2019 year 12 month , On suspicion of illegal dissemination 《 One piece 》 Comics and profit from them , Wang, the person in charge of the Sinicization group of rat painting, was arrested according to law .2020 year 4 month , The court sentenced Wang to imprisonment 3 year , Probation 3 year , fine 8 ten thousand . For domestic ACG In terms of circles , The warning effect of this incident is self-evident .

Picture source : Microblogging “ Beijing headlines ”

in the meantime , Some of the subtitle groups are used by video websites “ Amnesty ”, From civilian organizations to regular army , To fight for living space . However , Income from labor around translation work , The subtitle group and the platform often fail to reach an agreement .2016 year , Tencent took 《 Game of thrones 》 Copyright , Interested in cooperating with the wardrobe subtitle group . However , Tencent only pays for translating an episode 200 Yuan to 300 element , Far less than the wardrobe subtitle group expected . More Than This , Due to policy constraints , Tencent needs to broadcast abroad for a whole season , To go online in China , in the meantime , The wardrobe subtitle group shall not release cooked meat resources without permission . Final , Because the idea is different , The cooperation between the two sides failed to take place .

And in the ACG field , Accepting recruitment is also one of the choices of many subtitle groups .2020 year 8 month ,B Stand up and greet with great momentum 35 Jiahanhua group , Yes 166 The full day translation department . In the era of big copyright , Many rimans have been divided up by several platforms , Even if the subtitle group wants to generate electricity for love , We will also encounter the real trouble of having no works to be translated into Chinese . And choose and B Station and other platforms , It became a helpless move . At least , With the protection of copyright , The work of the subtitle group is not only no longer illegal , Instead, it can be protected by the law . And the members of the subtitle group , You can also get a reward . Many viewers who support the genuine version , Can also benefit from .

however , Some disadvantages brought about by this , It also stings people's eyes . First , The lag brought by the introduction of genuine Edition , Become the status quo that cannot be changed by the platform and subtitle group . Viewers who choose to watch genuine resources , Can only passively accept the release time lag of official resources . Due to the stricter copyright protection , The difficulty for the public to obtain cooked meat from other sources , Is increasing significantly .

secondly , Compared with the working methods of folk subtitle groups in the past , With the objective restrictions of the platform side , Translators can no longer translate as recklessly as they used to 、 Touch up , This will affect the quality of translation . meanwhile , Due to the influence of relevant policies , Some content may also face deletion , Or some lines are harmonious , Finally presented to the audience , It's not the original content .

before ,B Due to the low translation quality of the original comics of the station , Even by the outside world roast for turning over . One of the representative Events , Namely 《 Chainsaw man 》 The famous character PavA , Originally translated as “ vigorously ”, Caused a group of ridicule . Generally speaking , Translation level of folk subtitle group , More recognized by the public . And the joining of these subtitle groups , Indeed, it has improved to some extent B The translation quality of the station , Improved word of mouth .

Now B Station already “ Correct the mistake as soon as you know it ”, The translation was changed into the commonly accepted PavA

It's just , Accepted the subtitle group of Zhaoan , It can also be called “ Generate electricity for love ” Your subtitle group ? They and traditional translators , What's the difference ?

One thing is for sure , The era of big copyright has become an irreversible historical trend . and 20 Years ago , The domestic public's awareness of copyright protection , Is steadily improving , People are more and more willing to pay for copyright , It's a good thing . meanwhile , Protection of copyright by laws and regulations , It is also improving , Copyright owners can protect their rights and interests according to law . Cruelty is , The golden age of folk subtitles , It has become the past . Everyone's film and television subtitle group , Pig subtitle group is also good , In the increasingly fierce copyright competition , In the case of failure to explore commercialization , Finally, we can only usher in a gloomy ending .

However , For works that cannot get regular broadcast channels in the Mainland , Including some niche animations that video websites will not buy , And Lipan , I'm afraid it will also be in the torrent of copyright , To silence . Even if the public wants to pay for these works , But there is no chance .

Fandu subtitle group will not be the last subtitle group to stop updating , some time , There will only be more and more subtitle groups , Follow in the footsteps of the subtitle group of kaudo .

Maybe , We are witnessing the end of an era . What is the era that no longer needs subtitle groups , Or the subtitle group can't adapt to today's era , History will give a fair answer .

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