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Li Shufu wants to follow Lei Jun's "old road"?

2022-05-08 02:45:35Chinese industry information station

Regarding this , Geely said “ Declined to comment ”, Meizu reply “ Thank you for your concern for Meizu ”.

According to past practice , This noncommittal attitude , Equivalent to default , In addition, all aspects of information hint and the coincidence of time line , We can basically verify the authenticity of the rumors .

It's easy to think of , Lei Jun, who announced the construction of the car at about the same time . Although both sides hold the mobile phone in one hand , Grab the car with one hand , But Li Shufu is undoubtedly one of the army of car manufacturers “ heroes who put themselves in harm's way ”, And why did he choose Lei Jun at this time point “ " ”?

Rumors about Geely's acquisition of Meizu , It is generally agreed by external analysis : For Geely , This is to seize the key node of the interconnection of all things , An important step in revitalizing the whole Ecology ; As for Meizu , Can also rely on Geely's strong resources , A new lease on life .

look , This seems to be a win-win game .

Lei Jun makes cars , Li Shufu makes mobile phones , All roads lead to Rome

Li Shufu and Lei Jun , One makes cars, the other makes mobile phones , There is not much intersection .

Li Shufu has no one 、 Don't have the money 、 No skill 、 In the era when the policy does not support the transformation, it is necessary to become a car enterprise , Finally, he realized his own “ Car dream ”; Lei Jun in 2010 Xiaomi was founded in , Two years to achieve annual sales 790 Ten thousand units , Three years to end the era of domestic Shanzhai machines , In four years, we will achieve the first shipment of mobile phones in China , Stepping on the tuyere to achieve their own “ Mobile phone dream ”.

Success in their respective fields , Contributed to their first time in the same frame . 2013 year , Lei Jun was awarded “ Chinese dream practitioner ” Honor , Li Shufu holds “ The Chinese Dream ” The tribute Cup awards it . In the live photos left , Both of them are smiling .

The second striking intersection between Li Shufu and Lei Jun , It comes from attacking each other's hinterland eight years later .

2021 year 3 At the spring new product launch of Xiaomi in June , Lei Jun made a high-profile announcement to build a car , Initial investment 100 RMB , future 10 The cumulative investment will be 100 Billion dollars ; Same year 9 month , Geely Group established Hubei Xingji times Technology Co., Ltd , Li Shufu announced his official entry into the field of mobile phones , Positioning high-end areas , The headquarters is located in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hubei Province .

Lei Jun, who made mobile phones, began to build cars , Li Shufu, who built cars, began to build mobile phones , Or in Wuhan, Lei Jun's stronghold . Two seemingly parallel relationship lines began to compete with each other , It has attracted various media to report .

Xiaomi makes cars , Lei jun 3 I thought about it years ago . stay 2019 At the annual meeting of Xiaomi held at the beginning of the year , Lei Jun announces the start “ mobile phone +AIoT( Artificial intelligence internet of things )” Two engine strategy . As AIoT An important terminal in , Making a car has become the due meaning of Xiaomi's dual engine strategy .

Geely makes mobile phones , Li Shufu's goal is also very clear . Positioning high-end mobile phones , Looking at the global market , It is intended to realize the close interaction between car machine and mobile phone software technology , In terms of intelligence, let the two products empower each other , Achieving synergy .

Lei Jun and Li Shufu have the same layout on mobile phones and cars , From the increasingly close relationship between mobile phones and cars . Now , With the trend of Intelligent Networking , Smart cars have been regarded as PC、 The third generation of smart mobile terminals after smart phones , To realize the third generation of intelligent terminals , We have to rely on the help of mobile phones .

just as 2017 year , Wang Jian, then chairman of the technical committee of Alibaba Group , In the tenth TC As said at the auto Internet Conference : After many years , No matter how smart the car claims to be , There are still cars. I mainly buy a set of mobile phone brackets with a 9.9 package mail and keep them in the car .

Apple started building cars , Huawei Under the “ No cars ” Build cars under the banner of ; Car enterprise Tesla 、 Wei Lai came out to build a mobile phone , It's all the same . For an enterprise , Have these two closely related businesses at the same time , The importance is self-evident , And the earlier the layout, the better , The consequence of waiting to die is to be slaughtered .

So it's not hard to see , Lei Jun built cars for cars , Li Shufu's fundamental purpose of making mobile phones is also for cars , They seem to run counter to each other , In fact, different paths lead to the same goal .

It's just , Make different choices for the same purpose , It also means that each other has different odds of winning . Under the tide of new energy , Lei Jun from making mobile phones to making cars , The choice is a game from limited to Wireless . And in the mobile phone, the bonus period has passed , Against the backdrop of peak growth , Li Shufu, who went from making cars to making mobile phones , The choice is clearly a more difficult path .

The outside world questioned one after another , But how to go this way , How can we improve the odds , Acquisition “ Madman ” Li Shufu is too familiar . dedicated , Weier .

Huang Zhang refused Lei Jun and went to Li Shufu

For Meizu , Dying , Acquired by Geely , Has become the best destination .

Meizu and Xiaomi have different trends , It has also become the mobile phone industry in the current red sea , Two new trends . One side is represented by Xiaomi , By being the user's mobile phone, we can gain a firm foothold in the industry , Now look for new areas 、 Develop new incremental mobile phone manufacturers ; The other side is represented by Meizu , A cell phone for fans in Pianan corner , As market share is eroded , Looking for mobile phone manufacturers to renew the life of large companies .

Lei Jun and Huang Zhang who took different paths , There was a story about a confidant turning into an enemy .

Lei Jun was a loyal fan of Meizu .2009 In, Huang Zhang manufactured the first touch-screen smartphone Meizu in China M8, Lei Jun had just left Jinshan CEO It didn't take long to step back from my position , Wealth and freedom are looking for the next outlet for entrepreneurship .

Meizu at that time M8, It's like a big bomb thrown at the domestic mobile phone market , Five months to create 5 Billion yuan sales miracle , Lei Jun is full of praise for this , Often take out Meizu on dinner occasions M8 Explain to others .

He admired Meizu “ There are only two Internet mobile phone companies in the world : First, Apple , First, Meizu .” He also admired Huang Zhang's craftsmanship “ Meizu is one of the few companies in China that do things with heart .”

cherish the same ideals and follow the same path , The relationship between Lei Jun and Huang Zhang is heating up rapidly , Since then, they have discussed many mobile phone matters in Huang Zhang's office . During this period, it was reported that Lei Jun intended to invest in Meizu , Huang Zhang also considered inviting Lei Jun to serve as CEO The news of .

Meizu started as a family business , Huang Zhang naturally keeps a certain vigilance against external investment . When he's on the balance , Lei Jun has decided to build a software company by himself , With Lei Jun making MIUI System , The two sides turned against each other .

Huang Zhang repeatedly scolded Lei Jun in the forum as a liar , Said he was under the banner of angel investors , Cheated many Meizu business secrets “ Overall concept 、 Development process 、 Supplier selection 、 Production and sales plan 、 Introduction of key personnel and financial statements, etc ”“ With a cell phone UI All the interactive documents were sent to him for discussion ”.

Lei Jun's response is :“ That's what his family said .”

later , Xiaomi, founded by Lei Jun in Beijing, has risen rapidly , The Yellow chapter in Zhuhai is in the golden age of mobile phone development , Because of choosing the wrong product strategy 、 Game with capital 、 Make friends with Qualcomm 、 Internal organization and management problems occur frequently 、 Huang Zhang himself retired several times and came out of the mountain and a series of problems , Step by step to a dead end .

at that time , Huang Zhang is desperate to be a high-end , Cut off the sales engine magic blue series . He himself has a maverick character , Retreat several times and go out of the mountain several times , Come and go , Constantly shaking the power pattern within Meizu .

Unclear strategy and Huang Zhang's personal will , Yang Tuo, senior vice president 、 Co founder Bai Yongxiang 、 Senior vice president and Flyme Yang Yan, President of business division 、 Li Nan, the founder of Meizu, the vice president of Meizu, and a large number of executives have left one after another . The attendant airborne team can not integrate well with the original team , The new faction and the old faction are their own camps , Serious differences , Constant internal friction , All these have accelerated the decline of Meizu . According to market research BCI Published data , To 2021 year 1 End of month , Meizu's market share has been eroded to 0.1%.

Lei Jun did it step by step “ rebus ” The name of , And was dubbed “ Jobs in China ” The Yellow chapter , Taking Meizu through the small and beautiful route 、 Machine sea tactical 、 Cost performance strategy 、 After streamlining the strategy , I can't go back to heaven , It's only a matter of time before Meizu is expelled from the mobile phone market .

In this context , Struggling Huang Zhang meets Li Shufu who is planning the transformation for Geely .

Although in terms of market share , Meizu has completely become a marginal role , But it cannot be denied that Meizu has a mature mobile phone R & D team 、 Rich experience in mobile phone manufacturing 、 Perfect channels and brand awareness accumulated over the years , Its appearance design and Flyme OS The operating system has also had a great impact on the industry .

therefore , For Geely , Want to build a mobile phone 、 Car interconnection , Quickly build your own ecological barrier , Acquiring Meizu is the most direct and effective strategy .

The market competition is cruel , Enterprises without scale will eventually face “ raw ” or “ die ” Choice . For Meizu , Being acquired by Geely can also be regarded as a reserved fire , A chance to regain a new life .

Li Shufu joins hands with Huang Zhang , The time is right ?

In Leifeng network ( official account : Leifeng net ) It seems , Geely worries about the future , Meizu struggles in the present , Both need each other to develop new imagination , So it's a snap .

Different from Dong Mingzhu, starting from scratch gree Making mobile phones , Li Shufu is facing a strange mobile phone field , I chose to exchange money for time , This is also his consistent style .

In recent years , Geely actively lays out the future scientific and technological fields , It is difficult for the outside world to define it as a car enterprise .

2018 year , Geely strategic investment aerospace technology company “ Time and space Tao Yu ”, It has become the first vehicle enterprise in China to independently develop low orbit satellites , And last year 9 March into mass production stage .2020 In, Wofei Changkong was established again , Make a flying car 、 Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) . This year, 1 month , While the news of Meizu acquisition came out , Geely announced a joint venture with Lifan technology to establish Ruilan automobile , Layout on power exchange , At the same time, expand the business scope , Aimed at the whole battery Ecology .

Smart car 、 Flying car 、 LEO satellites 、 Chip development , It's not hard to see. , Li Shufu wants to create an all-round intelligent ecosystem . Today, we are involved in the field of mobile phones , It is intended to seize the key node of the interconnection of all things .

Meizu has the gene of high-end mobile phones , Also has certain software capabilities .2020 end of the year , Meizu officially released the high-end smart home brand Lipro, And updated the following year Flyme OS System , Realized the use of voice assistant Aicy Control smart home .

For Geely , Its fundamental purpose is vehicle machine cooperation , Meizu's software capability is just what we need at present .

Let's take a look at the real problems faced by Geely .

With the continuous expansion of business territory , Geely's operating costs began to soar ,2016 The annual operating cost is 489 One hundred million yuan , To 2020 It has risen to 882 One hundred million yuan . meanwhile , The total revenue showed an obvious downward trend ,2019 Negative growth began in . Net profit also comes from 2018 Year of 126 Billion yuan down to 2020 Year of 55 One hundred million yuan .

as for 2015 Announced the full entry into the field of new energy vehicles , Li Shufu's original plan was , To 2020 In, the sales volume of new energy vehicles accounted for... Of the total sales volume 90% above , But the proportion of actual data is even insufficient 5%, Far less than they expected , Also far below 12% Industry average .

Worry about the future , Li Shufu has found a new exciting point for Geely , That's the cell phone , The purpose is to revitalize the intelligent Ecology , Pull a new growth curve .

Looking back on the past few years of Xiaomi company “ mobile phone +AIoT” Development context , You can find , Xiaomi is exploring the ecological industry , Seek your own secondary growth .

2018 year , Xiaomi is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and rings the bell , In the prospectus, Xiaomi made clear its positioning “ Xiaomi is a mobile phone 、 Intelligent hardware and IoT( The Internet of things ) Platform as the core of the Internet company .”AIoT The strategy was defined as Xiaomi's future at that time 5-10 Core development strategy in .

In Xiaomi's latest 2021 In the annual report , millet 2021 The total annual income is 3283 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 33.5%. Smartphone business is based on 63.6% The proportion of , It still accounts for the majority of the annual revenue ,IoT And consumer products account for... Of total revenue 25.9%.

For Lei Jun , The commercialization of Xiaomi mobile phone has been very successful , But with the dividend peaking , Mobile phone manufacturers are also becoming more and more mature , It means that the supply chain behind it is also gradually moving towards convergence . With the gradual loss of differentiated competitive advantage , Going downhill is just a matter of time .

therefore , last year 3 month 30 Japan , Lei Jun announced tragically at Xiaomi's new product launch “ This is my last venture , Will bet all , Fight for Xiaomi .” For Lei Jun , Now choose to join the army of car making , Is helpless , It's also his personal heroism .

The mobile phone industry and the automobile industry have moved from parallel to intersection , It shows the future trend of the whole industry . Li Shufu, who has attracted much attention because of this acquisition 、 jack 、 Lei jun , Under the tide of the times , Choose smart people who follow the trend .

The original , Huang Zhang refused Lei Jun , Because the mobile phone market is still a blue ocean , Have a choice ; Now Geely buys Meizu , Li Shufu joins hands with Huang Zhang , I'm afraid I'll have no choice soon .

This step seems “ Win-win ” Good chess , Just lost a son , Because the competitors opposite are numerous and strong enough , How will the future chess game go , We need to see what happens .

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