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Microsoft Xbox camp works are likely to appear at this year's cologne game show

2022-05-08 04:19:49Chinese industry information station

According to the Windows Central Of JezCorden According to ,Xbox Will attend this year's Gamescom exhibition . He pointed out that , This year's cologne exhibition will be the first offline event in quite a long time after the epidemic . He thinks that Microsoft Some information and announcements may be reserved for Cologne . Considering that the company currently owns 23 Studios around home , This is not a difficult thing .

Now, of course , Microsoft's focus is 6 In the Xbox and Bethesda Games The exhibition . The company is ready to showcase new content developed by its first party studio . this 90 The 10 minute exhibition will cover all the events that are about to enter in the near future Xbox Ecosystem works , Including the upcoming Xbox and PC Game Pass squad . Two games are expected to appear at the event :《 Starry sky 》 and 《 Ancient scroll 6》.

《 Starry sky 》 Will be in 11 Landed on XboxSeries and PC platform , and 《 Ancient scroll 6》 Still in the early stages of development , It is possible that it will not appear at the exhibition . similarly 《 Wolfenstein 》 Developers Machine Games Under development 《 Raiders of the lost ark 》 Theme games may also be in the early stages of development , So it may not be possible to provide a suitable display , Only short trailers will be provided at the event .

Xbox and Bethesda The game exhibition will be held on multiple platforms 30 Live broadcast in multiple languages .

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