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Distribution King runs wildly: there is a tree with 650000 SKUs, and Wal Mart freezes 17.27 million yuan

2022-05-15 04:12:2136kr

It's not easy for cross-border e-commerce big sellers to have a tree .

There is a tree all year round 2021 Annual revenue is about 15.75 One hundred million yuan , Net loss agreement 16.73 One hundred million yuan . In the second half of the peak season of cross-border e-commerce , More losses than in the first half of the year , reach 9 One hundred million yuan .

( Tide information : Tianze information annual report )

Amazon title , Of course, it is the direct cause of the frustration of a tree . However , There's a tree “ Offense ” The platform of , Not just Amazon , It also includes emerging e-commerce platforms such as Wal Mart .

On many platforms “ Joint strike ” Next , There is only one tree in this dilemma .

《 Blue ocean billion view egainnews》 come to know , By 2021 end of the year , Amazon has a book balance of about 8532.82 Ten thousand yuan , Bad debt reserves have been made , This part accounts for the total balance of its stores 95.16% The money , Basically, I can't mention it , The main reason is that the title is frozen .

besides , It also has in Wal Mart 1727.3 Ten thousand yuan cannot be withdrawn , The proportion of bad debts is as high as 100%.

( Tide information : Tianze information annual report )

thus it can be seen , With a tree “ Illegal area ” It's big , This is mainly due to its “ Distribution gene ” Decisive .

A tree has been spreading , Even if it's blocked by Amazon 400 After the store , Seems to be continuing to shop .2020 year , There's a tree in the Amazon 、eBay、Wish The total number of stores on each platform is not 3873 individual ,SKU Also achieved amazing 100 m .

Before the title 2020 end of the year , There's a tree. Amazon store has 284 individual . stay 2021 In the annual Title Event , Shut up 400 An Amazon store .

thus it can be seen , There is a tree 2021 During the year , Hundreds of stores have been added continuously . otherwise , Originally only 200 Multiple stores , Not enough .

however , stay SKU aspect , A tree began to “ restraint ” 了 , from 100 10000 down to 35 m . Its financial statement is “2021 In the year , To achieve sales SKU Number only 35 m ”.

It means , Maybe a tree took the initiative to cut down a lot SKU, Or because of the title and other reasons , Lead to 65 m SKU No more orders ( No sales were generated ).

It's the of big distribution and big seal “ Disastrous combination ” The circumstances of , A tree is almost in stock “ Overwhelmed ” 了 .

2021 Beginning of the year , There is a tree in stock for about 12.24 One hundred million yuan , To 2021 end of the year , Only left 2.57 One hundred million yuan . This is not sold and reduced , But in the warehouse “ Moldy and old ”, The last devaluation .

( Tide information : Tianze information annual report )

Its financial report clearly states that , Yes 7.71 100 million yuan of inventory is withdrawn from falling prices . in other words , Just keep the product in the warehouse , These products depreciate 7.71 One hundred million yuan .

This part of the depreciated inventory , A lot of it , Inventory goods that have been produced .

Depreciation of goods in stock , Almost half of its losses . The important reason is , One tree was very optimistic about Amazon and even the whole cross-border e-commerce industry , A large stock of goods 、 stock , And after being sealed in one day , No channel sales , Finally, the backlog in the warehouse depreciated .

Total order number 2196.94 m , The main products are from 3C Turn to home

Despite major setbacks , But the total order volume of one tree is still considerable .

2021 In the first half of , The total transaction volume of core products of a tree is as high as 10.92 One hundred million yuan , Total order number 1262.27 m .

from 2021 Come all year round , Total transaction volume of core products 15.88 One hundred million yuan , The total number of orders reached 2196.94 m . Whether it is the growth of revenue or the number of orders . however , As the peak season, the second half of the year is less than the first half of the year .

In terms of category , There's a tree 2021 Annual income , Mainly focus on home building materials and household products 、 Electronic products, 、 Mobile communication and game accessories 、 sports goods 、 toys 、 Health products and daily necessities .

among , Household building materials and household products are contrary to the normal in previous years , Become the main source of income for , The revenue is about 5.1 One hundred million yuan , Electronic products, 、 The revenue of mobile communication and game accessories is about 4.05 One hundred million yuan , In second place .

As an established cross-border e-commerce enterprise , There was a tree that had been a staple of 3C Electronic product category .

In the past two years , With the potential of household products gradually discovered by enterprises , A tree has also slowly shifted its sales focus to home categories .

besides , Some categories that have also shown potential in recent years , But disappeared from the main category with a tree .

contrast 2021 In the first half of , Aircraft model accessories 、 Auto parts products , Clothing, shoes and bags are no longer in the main category of a tree , It may be merged into other categories due to sales volume , Maybe we won't sell these products at all .

After being hit by the storm , Still generating revenue on Amazon 5.21 One hundred million yuan

There is a tree 2021 In the title tide in , Hit by the storm like Amazon , However , Amazon still contributes the most revenue . 

After the big seal , A tree's revenue on Amazon has shrunk significantly , Year on year decline 65.86%. In this case , Its revenue on Amazon is still about 5.21 One hundred million yuan , Proportion in total revenue 32.79%, Still the first of many platforms .

After Amazon , Express is a platform with a key layout of a tree , The revenue is about 3.1 One hundred million yuan . Express as a platform for Chinese people , The risk of the title is relatively , It will be lower .

In this case , Whenever there is a disturbance on Amazon platform , Destined to have a huge impact on a tree .

On the other side , Over reliance on Amazon , It also has a serious obstacle to its branding process . The announcement of the parent company has to admit that , The plan to build a brand matrix with the help of Amazon platform is less than expected .

Over reliance on a platform , Or some platforms , Very dangerous in itself . Strong as Anke innovation (Anker), In the past two years, it has also been reducing its dependence on Amazon platform .

Last , I wish a tree can gradually get out of trouble , Practice a “ Streamline and win ” The road to . A thousand Li dike , Collapse in ant nest . veterinarian , Only in this way can we go further .

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