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Finance ushered in a century without major changes. Sun Yuchen challenged the Federal Reserve

2022-05-15 04:12:5836kr

USDD Can decentralization really shake the position of the dollar ? 

In the past two years , The United States has repeatedly manipulated monetary means , Pass on the crisis to the world , The Fed's long arm jurisdiction and capriciousness have led to the instability of global financial markets .

So , Sun Yuchen, a well-known figure in the blockchain industry, challenged the Fed , He thinks that , Only through a decentralized blockchain system , Ensure the stability of the exchange rate , To deal with the future financial crisis .

01 The Fed's cannibalism

The epidemic has been going on for three years , The Federal Reserve to overcome economic difficulties , Sent a lot of money to the people .

How many? ?

Count up , Add up all the amount of the US stimulus plan , almost 6 Trillions of dollars !

What concept ? Japan last year GDP The total amount is less than 6 Trillions of dollars , The United States suddenly issued that all Japanese don't eat or drink 996, All the money earned .

So much money , The United States said it would print .

Of course , The dollar is the currency of the world , These costs will also be passed on to countries , Let the world pay .

So we also see , In the past two years, , The price of virtual currency soared , Many people have lost faith in the dollar , World financial markets are also beginning to become unstable .

since 2008 Since it was first introduced into the world after the financial crisis in , People are concerned about the currency issued by sovereign states , Growing distrust .

The United States has over issued currency , Diluted debt , Legally take wealth from people all over the world .

It has even begun to release 100 One year treasury bonds , Life can be tossed for hundreds of years ?

What do I do ?

Many financial refugees set their sights on virtual currency .

Only everyone can make a currency by themselves , Not regulated by the government , That is to say “ De centralization ”.

Now , More and more countries and people begin to recognize the status of cryptocurrency .

Although physically , The cryptocurrency community is still in the virtual world , But in real life , Its influence is growing .

Some time ago , The Ukrainian government has released the wallet address of a cryptocurrency , Hope to receive donations in cryptocurrency .

PayPal and Cash App They also provide convenient ways to purchase and transfer cryptocurrencies .

And to combat the Fed's cannibalism , Wave field TRON Founder sun Yuchen came up with a new plan ——USDD.

02 USDD What is it? ?

When it comes to virtual currency , People tend to think of bitcoin first .

But the market of bitcoin is very unstable , Yesterday, a bitcoin could be exchanged for a car , Maybe a day later , You can only change a motorcycle .

Due to its violent price fluctuations , When the holder settles the currency , Interests are particularly vulnerable .

Based on this , Sun Yuchen hopes to develop a stable currency ——USDD.

USDD Based on Mathematics and algorithms , Eternal existence without relying on any centralized entity . Committed to meeting the needs of consumers for stable digital currency , Consumers can use USDD To make electronic payment .

How to do it ?

That is linked to the most widely used dollar in the world , Ensure that users can use a stable 、 decentralized 、 Erasure proof USDD The dollar system .

How to hook ?

according to the understanding of ,USDD Designed a very rigorous system . When the system detects USDD The price of has deviated from its linked legal currency , Will take countermeasures , send USDD The price of has returned to the normal range .

If the dollar is large ,USDD It will also increase the supply .

If the dollar shrinks ,USDD It will also shrink the supply .

To be specific , Is that when USDD The price of < 1 USD when , Users and arbitragers can send... To the system 1 USDD And get 1 USD Of value TRX.

And when USDD The price of > 1 USD when , Users and arbitragers can send value to the system 1 USD Of TRX And get 1 USDD.

Of course , Shrinking the money supply is not free , Like any other asset , The process of shrinking money will incur certain costs .

How to bear this cost , It is reported that ,USDD The protocol mainly runs in the wave field TRON On the Internet .

Wave field blockchain has developed for four years , A stable currency network has been formed , The overall scale of stable currency and financial assets on the chain exceeds 550 Billion dollars , A total of four trillion US dollars have been cleared .

The wave field is guaranteed by its reserve financial assets , Guarantee USDD The exchange rate is stable , And guarantee that USDD Decentralization of .

In its USDD Early construction , Stable currency has no independent blockchain , It can only be completely attached to the blockchain of bitcoin , The transfer of the whole stable currency takes a long time , The cost is very high , The handling charge is often $100 .

To break down barriers , The wave field constructs USDT 2.0 System , Transfer time from 30 Minutes are compressed to less than one second , Fees are paid by 100 The dollar is compressed to the level of cents , Close to zero , The capacity of the whole blockchain jumped to... In a single day 1000 Ten thousand daily , The total amount of clearing in a single day exceeded 100 Billion dollars ,

After realizing the wave field USDT 2.0 After the success of the times , Wave field self revolution , Try your best to build the wave field USDD.

Wave field USDT 2.0 The high speed of the times 、 Low fee 、 High scale model standards , They no longer rely on centralized institutions for redemption management and reserves , And completely decentralized in the chain , To decentralize USDD The market exchange rate remains at the target 1:1 exchange rate .

at present , Wave field USDD On 2022 year 5 month 5 The official release of decentralization on the th , Enter circulation , It will also be through BTTC Cross Chain Protocol , Enter Ethereum and BSC To circulate .

Use USDD As a medium of online payment , It can greatly reduce the expenditure of transaction fees .

5 month 6 Japan , Wave field joint reserve (TRON DAO Reserve) announce Alameda Research and Amber Group Become the first member of the Polish Federal Reserve and a whitelist institution , Obtain casting USDD The right to .

Alameda Research It is a top proprietary trading company (PTF), Has a large-scale global business in the encryption industry , And can trade on all major exchanges and markets .

and Amber Group Is a global encryption financial intelligence service provider , The team is from Morgan 、 Goldman Sachs and other top Wall Street investment banks , Global business coverage .

This powerful alliance , Help to improve USDD Network reputation and circulation .

03 USDD How to operate ?

It is reported that , Wave field USDD On 2022 year 5 month 5 The official release of decentralization on the th .

Like other cryptocurrencies ,USDD The same is held with zero threshold , And will not have the freezing and confiscation authority of any centralized institution , Ensure the inviolability of private property .

USDD How to eliminate the characteristics of large fluctuation of cryptocurrency , Value preservation and appreciation ?

First , Is an abundant pool of funds .

Whitelist of wave fields , You can subscribe for one million dollars at a time , One day 500 $10000 ceiling , monthly 3000 $10000 ceiling , $300 million a year .

Once subscribed , The money will be in the future 6-12 Months into the wave field joint reserve .

Besides , The wave field joint reserve will also absorb more whitelist institutions as wave fields DAO Central bank shareholders , I have a lot of money , We can better fulfill the responsibilities of decentralized central banks .

Besides , Wave field DAO The central bank will also act as the initial custodian to maintain the decentralized and stable currency of the wave field USDD Rights management , And guaranteed by reserve financial assets , Guarantee USDD The exchange rate is stable , And guarantee that USDD Decentralization of .

In order to motivate the super representatives in the first batch of users ,USDD The agreement will exchange the stable currency and the stable currency with TRX The exchange fee is awarded to the super representative :

●Tobin Tax: It is a fixed percentage fee incurred in the exchange between stable currency and stable currency in the ecosystem . The rate is related to each stable currency participating in the exchange , at present USDD The agreement is only USDD A stable currency , non-existent Tobin Tax, This fee will be included after adding a new stable currency in the future .

●Spreading Fee: Each stroke USDD And TRX Exchange will produce Spreading Fee, The minimum charge is 0.5%, When the market price fluctuates strongly ,USDD The agreement will automatically adjust the rate to ensure the stability of the agreement .

04 USDD Where will it go ?

The world of cryptocurrencies , Can be crazy enough to be incomprehensible , But look at it from a different angle , It seems like the eve of the financial revolution .

such as , Today's invisible cryptocurrency , It's actually deconstructing people's way of trading .

All kinds of tokens can be exchanged with each other , Applications in the same chain and across chains can interact naturally , Applications at all levels can be spliced together like Lego blocks ……

however , Regulation will not be so easy to buy .

Considered to be the regulator who knows blockchain best , Fed chairman gasler, who taught related courses at MIT , I have been accepting Huasheng The London Post said in an interview :“ Public currency has a certain position in the world . Private money usually doesn't last that long .”

Dalio, founder of bridge water fund, has repeatedly said , If virtual currency succeeds ,“ It will stifle mainstream regulators .”

The interesting thing about the future is , Before it really comes , No one knows what it will look like .

Decades ago , The rise of the Internet , There are still many people who question .

Now? , The Internet is everywhere .

future , Decentralized blockchain world , Perhaps more fascinating .

Just USDD for , It is not only an important medium in the field of encryption , It can also be regarded as an important part of free finance , And with the blessing of wave field ecology , In the future, we can still be in the space of the meta universe , Widely used .

Once Dutch tulip foam 、1995-2001 The Internet bubble of the year 、2008 The subprime crisis of , Tell us , The irrational prosperity of the market can also last for a long time , Until the moment it was punctured , Everything seems self consistent and reasonable .

But one sentence may always be right , Start with a white paper , Ten years depends on the decentralized network effect , Under the siege and interception of the US government , An industry that is still growing into trillions of dollars , And began to force mainstream financial institutions and regulators to change their course —— More and more countries , Start studying numbers .

In sun Yuchen's view , The value of the dollar has completely lost anchor , Fall into hell like a free fall , Only decentralized blockchain transactions can find another way .USDD Launch , It aims to build a stable currency network with high efficiency and low cost , Let the wealth of the citizens of the world not be deprived .

At the crossroads of world history , This kind of innovation and subversion , Worthy of attention .

This article only represents the author's personal views , It does not represent the position of the official account , Does not constitute any investment proposal .

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