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Ford patented a retractable steering wheel and pedal system

2022-05-15 04:14:06Chinese industry information station

 picture source :USPTO

picture source :USPTO

Last few months , Ford has applied for a number of patents related to the steering wheel , For example, a device equipped with virtual control , And a heated steering wheel with multiple heaters . This new patent pays more attention to the future of autonomous vehicle . As Ford continues to invest heavily in autonomous driving technology , The company applied for patents in this field , More than any other carmaker .

The patent describes a car that can retract the steering wheel and pedals . In a traditional car , This feature may seem useless . However , In the future, when the fully autonomous vehicle is driving on the street , The system can provide additional space , Make the person sitting in the driver's seat ( Or non vehicle controllers ) benefit .

under these circumstances , A series of motors move the pedals and steering wheel away when not needed . When the vehicle is in automatic driving mode , This function may be activated automatically . Of course , To fully realize automatic driving , There is still a way to go . When that day comes , This particular patent may play an important role in the real world .

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