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Sony plans to sell 18 million ps5s in fiscal year 2023, and is optimistic about the supply problem internally

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IT The home of 5 month 11 Daily news , Sony released 2021 The fiscal year (2021 year 4 month - The following year 3 month ) results . Sony Group said , Plan to sell... In this fiscal year 1800 Ten thousand units PlayStation 5 console , Because strong game sales helped its fourth quarter operating profit more than double .

data display , Due to the 2022 year 3 month 31 Japan ,PS5 The shipment has reached 1930 Ten thousand units (2020 year 11 Month launch ),PS4 Shipments have also reached 1.172 One hundred million units .PlayStation Plus The number of users is 4740 ten thousand , Compared with the same period in the previous fiscal year 4760 Million users decreased 20 ten thousand .

By comparing the financial report data of last year , Sony is at 2022 year 3 month 31 Sold... In the year of September 1150 Ten thousand units PS5; Sony said , Due in 2023 The fiscal year (2022 year 4 month 1 solstice 2023 year 3 month 31 Japan ) Will sell 1800 Ten thousand units PS5 console , The key to this figure is “ Hardware supply capacity of the market ”.

Simply speaking , Sony this fiscal year 1800 The target of more than 10000 units is equivalent to selling every quarter in this fiscal year 450 Ten thousand units , This will 20 The third quarter of the fiscal year (2020 year 10 Month to 12 month )PS5 The best quarter ever was flat , The overall data growth is about 56.52%.

Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki At the press conference, he also said :“ What I can say now is , We can 1800 Purchase enough parts for 10000 sets ”, Sony CFO Hikori Totoki said :“ Sony is pleased to achieve this goal ‘ Very comfortable ’”, It means having great confidence to complete such a simple task .

Of course , Sony still makes money mainly by online games and subscription services , And last fiscal year sales (1150 Ten thousand units ) Or because of the impact of supply chain disruption, resulting in a certain amount of losses .

In order to get rid of traditional hardware such as TV , The company is also expanding its software business ,2 In January, it was announced that 36 US $100 million acquisition 《 halo 》 The creator of the series Bungle Inc.

By 3 month 31 Three months of the day , Sony's profits have risen from a year ago 665 Billion yen to 1386 Billion yen , However, this is still lower than analysts' expectations ( Average 1470 Billion yen ).

IT Home learned , Sony's gaming and web services revenue almost tripled this quarter , achieve 556 Billion yen . Sony expects the division's profits to fall this fiscal year 12%, Because it spent a lot of money on game development and industry acquisitions .

In the end of 3 month 31 All the time of the day ,《 spider-man : homeless 》 The success of the film has also driven the profit growth of its film department .

This fiscal year , The Japanese company forecasts operating profit from 1.2 Trillion yen fell to 1.16 Trillions of yen . Sony also announced on Tuesday , In the future 12 Buy back within months 2000 100 million own shares , To avoid the dilution of stock option compensation plan .

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