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Dameng data won two awards and contributed to the release of 2021 wechat independent innovation research report

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In recent days, , Wuhan Dameng database Co., Ltd ( abbreviation : Damon data ) Participated in the compilation 《2021 Research Report on independent innovation of Netcom 》在第五届关键信息基础设施自主安全创新论坛暨纪念习近平总书记“4.19” The speech was officially released at the sixth anniversary of the speech . The meeting was held by 《 Research Report on independent innovation of Netcom 》 Editor in chief: Tian Xia . Ni guangnan, academician of Chinese academy of engineering 、 Lin Wei, assistant distinguished expert of Tongzhou District head of Beijing Municipality 、 Xie Zhenping, director of the network information office of Tongzhou District Party committee of Beijing Municipality 、 Geng Lei, director of Tongzhou District Bureau of economy and information technology of Beijing Municipality 、 Yan Ming, honorary director of the computer security committee of the Chinese computer society, and other leaders and experts , And representatives of the Internet information industry attended the meeting . More than 300000 viewers witnessed the report release ceremony online .

At the release ceremony , Dameng data was commended as a unit with outstanding contributions , And won “ Leading enterprise of independent innovation of wechat ” prize . meanwhile , Feng Yuan, deputy general manager of Dameng data, delivered a speech at the online exchange and discussion activities 《 Database technology and industry trend sharing 》 The response was warm .



Damon data

Won two awards

For nearly 7 Months of writing , Damon data and compilation working group 、 The expert committee and the Editorial Committee uphold “ Keep your feet on the ground 、 Insist on seeking truth from facts 、 Adhere to the guiding ideology of brainstorming ”, Strive to integrate the innovation subject of wechat into R & D in all aspects 、 The practical activities in the production and service process are gathered together , Analyze , Progress to be made , Difficulties encountered , Think about it , All the suggestions put forward are presented , For colleagues in the industry 、 Policy researchers and managers can refer to it in order to better promote the cause of independent innovation of wechat in China .


Adhere to independent innovation , Grasp the initiative of development

In recent years , With the rapid development of China's Internet Information Industry , Topics related to network security have attracted more and more attention .习近平总书记也曾反复强调说要掌握我国互联网发展主动权, Ensure Internet security 、 National security , We must break through the problem of core technology . From the beginning of the creation of Dameng data , Always unswervingly follow the technical route of independent research and development , from DM1 To DM8, Each line of source code is independently developed . Continue to tackle key problems “ thetime ” technology , Become the first database manufacturer in China to master the key technology of data sharing cluster . In the field of Internet Communication , Dameng data has solidly supported the online communication work in many places across the country ,DM8 It has also been applied in many industry core systems of local wechat projects , It has strongly supported the expansion and strengthening of China's Internet information industry .


Polishing product technology , Build a benign industrial ecology

From the data collected in the report , With the rapid development of China's Internet information technology and Industry , The independently innovative wechat products have been applied to a certain extent , It objectively promotes the improvement of product performance and ease of use , Some products realize “ To use ” The goal of , For the current changes that the information industry is experiencing , Feng Yuan, deputy general manager of Dameng data, believes that , Wechat manufacturers should continue to polish their products , Continuously support the business needs of users , Lay a good foundation for building a benign industrial ecology . besides , Deputy general manager Feng Yuan delivered a speech in the online communication and discussion activities after the meeting 《 Database technology and industry trend sharing 》, attracted 13 Million viewers participated in online viewing at the same time .


future , Dameng data will continue to assume its responsibilities , Give play to the core technical advantages of independent frontier in the field of database , Establish closer cooperation with upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain , Help more industries achieve high-quality development . As the report says , We must keep working hard 、 Self-motivated forward , We must adhere to the road of independent innovation , We must have such faith and pursuit , Continue to make breakthroughs in the research and development of key core technologies , Make contributions to the great cause of China's rejuvenation .

picture source Editorial Committee of wechat Independent Innovation Research Report

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