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Visual studio 2022 17.2 was officially released, introducing a number of features / improvements

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Visual Studio 2022 v17.2 Official release 了 , This version continues to improve C# and .NET Experience 、 new Git Performance and experience 、 in the light of C++ Developer updates and new tools for local development and deployment Azure Tools . This version brings 400 Many changes , The following excerpts introduce some key features :

Source link

If the referenced assembly provides this information , Then the embedded source and Source link Can be used as “ Go to implementation ” Part of , Allows you to navigate to the original source file that implements the target symbol .

As shown in the figure below , Just place the cursor over the symbol , Then press CTRL + F12 You can navigate to the original source file .

Original string

C# 11 Added original string ( Read previous articles about this feature : Original string 、Spans Pattern matching ...C# 11 The second wave of new features is coming !), The version VS 2022 This feature is introduced .

To use the original string , Please set the language version in the project file to preview ( Use )<LangVersion>preview</LangVersion>. Then place the cursor over the normal or verbatim string , Press CTRL + '.' Trigger quick action and refactoring menus , And select “ Convert to original string ”.

Debug collection

If you debug regularly .NET Code and want to examine large and complex collections ,VS 17.2 stay IEnumerable A new visualization tool has been introduced into the debugging experience of object types , Make it easier for you to view such data , Quickly view the information you're looking for and navigate quickly .

Razor Editor

 Visual Studio since 17.1 Has been improving new Razor The reliability of the editing experience , 17.2 Version adds the following support to the editor :

  • Able to fold the area , To facilitate reading and organizing
  • new Razor The editor now supports clip functionality .
  • Use Shift + Alt + W Execute enable “wrap div” Shortcut

ASP.NET Framework Of Web Real-time Preview

Visual Studio 2022 The initial version of is to use Web Users of forms applications and designers have introduced a new feature .  Web Live Preview Function makes the running application become the design interface , And provide cross source code and Web Interface code synchronization , To help navigate directly to the element code file being edited .

This release further improves the functional experience , Microsoft and several companies ASP.NET Control supplier cooperation , To make sure they support the new designer .

Azure Optimize

Visual Studio 2022 Expanded Connected Services The function of , Allow containers to be used for configured Azure service , To provide a local debugging experience . This support has been extended to allow container image configuration Redis cache 、MongoDB、RabbitMQ、 Storage 、SQL and Cosmos DB Waiting area .

C++ Optimize

Visual Studio Medium CMake Support soon C++20 modular ! You can now provide the compiler with /std:c++20 or /std:c++latest switch , And for CMake ( instead of Ninja) Use MSBuild (Visual Studio) generator , To try out experimental support .

Other new features include inline prompts , It provides function parameter names and indicators of derivation types in the editor , You can press twice ctrl or Alt + F1 To switch it .

Besides , This version also improves Peripheral registers and RTOS View function :

  • RTOS The tool window is now hidden by default
  • When the user double clicks... In the tool window RTOS Object time , It adds a monitor to the object .
  • When the user RTOS Select the stack pointer in the tool window to start / End value , It will open in the memory window .
  • Added thread awareness for the device target of the call stack window .

Git Tool Optimization

This version integrates a called Commit Graph( Submit drawings ) Of Git function , It can greatly reduce the loading Commit Time for .

For a detailed introduction to this function, please refer to previous articles (Visual Studio Integrate Commit Graph function , Can increase Git Operating performance


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