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Why is it possible to have a multiverse?

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 Schematic diagram of the accelerated expansion of the universe caused by dark energy
Schematic diagram of the accelerated expansion of the universe caused by dark energy

“ In my submission , If these ideas can be presented in a variety of different ways , That would be great .” Brian · Green said .《 Dr. strange 2: Crazy multiverse 》 Depict the multiverse as a mixture of amusement parks and haunted houses , In one scenario , The magician and his disciples traveled through a series of dazzling universes , It's like falling into a kaleidoscope . However , Green said , The idea of traveling from one parallel universe to another is a major mistake made by the film .

“ This is not a natural thing in Mathematics ,” He said ,“ Maybe you should say so , The multiverse has all kinds of ‘ taste ’. In the vast majority of cases , Not that I can travel by rocket or spaceship , Visit another universe in the multiverse .”

that , Why do physicists think other universes may exist ? Green said , Additional dimensions and parallel universes provide an explanation for some theories ; so to speak , If there were no multiverse , These theories are meaningless . for example , If the equations describing space-time are not expressed in three-dimensional space and one-dimensional time that we can understand , It's about using 10 Dimension or 11 Virial representation , The effect is the best .

Dark energy is some kind of energy acting on the structure of space-time itself , Filled with space , It seems to lead to the accelerated expansion of the universe . The dark energy hypothesis also raises some difficult questions , for example , Is dark energy a cosmological constant ? If it's a cosmological constant , How to explain the obvious difference between the theoretical value and the measured value ( The difference between 120 An order of magnitude )?

“ You bet , In many of our theories , Every universe that makes up the multiverse has some dark energy , But the number will vary from universe to universe .” Brian · Green said ,“ therefore , If there are enough universes , So in this huge collection , There will be a universe with the dark energy we observe .”

 Columbia University physicist Brian · green
Columbia University physicist Brian · green

It's not hard to imagine , Some of the multiverse universes may be roughly similar to our universe . under these circumstances , There may be different versions of Brian in those universes · green .“ If you make up my particular set of particles —— Including making up my brain 、 memory 、 Particle of thought —— Exists in the multiverse , And this collection also thinks he is me , Then he is really me ,” Green said .

that , Can future discoveries in physics lay a more solid foundation for the theory of the multiverse ? One possibility is , Cosmic microwave background radiation ( That is to say “ The afterglow of the Big Bang ”) Our research will point to the abnormal phenomenon of the collision between the two universes . On the other hand , Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Are preparing to collide with protons at record energy levels , This is a “ Better experimental examples ”, It may prove that additional dimensions do exist .

Brian · Green said :“ One idea is , Smash protons with protons , Observe the resulting debris . Mathematical calculations show that , Some fragments may float out of our dimension , And squeezed into other dimensions . If this happens , We can observe , Because the debris will take away some energy .”

however , So far, scientists have not made breakthrough discoveries , The future needs to be explored with higher energy .“ We don't know what kind of data we'll find ,” Green said .

Green's current theoretical work focuses on the statistical distribution of different types of possible universes , He's still trying to bring his new book 《 Until the end of time 》(Until the End of Time) Film adaptation .“ For me, , This book is a summary of my life's thinking on scientific issues , Of course , It also explores the questions that we as human beings have raised since we were able to ask questions .” Green said ,“ such as , Why are we here ? What is the essence of consciousness ? What religion is ? When we look to the future from today , Where will the universe go ? as well as , Can the answers to these questions tell us what is the most important thing ?”

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