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Domestic luxury medium-sized car new red flag H5 real car exposure

2022-05-15 05:29:52Chinese industry information station

Due to its positioning in medium-sized cars , The red flag H5 Vehicle relative H9 More compact , The rear of the car is still similar H9 The shape of the tail lamp , And auxiliary chrome plating decoration , Show a sense of sophistication , The body side window is also decorated with chrome .

It is worth noting that , The red flag H5 No slip back design , Instead, it maintains the traditional three compartment shape , Therefore, it is more in line with Popular Aesthetics .

According to the official news , In terms of color matching, the new car will provide mountain yingbai 、 Dark night II 、 Red flag red 、 Quantum silver grey 、 Aurora blue and bright night Brown , This exposure is Aurora blue , It looks very lively , Compared with big brother H9 Naturally more approachable .

The interior of the new car has been exposed synchronously this time , And H9 The design is different , new H5 Vertical central control screen is adopted , There is a row of shortcut keys under the screen , The full LCD dashboard will still be used , The overall shape is a little similar to the new generation of Mercedes Benz C level .

Soft materials are used in the car as much as possible , Dark red interior , It highlights the sense of luxury ; There is a wide armrest in the center , And use a small and exquisite electronic gear and electronic handbrake , Keep up with the current trend and aesthetics .

motivation , At present, the official has not disclosed the specific power information of the new car , It is reported that the new generation of red flag H5 It will be built based on the transverse platform , It is expected to be equipped with a new 2.0T The engine .

The price of new cars is expected to fall below 15-20 Ten thousand yuan between , If nothing else , Trumpet it “ Rolls-Royce ” The modelling of , It's enough to attract many consumers .

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