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I spent 2000 yuan to buy the most profitable tool in the mobile phone store

2022-05-15 06:15:03Chinese industry information station

Considering that now basically all domestic mobile phone manufacturer , Generally, there is a free film service , So I thought Why don't you find time to A trip to the after-sales service point , Ask the staff over there to change one for me .

But when I really went all the way to the service point .

People over there told me Surfaces Screen mobile phones can really enjoy free film , But the film applied for this month has been used up , If you want to apply the film, you have to wait until the film arrives at the beginning of next month ...

got , I'd better find a repair shop on the side of the road to apply the film .

However, when asked about the price , good heavens , The soft film is directly connected to the skin , Toughened film 120 , Three films are enough to change an external screen for the mobile phone , The price persuaded me to , I thought I could handle it for 20 or 30 yuan .

But before I leave , A machine in the shop caught my attention .

I didn't know until I checked back , It turns out that the reason why the repair shop can film so many mobile phones , Not because they have every type of membrane , But because there is such a kind of machine , Can cut a whole piece of film into various sizes .

This kind of machine is not cheap , The price is generally more than 1000 to 2000 , But at the thought of having this machine , In addition to putting a film on my mobile phone , Can also go out to set up a stall to put film on others .

Cost more than one piece of film 、 I only earn 30 yuan per film , As long as I post 60, I can get back to this , Then it's all earned !

So I went up , Spent a lot of money on a film cutting machine , I also bought a mask artifact .

The design is crude 、 What is the purpose of the blue film artifact with only two control buttons all over the body I'll tell you later .

Let's take a look at this built-in touch screen first 、 Film cutting machine with high technical content .

This film cutting machine is a small machine tool , Its working principle is to roll the mobile phone film to the console through the roller , Then control the cutter head to cut the film into specific sizes , Finally, roll out the film .

Just as I said earlier, bad friends may not understand very well , Next, let's use this machine to actually show you the whole process of coating curved screen mobile phones .

The first step to film your mobile phone , Select the corresponding model on the touch screen .

The main function of this touch screen on the film cutting machine is to select the model , I have to say that it supports a lot of models , Basically, all mainstream models cover , Even if it is a lot of discontinued brands, it has not missed :

And besides the anterior membrane , You can even choose to cut the film into the back film 、 Frame film or lens film :

After selecting the model on the screen , The next step is to put the film in and adjust the scale of the cutter head .

The film release step is very simple , Just put a whole piece of film on the console and gently push it in , As soon as the film cutter detects a mobile phone film approaching , It turns the roller to roll the film onto the console :

The reason for adjusting the scale of the cutter head , Because there are many kinds of films that can be cut by the film cutting machine , In addition to the conventional hydrogel membrane , It can also cut the explosion-proof membrane , The specific cutting depth of the cutter head needs to be controlled by adjusting the scale .

Like I cut an ordinary hydrogel , Just set the scale to 5 or 6 Just go , If it is a thicker explosion-proof membrane , You need to set the scale to 7 or 8, The larger the scale , Cutter head outward The more convex the cut, the deeper .

I bought two kinds of films in total , They are high water condensation membrane and high-definition explosion-proof membrane .

According to my observation , Explosion proof membrane Although it feels bare metal, it is very easy to produce scratches , and The explosion-proof membrane is not generally difficult to stick , If you are not careful, you will leave several bubbles on the screen ;

Although the hydrogel film is not easy to leave scratches , But it feels a little astringent Feel is not as good as explosion-proof membrane , But look, it's very easy to stick it up , I still choose hydrogel membrane here .

When everything is ready, click Start , The film cutter will start cutting .

By default, it will cut holes in the position of speakers and front camera , If you don't want to make a hole , Then you can only shut down the machine halfway , After cutting , The roller will automatically push the film out .

Generally speaking, as long as the cutter head scale is set correctly , The cut cell phone film can be easily removed from a whole film .

The previous steps are quite simple to tell the truth , Just be familiar with , The next step is to apply the film , Is the test of Technology .

The removed membrane is divided into three layers , The bottom layer and the top layer will be removed at that time , Only the middle layer is the film that really needs to be pasted on the mobile phone screen .

Observe carefully , You will find that the bottom layer of film is sticky and divided into two sections .

On the one hand, this design is to facilitate us to align the film with the screen to prevent the film from sliding away , On the other hand, I also want to paste half of the screen first 、 Then paste the lower half of the screen to shorten the stroke to reduce the generation of bubbles :


It can be said that the most difficult step in the film pasting process is to align the screen and prevent bubbles , As long as you control your strength, post more times , You should be able to master the skills .

In addition, the film pushing tool itself is flat , So use it to paste the curved screen , The film does not cover the surfaces on both sides , At this time, it's time for the mask artifact to play .

This thing can use compressed air to drive the film above to press the mobile phone screen in an all-round way , So that the membrane can be completely adsorbed on the surface , Of course, if there is no mask artifact , You can press it with your hand .

OK, The above is the whole process of mobile phone film , The film of this mobile phone below , This film cutting machine is used to paste the film artifact and my exquisite film pasting technology , It's perfect ~

There is one saying. , I think I can make money by setting up a stall with this tool and craft .

If a poor friend wants to know whether I can get back my money and how much money I will make , Welcome to B Stop and pay attention to a wave of bad comments TV, The following plot will be presented in the form of video , Thank you for watching !

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