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NASA's insight probe has detected the largest earthquake on Mars

2022-05-15 06:42:20Chinese industry information station

InSight Sent to Mars , With a highly sensitive seismograph , By the French National Center for Space Research (CNES) Provide , Used to study the inner depths of the red planet . Local seismic waves pass through the Martian crust 、 When the mantle and core reflect or reflect from them , They will change , Seismologists can determine the depth and composition of these layers through research . Scientists' understanding of the structure of Mars can help them better understand the formation of all the rocky worlds , Including the earth and its moon .

Although compared with earthquakes on earth ,5 M earthquake is a medium-sized earthquake , But it's close to what scientists hope in InSight The upper limit seen on Mars during the mission . The scientific team will need to further study this new earthquake , Then you can provide details , Such as its location 、 The nature of the source , And what it might tell us about the internal structure of Mars . This earthquake will certainly provide an unprecedented opportunity to observe Mars . Scientists will analyze these data , In order to understand the new situation of Mars in the next few years .

When a big earthquake occurs ,InSight Is facing new challenges , Its solar panels power the mission . With InSight The position on Mars enters winter , The dust in the air increases , Reduced available sunlight .2022 year 5 month 7 Japan , The available energy of the lander is just below the limit of triggering safety mode , In this mode , In addition to the most basic functions of spacecraft , Pause all other functions . This reaction is to protect the lander , And it may happen again as the available energy decreases slowly .

On the lander 2020 Complete its main tasks by the end of the year , After reaching its original scientific goal , NASA extended its mission to 2022 year 12 month .

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