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Intel releases 12th generation core HX: notebook welcomes 5GHz 16 core

2022-05-15 06:42:32Chinese industry information station

HX55 Series is different from 12 Other sequences of generation core mobile version , It and the desktop K Series homology , Directly using the desktop version of the kernel ,45×37.5 The packaging area of MM is exactly the same , Just to adapt to the mobile terminal , Thickness from 4.4 Mm down to 2.0 mm , In addition, in power management 、 Specific adjustments have also been made in terms of power consumption 、 Optimize .

It is worth noting that ,HX55 The processor of 、 The chipset is packaged independently , To maximize performance ,H45 Series is an integrated package of the two .

Platform specifications ,HX55 Series processors have most 8 Personality can P nucleus 、8 Energy efficiency E nucleus ( Supplemented by hardware thread scheduler ), The total is up to 16 Core 、24 Threads , also 30MB Three level cache , Are full of blood , The integrated nuclear display is the most 32 Execution units .

Memory supports two channels DDR5-4800 perhaps DDR4-3200, and Up to... Can be installed 4 strip ( Ordinary notebooks are 2 It's even 1 strip ), The maximum capacity is 128GB, And it introduced ECC error correction , Therefore, it is very suitable for professional fields with high requirements for data integrity .

Extended connection support 16 strip PCIe 5.0、4 strip PCIe 4.0, The latter is naturally used in SSD, The former can be used for single or two graphics cards , You can also take out half for SSD, Although it can only be used x4, But the bandwidth is also equivalent to PCIe 4.0 x8.

Video output support HDMI 2.0b、DP 1.4、eDBP 1.4b、HBR3, And all H45 The series is similar to .

Processor passes PCIe 4.0 x8 DMI The channel is connected to the chipset , The latter can provide 16 strip PCIe 4.0、12 strip PCIe 3.0、14 individual USB 2.0、10 individual USB 3.x、8 individual SATA 6Gbps、Wi-Fi 6E(Giga+), It also supports two independent Thunderbolt Lightning controller .

So rich PCIe passageway , It can make HX55 Platform use Up to four SSD, Including a piece of PCIe 5.0 x4、 Three pieces PCIe 4.0 x4, The maximum capacity 16TB.

have a look , Four pieces of memory 、 Four pieces SSD, Is it spectacular enough !

Software level ,HX55 Also passed a number of OEM Platform authentication , To ensure that AutoCAD、Revit、Premiere Pro And other professional software 、 stability .

HX55 There are six different products in the series , cover i9、i7、i5 Three sequences , The basic power consumption is 33W, The highest RF power consumption is 157W.

The flagship model is i9-12950HX,8P+8E 16 The core 24 Threads , Three level cache 30MB,P The nuclear frequency reaches 3.6-5.0GHz,E Nuclear frequencies also have 1.7-3.6GHz, Integrated display 32 unit , frequency 1.55GHz.

i9-12900HX The basic specifications are completely consistent , The difference is that it does not support enterprise vPro、ECC, But open full core overclocking , As long as the heat dissipation of the notebook is allowed, you can overclock freely ,i9-12950HX The overclocking threshold is preset .

i7-12850HX、i7-12800HX A similar relationship , Again 16 The core , But the L3 cache is reduced to 25MB, The maximum frequency is reduced to 4.8GHz, Nuclear frequency is the highest 1.45GHz.

i7-12650HX Came to 6P+8E 14 The core 20 Threads , Three level cache 24MB, The highest frequency drops again to 4.7GHz, Support partial overclocking .

i5-12600HX 4P+8E 12 The core 16 Threads , Three level cache 18MB, The highest frequency 4.6GHz, Support enterprise level vPro、ECC、 Partial overclocking .

i5-12450HX only 4P+4E 8 The core 12 Threads 、12MB Three level cache , The highest frequency 4.4GHz, The nuclear display is also cut in half 16 unit , Partial overclocking .

Speaking of overclocking ,HX55 The series also inherits the desktop K/KF Many features of the series , processor 、 Memory can exceed .

among , Processor support Energy efficiency nuclear overclocking 、Speed Optimizer、Extreme Tuning Utility, Memory support DDR5 MXP 3.0、Dynamic Memory Boost, Of course, the details also depend on OEM Set up .

Performance aspect ,Intel Also with high-end i9-12900HX For example , A series of comparative data are given :

Compared with the top of the previous generation i9-11980HK, Single core performance improved 17%, Multi core performance soared 64%,3D Rendering performance is up to 81%,CrossMark Creativity performance is also leading 33%,AutoDesk Professional creative performance is leading 12-28%,SPECworkstation Professional performance is even better 45%、 many 111%.

Game performance , collocation RTX 3080 Ti、64GB DDR5 Memory , A lot of 3A Games can easily surpass 100FPS, It has to go with 120Hz、165Hz Like a high brush E-sports screen .

With its unique hybrid architecture design ,HX55 It is also very suitable for multi task professional creation , such as You can use Unreal 5 Engine for game design 、 Rendering , Back end can use Blender Conduct 3D Modeling and rendering , It is claimed that the performance can be improved respectively 4 More than double 、1.7 More than double , Save separately 79%、41% Time for .

Behind this accelerated collaborative work , Nature is IDT Thanks to the thread scheduler , When multitasking, it will intelligently distribute the workload to the appropriate core .

Intel A number of demonstrations were also conducted , You can see whether it's a game 、 Content creation , Or multitasking ,P nucleus 、E The nuclei are perfectly utilized , Attend to each one's own duties .

 Notebook welcomes 5GHz 16 The core !Intel Release 12 Generation core HX: I. performance improvement 111%

be based on Intel HX55 Series of mobile workstations 、 Game notebooks will be on the market one after another , This year there will be 10 Many kinds of , The first batch includes ASUS ROG Strix Scar 17 SE(ROG Gunslinger 6 Super competitive Edition )、ExpertBook B6, Jijia AORUS 17X/15X, MICROSTAR GT77 Titan、GT77/GT67 Raider, lenovo Legion 7i, HP Omen 17, Dell Precision 7770/7670.

 Notebook welcomes 5GHz 16 The core !Intel Release 12 Generation core HX: I. performance improvement 111%

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