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How much is Baidu advertising pre stored? What is the charging standard for launch?

2022-05-15 06:44:39Yang Hengchang

Baidu advertising fee is charged according to the number of times the advertisement is clicked by the user , A fee is charged for each click . A simple example : If you push in Baidu “ clothing ” advertisement , If the cost per click is 2 element , One day, the user clicked 2000 Time ,2 Yuan times 2000 Sub equal to 4000 element , That is, one day costs 4000 Yuan advertising fee .

Baidu's advertising charging standard : Baidu click deduction is related to the keyword selected by the advertiser , In Baidu advertising promotion and expansion , The higher the bid , The higher the ranking the advertisement gets .

Baidu advertising minimum deposit 2400 Account opening and recharge , But the cost of Baidu click is related to many factors , Such as :

1、 The advertiser's estimated capital

If the advertiser expects to put in sufficient funds , Want to get a better advertising position , They all raise their advertising bids appropriately , The cost of each click will be increased .

2、 Ranking of keywords

If the keyword ranking depends on , That is, it's hot , Every advertiser wants , It will lead to an increase in the cost of each click . It's like an auction , The more competition , Resulting in an increase in the price of the final auction .

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