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What is the way of headline advertising today? What's the effect?

2022-05-15 06:53:34Water Crescent

Today's headlines belong to the original ecological information flow advertising + Search platform , Combine advertising with content , Make today's headlines an excellent choice for brands to contact consumers , Increase user stickiness , At the same time, let more users enjoy the information reading scene and bring a high sense of immersion .

As an audience for today's headlines , I believe everyone is quite qualified . But as an advertiser , Although we know that today's headline platform has accurate users , Have excessive traffic , But I want to advertise , But I don't know the effect of today's headlines ? Ok or not ?

In today's headlines, the effect must be good , It has many users 、 intelligence 、 accurate 、 Appropriate threshold and many other advantages , So let's see .

1、 According to statistics , The average usage time per person per day exceeds 76 minute , Start every day 9 Time , You can see that statistically , The frequency of use is very high , Very dense users , The flow is enough to awesome .

2、 information flow + Search dual engine construction platform , You can search for traces according to the user's history , Automatically analyze the user's hobbies 、 Interest in 、 full name , Targeted push advertising information .

3、 The threshold for opening an account on today's headline platform is low , As long as the business scope of the enterprise is legal and compliant, you can open an account .

however , Although today's platform has such advantages , However, if we rely on the traditional ideas of advertisers to operate, we can not adapt to the development trend of marketing in the era of mobile Internet , In addition, most advertisers lack fine management and data management , And professional delivery team .

1、 You can search according to the user's keywords , Analyze business opportunities , Help advertisers make feasible plans .

2、 Help advertisers get accurate network traffic , Realize rapid realization of cash flow .

3、 Can help advertisers optimize advertising , Control the input-output ratio , And give corresponding marketing copywriting guidance to advertisers , Help advertisers save costs , Improve the advertising effect .

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