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Brand internet promotion self built team or outsourcing?

2022-05-15 04:24:04Sun Wenwen

I'm an Internet practitioner tonight 16 The veterans come to share with us whether to build a self built team or outsource ?

1、 Self built advantages : The team responds quickly , Work efficiently .

2、 Self built shortcomings :

a、 Build your own team ( planning 、 copy 、 Design 、 operating 、 medium 、 Optimizer ) team 6 people , Shenzhen for a month 5 ten thousand ? The salary of , One year is 60 Ten thousand salary expenses ,60 Wan is not the salary level of Nanshan Futian high tech Zone , Nanshan Futian will be more expensive [ Khan, ] Seeing this data, we can imagine that small and medium-sized enterprises will not do so ; This is just staff salary .

The cost of purchasing media is also a large cost , Drawings produced by the team 、 writing 、 Video also needs the help of Baidu , Tiktok , WeChat , Today's headline , You know , Small red books and other media to get traffic , Planting grass or information flow advertising is not a small cost .

( Summary : High team costs , Media procurement costs are also high )

b、 From recruitment to running in, the team should at least 3 Months ,3 After a month, the team will be unstable , Normal resignation , The team running in and going back to the human resources department is very tired , Even if the team is stable , After half a year, the group only focuses on the dynamics of its own company and Industry , For new media platforms ( The little red book , Tiktok ,B standing , Kwai, etc ) The new regulations failed to obtain first-hand information .( Summary : Team polishing is difficult , The new policy information of the platform lags behind )

Internet promotion outsourcing :

1、 Strictly KPI Assessment of , Result oriented .

2、 One docking person can cooperate with the whole execution team of Party B , A year down is 60 The salary of 10000 people .

3、 Select a first-line traffic agent , The mass purchase price of media platform has advantages , At the same time, be able to provide first-hand information on the activity platform policy , Avoid being punished by traffic platform .

Summarize the choices “ outsource ”.... Brand promotion of a company as big as P & G will choose outsourcing , It has been how many brand planning companies can be supported by their group's billions of advertising expenses , Small and medium-sized enterprises should not build their own marketing teams !!

What else I haven't mentioned in the welcome message area [ Bow to the bow ]

Finally, it is not easy to reach cooperation . Maintain a mindset of building long-term and trusted partnerships , Treat partners with a positive attitude and don't get angry !!

 Brand internet promotion self built team or outsourcing ?

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