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Low reading rate of soft text? If you want to improve your reading rate, the key is to make good headlines

2022-05-15 04:24:25Quanzi

Bright headlines are the key to attracting readers to read , The title can convey important information to readers most intuitively , Let readers have a little desire to open an article .

A good title , It can not only increase the reading rate and click through rate of the article , At the same time, it can also make the article get twice the result with half the effort .

Article title 8 Great effect

Generalization Center

Full text clues

Attract readers

a phrase with a double meaning

Set up suspense

Emotion is substituted into


rhetoric —— Improve the expression effect

7 There are two Title Types

1. Numeric title

Digital titles are the most common kind of titles , Through specific figures, it can be concise and clear Of Express the main information of the article , Let readers know before they read the content , And here's a trick about numbers , Odd numbers attract readers more than even numbers .

2. Symbolic title

Sometimes add a symbol to the title , Can make the title more attractive , For example, adding an exclamation mark can make the tone of the title stronger , Adding an ellipsis can give readers curiosity and questions .

3. Visually materialize the title

Visual materialization title is also known as generation scene title , Often by using the first person or some sentences to describe the scene , produce “ Visual sense ”, Let readers “ be personally on the scene ”、“ empathy ”, So as to increase the appeal of the article !

4. Shocking title

Shock headlines usually exaggerate the facts of the article , Achieve eye-catching effect , The most famous, of course, is “UC Shocked body ” 了 , Try not to use such titles , If you don't use it well, it will have the opposite effect .

5. Contradictory title

Most contradictory titles imply two contradictory views to attract the attention and discussion of users with two different views , Such titles are generally used in articles that require users to express their views or when they need to trigger and promote user activity .

6. Controversial titles

The controversial title is actually “ Speak ironically ”, Don't say it yourself , Contrast with facts or data, etc .

7. borrow “ celebrity ”

If our title can match celebrities , With celebrity gimmicks , It will certainly attract the attention of many readers .

 The reading rate of soft text is very low ? Want to improve your reading rate , A good title is the key

Today, Xiaobian will teach my friends some tips for writing soft article titles , Make your article click through rate higher ~

Interest attraction

Compared with other types of articles , Soft text is an advertisement released by an enterprise 、 Articles to improve brand awareness , So the article should attract readers , The title should attract people with interests .

for example :

《 I made money in a month in the whole Internet media 6 digit 》

《 May day promotion is strong , I can't write down the title at all 》

Freshness attracts

People are always interested in new people and things , We can take this as a breakthrough , Write soft articles with more news value . For example, use these words in the title of soft text : Surprise 、 For the first time 、 In history 、 Ten million box office, etc .

for example :

《 Quit Ali 50 Ten thousand year salary job ,30 He lived in seclusion on the island at the age of 》

《 Surprise ! The mouse stole the shop 1800 multivariate 》

《 It's amazing that “ Japanese CD ”》

Move with “ love ”

We are surrounded by all kinds of feelings every day , affection 、 friendship 、 love . So the title can be used “ love ” To impress readers .

for example :

《 This time he , I won't spend another $100 million on divorce 》

《3 How many people have sold their souls for the cash back of Yuan takeout ?》

Set suspense

Suspense dramas emerge one after another , Harvest full of praise , Almost everyone likes suspense drama , Because you never know what will happen next , Write soft text like this , From the title, we should set suspense , Let the reader read on with doubts .

for example :

《 By the big boss “ Retirement ” A year later , Xiao Ma Yun has become like this ……》

《12 Years ago , that “ I'd rather sit in a BMW and cry , Laugh without riding a bike ” My mano , Have you married a rich family ?》

《 He “ lazy ” Admitted to Peking University : Understand that , More important than talent and effort 1000 times 》

therefore , When my friends are writing soft articles , Be sure to take a title that goes deep into the user's Psychology .

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