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Four modes of Tiktok marketing

2022-05-15 04:44:45SEO Supervisor

Tiktok marketing is a new marketing method , It is very different from traditional marketing , Different marketing methods have different models . Tiktok marketing has a different marketing model , Common are 4 Patterns , They are shopping patterns 、 Advertising mode 、 Star show and scene mode .

1. Shopping mode

In fact, the shopping mode is Tiktok + shopping , Shopping while chatting . The reason why enterprises choose to use Tiktok to market , The key reason is that we can quickly catch some consumers , Encourage them to directly form purchasing power . Practice has proved , Tiktok + The mode of shopping can often lead to a large number of transactions , The conversion rate of single product is very high . however , The scope of application of this model is very limited , It is usually limited to e-commerce enterprises . for example , TaoBao 、 Jumei superior products, etc , And enterprises and businesses that specialize in live broadcasting , for example , Paramy 、 Meili beauty makeup, etc , Basically realized the new shopping mode of watching and buying . Users can place an order directly while watching the video , Greatly improve the sales conversion rate . This kind of model has a small audience , Mostly for 90 Later generations , This group is the backbone of short video consumption , It is the main force of Tiktok consumption , They pursue fashion and personality , Easy to accept new ideas , Dare to try new things .

2. Advertising mode

Advertising mode refers to the placement of advertisements in Tiktok , In order to expand the enterprise 、 Brand exposure 、 Popularity , Improve the business 、 The influence of brand in the eyes of consumers . Today's headline advertising system is quite mature , Tiktok is its star product , stay 2018 year 3 In January, the entrance of advertising was opened . The most common is information flow advertising , When the user swipes the video , Brush out the video put by the advertiser , You can directly click to download . Look at it this way , It is not only the promotion of product sales that the audio tape gives enterprises , And publicity 、 Advertising effect , Increase brand and product exposure . What advertising wants is exposure , The huge users of Tiktok make it a huge traffic pool , This means that a new form of advertising will rise . Starting from the product characteristics , Experiential implantation based on specific scenes . Compared with the traditional advertising in the past, Tiktok advertising , More easily accepted by users , Because you can make better use of social attributes , Set the scene , The audience's resistance to advertising is greatly reduced .

3. Star Show

With movie stars 、 Participation of Internet Celebrities , Tiktok + The star Tiktok show mode has quickly become popular , It has also become a new way for enterprises to let stars sell products directly for enterprises .《 Sorrow flows back into a river 》 Originally, it was only a microcosm of many youth pain films in recent years , The initial box office forecast given by cat eye was 8000 Ten thousand yuan . One week before the release, Tiktok and the filmmaker jointly initiated # Speak for silence # Public welfare relay action , attract 40 More than stars participated in , The number of topics played is more than 100 million , It's finally done 4 The box office has exceeded 100 million in the past few days . No film and television marketing company can analyze all the contents and elements of a film for dissemination . Tiktok through the aesthetic perception of young users , Grasp the core information of campus bullying , Turn the audience's attention to serious topics into the desire to watch movies . meanwhile , Tiktok and the film makers have successfully created 《 Delay jubilee strategy 》《 A big show 》《 Xihong city's richest man 》 And other marketing cases of head content , It provides a lot of new inspiration for Internet Marketing , therefore , Tiktok is called 「 Entertainment marketing is a strong position 」. Because of the stars 、 Net red has its own traffic , Become the preferred partner of many enterprises , Many stars have participated in Tiktok , Created a new marketing model by short video .

4. Scene mode

The scene plays a very strong role in guiding consumption , A product is implanted into a certain situation , It can make the product better integrate into the environment at that time , Imperceptibly promote user acceptance . For example, a very popular TV play 、 The movie , The dress of the protagonist and heroine 、 Language , Including eating habits will become the focus of the audience , These topics are also indispensable for private discussion . Many fans even deliberately wear the same clothes , Imitate their words and deeds, etc . Actually , This is the role of scenario , But before Tiktok appeared , This kind of scenario is relatively weak . Tiktok is more scene oriented , More targeted .

such as , A merchant sells crayfish through Tiktok , He won't introduce crayfish directly , How delicious , What's the price . Instead, it's embedded in a scene . for example , Catch crayfish live 、 How to cook crayfish, etc , This makes it easier for consumers to identify with video content , So as to promote sales .

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