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Guangdong "Guangdong Province" launched an independent app, which is more convenient for group code and one key bright code

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IT The home of 5 month 14 Daily news , According to the Guangdong Provincial People's Government , The province's mobile government service platform “ Guangdong Province ” Launch independence App.

According to introducing , Guangdong Province App Have Group code 、 One click bright code Many convenient functions .

“ Group code ” By the school 、 An exclusive health management tool created by managers of organizations such as enterprises , Members can be invited to join the group through wechat sharing or code scanning .

Compared with wechat applet , Guangdong Province App Press and hold the icon on the table , Open with one click in the pop-up menu “ Yue Kang code ”, Realize fast bright code , Can also be Small components Paste to desktop , Faster .

Guangdong Province App It also supports personal digital space , The first batch contains 92 A common license and 31 Common personal information , You don't need to add them one by one to view .

Guangdong Province App It's on the line. Caring for the elderly , Provide one touch dialing 12345 Consultation hotline 、 Pension services 、 Yuekang code, travel card and other high-frequency services convenient for the elderly ; Large font is used in the Special Edition , And support Cantonese 、 Mandarin and 23 Dialect voice search .

Guangdong Province App Also created Digital RMB zone , The special zone contains the guidelines for the opening of digital RMB wallet 、 Directions for use 、 Payment code 、 Hot events 、 Information dynamics and so on , It will be further improved in the future , And continue to promote the application of digital RMB in the field of government services .

IT Home learned , Guangdong Province App After the launch , Will be parallel to the applet , Complementary advantages through service channels and capabilities , Better meet the needs of diversified user groups . Besides , Guangdong Province App Automatically synchronize the user information of wechat applet , You don't need to re register when downloading .

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