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Common marketing tools for social platforms

2022-05-15 05:27:46Empty city old face

Today, I'd like to share some marketing tools commonly used by social platforms

Later: Commonly used in Instagram marketing

Later Free registration , You can connect... Without paying Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest One account on each platform , Set your own release date and time . We can pass... At most every month Later scheduling 30 A post . For non brand marketing partners , In fact, the free version is more than enough .

Tailwind: be used for Pinterest Delay sending

Tailwind It is a product for use Instagram and Pinterest Visual marketers' social media marketing tools . You can use Tailwind Find content , Arrange posts , Monitor the conversation , Expand coverage and analyze results .

The main features :

(1) It saves you time by using a list of topic tags and more shortcuts .

(2) You can measure what works , What is not effective .

(3) It works by using the best Instagram Theme tags help you attract more suitable people .

(4) It is suitable for enterprises , Small businesses can afford .

Sendible: Can manage multiple social platforms

Sendible Is a platform for managing social media , Through this platform, users can interact with the contacts of multiple social networking sites at the same time .

at present ,Sendible Provide users with free monthly 100 Message sending service 、 Add a total of 300 Contacts and options 4 Social services . Other features of the platform include : Monitor and manage traditional information publishing services 、 Integrate the user's contact lists of multiple network services 、 Create a user's customized customer base to facilitate users to contact their friends 、 Develop tracking reports based on hits or other factors .Sendible Support many social networking sites , Such as Facebook、Twitter、Google Buzz、Linkedin、BrightKite、Four Square etc. . How many media services users can use at one time depends entirely on the package price they choose .

Buffer: Social media posts automatically , time management

Buffer The core function of is to draft and regularly post on various social platforms , You can even use the Buffer The browser extension is browsing Web Add content when .

The main features :

(1) It allows you to Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn and Pinterest Wait for social networking sites to arrange your posts , So you can save a lot of time .

(2) You can view your posts on social media , Find out what changes can help your post work better .

(3) You can add up to... From your team 25 Members and work together .

Hootsuite: Mass management of massive social media accounts , Take into account and analyze the marketing effect .

Most companies have multiple social media accounts , And find it difficult to manage them manually .Hootsuite It's a social media marketing tool , Can help you manage all your social media accounts from one dashboard . You can easily find , Arrange and manage social media content .

The main features :

(1) You can maintain a strong social media image by arranging hundreds of posts at a time .

(2)Hootsuite Protect all your passwords , Profile and login information .

(3) It can help you organize everything easily . It can save your content in the cloud , And ensure that the approved content takes effect on the scheduled date and time .

Postiffty: Can manage multiple social media accounts

Postiffty Can manage 15 A social media account ,1 It can be released in three months 100 A post . Supported social media platforms include LinkedIn ,Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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