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Top gun crew linked messenger and instagram to launch online games

2022-05-15 06:05:06Chinese industry information station


Meta Jimmy, vice president of creativity · Stone talked about the experience of cooperation between the two sides , He pointed out that .

For die hard fans , Prove that your knowledge of the content can become as entertaining as the content itself . stay Meta On the platform , Entertainment attributes can achieve real interaction , Provide audiences with new ways to celebrate and immerse themselves in their favorite content . We are happy to continue working with our entertainment partners , Explore and develop their ways to build a participatory experience centered on the fan community .

Users can go to Messenger and Instagram through AR Small game to get the call sign of the latest movie . You can get by answering one question and ten questions respectively Payback Call sign and Maverick Call sign .

If you want to enter 《Top Gun Flight school 》 Little games , stay 《 Top gun 》 Movie Facebook home page ( Click on “ Send a message ” Button . Or maybe in Instagram Send on DM To TOPGUNMOVIE, To enter the small game .

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