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After playing robot with my baby for many years, I finally found the trick of learning robot

2022-05-15 06:22:19Hulan River legend

Robots are really popular now , We've only been in school for half a year , The school has organized Two robot competitions 了 , The first scene is District Competition , The second scene is Provincial competition . School students sign up for , The teacher will organize three additional classes for unified training , Finally, the competition .

The first game was organized this year 9 month , Many friends around me have received notifications , All first graders can participate in . I also wrote an article saying that children were interested but confused , Finally, I signed up but didn't submit my work , I don't know what to start with .

I saw the announcement of the winners of the regional competition a few days ago , I think it's interesting , First prize of primary school group , Not by any one “ school ” All in the bag , It is Eight immortals cross the sea and show their magic power . From one side , Yuexiu District is now popular in science and technology innovation , It's also in full swing 、 Fully flowering .

 Play robot with baby for many years , I finally found the trick of learning robot

Later, my brother took part in the second robot programming competition , When listening to him talk about the idea of the game , I also think it's too simple , But I didn't expect that the judges unanimously gave high marks , Then think it over , I also think maybe the judges are interested in The whole process of children's independent creation . Although creative adults look simple , but Can you finish the whole process well , Not easy .

So after the final exam , Finally, I asked if I could choose an offline mechanism robot for him . A few years ago, when we played with robots, we taught ourselves at home . I didn't expect to go to several , It is said that there are only places for shift students , And the price is basically close to the lowest class package 1.7W Starting price , There is an extra charge for teaching aids ,5000 element .

I was stunned , Learning robots is so expensive , And it's so scarce .

I finished asking the price , Then look at Joshua He said with emotion :“ We also saved several years of tuition fees , Good .”

What do robots learn ?

We all know that robots learn from LEGO construction , Children must know how to build a pile of building blocks , Have a certain practical ability .

But it's not enough .

Many children have learned Lego for many years , But there are no entry robots at all , Later, I had to get started and found that I had fallen too much , It's hard to catch up , After all, the basic skills are spent in front , It's not worth it .

Robot learning = LEGO construction + Programming technology

Robots must have a close relationship with LEGO construction , But it's not just building . It needs to master a lot of Principle of power machinery .

for instance , This is what my children have been doing recently The Dragon spits beads , There is a link that needs Design procedure , Let the robot pull up the gate , Let's go . Then when you design, you will find , If the mechanical principle fails , Insufficient strength and angle , Even the little thing of pulling the gate , It's possible to do something wrong .

 Play robot with baby for many years , I finally found the trick of learning robot

And when my brother played the game , In fact, the design is a Automatic opening and closing storage device , I remember when the child was preparing for the game to debug the program , I wonder why the program Clearly designed , But the opening and closing is not ideal , Finally, it was found that the mechanical interface was not fixed firmly , A part of the force was dissipated , Find the reason and adjust it , The program can be done in place . This is the importance of mechanical principles .

 Play robot with baby for many years , I finally found the trick of learning robot

Programming technology is also important , After all, it's a robot , It is inseparable from the design and application of the program , Children need to understand what is Program code ( Now primary school students are basically Scratch Programming ), as well as Output 、 master control 、 sensor And so on . Only when children learn well can they do more secondary creation .

 Play robot with baby for many years , I finally found the trick of learning robot

But we didn't go to offline institutions in the early stage of robot learning , I groped for it myself , The main reason is that I 2017 When I found that children built a good foundation in , Take your children to offline institutions to experience for a period of time , Find out The learning model is not ideal , So it stopped directly .

The reason why it is not ideal , The main thing is to feel Training institutions are too routine . In order to produce works in every class , There are many strategies for children to make cool works according to their plans , Parents often pick up and see you off “ be shocked ”, But back home , Holding the same building block parts , Let children create again , Children will be stupid , There are no suggestions and tips from institutional teachers , Not at all . This learning model , It seems to me that Mixed with water Of , It's not what I want .

later , When I took my children to learn robots , I also bought teaching aids and put them together with the drawings , But also Specifically guide children to think about the basic content framework , To understand the basic principles of mechanical power , Image beam 、 Axis 、 axle sleeve 、 Bolt 、 Pin 、 How these gears work , How does it work , Follow the courses and resources to sort it out a little bit .

 Play robot with baby for many years , I finally found the trick of learning robot

Like a child who later simply completed a cross axis work , Can learn the core knowledge of variable angle power transmission . The child is young , He can't intuitively express our physics knowledge in junior and senior high school , But when the child gets the shaft again , He knows how to combine .

 Play robot with baby for many years , I finally found the trick of learning robot

When these children participate in provincial competitions , I can see that solid basic skills are of great help to him .

So learn robotics and programming , All need to guide children to Immersive learning basic knowledge points , Spend more time playing basic skills in front of you , Only when children learn to make progress later can the effect be guaranteed , In this way, no matter how children expand in the field of Robotics , He's all Think independently 、 The basis for solving problems independently , Only this ability has accumulated , Children, it is possible to really be in the whole field “ Based on ”.

How do public schools and international schools teach robots ?

My two children have seamlessly connected the robot teaching system of international schools and public schools . Let me share my observations and understanding .

Joshua yes The kindergarten I have developed my interest in building , I was playing Large particle power machinery , Later we found , Large particles combined with power machinery can realize the robot concept , Inspiration for children is too helpful , So we just Directly cut to the field of small particle power machinery , It's basically seamless .

 Play robot with baby for many years , I finally found the trick of learning robot

Children's formal introduction to robots began in grade one , International schools will slice robots into smaller pieces , Learn from alone Scratch 、Python Our interest classes and courses are , Let me Joshua Signed up for the school organized typing 、Hour of Code 、Python These three interest classes .Scratch Because it's not too difficult to get started , We are self-taught , The effect is also enough .

 Play robot with baby for many years , I finally found the trick of learning robot

Hour of Code I've shared my study before , Remember to collect the Raiders : Children who want to learn programming must understand , This treasure site can't be missed !( Attached resources download )

Learning robot also needs Computer science Of , But for young children , This course is difficult to get started . I've been looking for this course before , At present, the resources that can be found are still relatively boring , Like telling you what computer memory is 、 Hard disk , Sounds boring . Later on Khan College I saw him in the Special topics in computer science The design is pretty good , But for older children , Interested friends can also accumulate .

 Play robot with baby for many years , I finally found the trick of learning robot

My two children are in public school this year , My brother also chose the first grade in the school Robot elementary course , The third grade brother chose the school directly for him Advanced courses in Robotics . My brother bypassed the advanced courses and directly chose the higher ones , Mainly with fourth and fifth grade students . At first, I was a little worried about his connection , But he said he was quite adapted , I feel at ease .

 Play robot with baby for many years , I finally found the trick of learning robot

The first level course of robotics in my school began with power machinery , It's like Joshua Participate in the robot competition , In fact, first graders can also participate in , Senior Children are going to attend Programming robot Group , Junior Children participate in Power Machinery Group , But they all belong to the learning field of artificial intelligence .

Besides , Schools also have different specialized organizations Programming class , For example, children above the third grade can sign up for C++ 了 ,C++ It is the core language of junior high school programming competition , But it's still too boring for young children (xxx3), So if you want to get started with robots , I think learning well Scratch 、Python, It's enough , It's OK not to think about C and C++.

Then there are public schools Competitions on and off campus , There are really many scientific and creative competitions in Guangzhou …… Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) 、 radio 、 Sea, land and air model race 、 Intelligent programming 、3D modeling , The four-wheel drive 、 More than ten or twenty kinds of projects such as power vehicles are organized , From the district 、 From city to province , Light research “ What exactly is going to be played ” It took me a while …… however , I watched a lot of games 8 The level of children over years old is more appropriate , Some even have to 10 year +, So I think the basic skills in front have been well done , The children behind are old , Some competitions are also a natural process . I'll sort this out with you slowly .

How do families get their children started ?

For the robot of primary school students , It's not too difficult to disassemble the knowledge points . Like I'm interested in the robot exam recently , Will also take time to see it Grading manual , The knowledge points inside are basically Junior high school physics 、 The basic points of Mathematics .

 Play robot with baby for many years , I finally found the trick of learning robot

But I'm interested in being a child “ robot / Computer tutor ” Not much passion , I don't want my children to think of me as “ straws ”. I play with him , Learn together , My brother will discuss with me when he has problems , But most of the time we are Let's find the answer , How to distinguish right from wrong , How to reason and analyze the problem , How to find the solution to the problem in the vast resources , This is what I have insisted on doing with my children over the years .

I find , This kind of company , Efficient and labor-saving , It's for exercise and cultivation , It's a child's Logical analysis and reasoning ability .

In fact, I think it's reasonable , Because the programming requirements of robots are not high , That is to say Scratch 、Python Level , But we should apply it to our own practical creation , Children need to be able to Combine logical reasoning and Analysis , obviate a difficulty , Find the cause .

Because doing robot programming , It's easy to appear. The program code is all right , But robots just don't move , The problem here is that the code is wrong , Or the mechanical power is not enough , Or other links are neglected , Children need to have the ability to think and solve problems independently , Children also need to reason and analyze , Find a way out .

We don't need to be children “ straws ”, But the big picture idea is still needed , Although there is a lot of information now , You can use all the resources at hand , such as Course 、 Teaching aids 、 Book 、 material 、 train wait , To help children grow , however Be sure to know how to learn this road is transparent .

My advice is Basic skills are not afraid to spend time playing , Parents should accompany and observe more , Then focus on the core capabilities required by the robot , Let's see what else the child has .

Don't hand over all your children to training institutions and tutorial classes , Children don't know what they have learned , It also means that , You may not know where your child didn't learn well . Problem solving ability 、 Have the ability to create ideas independently 、 Whether the thinking mode is perfect 、 Can you encourage children to do some simple modifications , These are what we need to accumulate .

When the children really go to play robot games , The more advanced Events 、 The more water free the game , Basically, there is no routine to refer to , Children from zero to one , You have to break through by yourself , Think for yourself , It's all a challenge

therefore Pay more attention to the way children think , Develop children's thinking , Play basic skills well , This is the trick for children to learn robots well , We must pay attention to ! I hope today's sharing will help you ,yours, bud .


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