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How to write an activity planning plan? If you master this template, you can also write a great activity plan

2022-05-15 06:25:40cool breeze

Hello, Hello everyone , I'm Shangguan , Writing activity planning plan is a headache for many people , Many people immediately panic when they see the word "plan" , It's complicated , I'm sure I can't write it myself .

In fact, you only need to master a set of templates for writing schemes , You can do activities every time , Fill in directly , Write an activity plan quickly .

A good activity planning plan , In fact, it mainly includes seven elements :

First of all : Moving target

second : Activity theme

Third : Activity time

Fourth : Creative activities

The fifth : Activity flow

The sixth : Promotion channels

The seventh : Activity budget

So what's next , Let me tell you some points that need attention in these seven elements .

The first part , Moving target . There are four common goals of the event , That's laxin 、 Promoting activity 、 Clinch a deal 、 spread , And when we are planning the event , When writing activity goals, you don't just write a few words , Instead, write down specific numerical indicators , Or in other words , This goal must be quantifiable .

What about the second part , Activity theme . We need to use one sentence to clearly highlight the highlights of the activity , To attract users to participate in the activities , To put it bluntly, it is a gimmick of activities , The theme of the activity must be simple and clear , Let users see it clearly .

What about the third part , Activity time it's easy to choose the time of the activity , Is to set the start time of your activity first , Then calculate how long the activity will last , You can calculate an end time of your activity .

What about the activity creativity in the fourth part . Just before writing the event plan , It should have put forward an activity idea , The best idea is to get the boss's approval , Then write the activity planning plan . When writing the activity plan , What we need is to clearly describe the idea of this activity in one sentence , And be reliable , Attractive .

What about the fifth part , It's the activity flow , The activity flow here , It is a key link for users to participate in activities , You can draw all the processes of user participation activities , Combined into a flow chart , Then put it in the plan .

In the sixth part , Promotion channels , The process of activity transformation , That is to show the activity information on the channel first , Then through the design of activity process , Attract users to participate in activities , Finally, the process of guiding users to achieve specific behavior . So , Users first know about this activity through channels , So which channels do you need to promote ? You can diverge from these aspects , From, say, APP Or a website , community , New media account , Or text messages , Or Baidu or other third-party promotion channels .

What about the last part , Is the activity budget , What about the activity budget , It usually includes a fee for the promotion channel , There is also the technology in the activity process , Design , Some costs of resources such as content , Of course, if you have technology in your home , With design , There is no need to calculate some expenses in this regard , If it is outsourced to others , You need to calculate in it . The other one , It's the cost of the prize , Um. , Almost , As long as you have these seven elements in your activity plan , The content is fuller . Okay , Today's sharing is here , Bye-bye .

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