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An orange suit sold for 70000 yuan. World of Warcraft player krypton gold set a record

2022-05-15 06:32:49Chinese industry information station

《 World of warcraft 》 Nostalgic clothes opened two days ago “ Battle the Sunwell ”, There is a new copy “ Sunwell highland ”, An orange weapon will fall inside —— Solidar , The rage of the stars , It's a hunter 、 Equipment that thieves and even soldiers dream of , So you can make a fortune by making a copy of this equipment .

According to well-known Warcraft players @ Old knife 99 fact , The sun well has just opened one day , The most expensive orange bow of national service was born , On Saturday afternoon, a team of Guofu Oro server killed Sunwell and finally boss After Kil'jaeden , Dropped the orange bow , Unexpectedly, the orange bow was photographed at last 201 The sky high price of ten thousand gold .

201 How much can ten thousand gold coins be worth ? At present, the national service is about 1 Ten thousand gold is equivalent to 350 element , The value of this orange bow is 7 Ten thousand yuan or so , This krypton gold intensity in domestic games is also surprising .

The players who participated in this game also gained a lot , A total of 223 Ten thousand gold , The average person 7.6 Ten thousand gold coins , It also needs to be changed into RMB 2500 Around the , It's really enough to eat a month's worth of ribs .

Players in the game spend 7 Ten thousand yuan to get a piece of equipment , Whether this matter is worth it depends on one's own thoughts , Some people say this is a live effect , But it's also possible that some local tyrants are willing , After all, there are more krypton gold than these in other games .

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