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Research shows that ransom attacks in 2021 cost American schools $3.56 billion

2022-06-23 22:56:54Chinese industry information station

Comparitech The researchers at 2021 Recorded in 67 A separate ransomware attack , Affected 954 Schools and colleges as well as near 100 Ten thousand students . Although these figures may seem high , But they all mark a better time than 2020 In, the level fell by double-digit percentage , Including the number of affected students has dropped by nearly 50%.

In recent years , The school district has become a hot target of cyber attacks , Especially ransomware , This is because many school districts run outdated computer systems , There are no financial or human resources for cyber security like many private companies . meanwhile , Like hospitals and critical infrastructure , The school cannot afford to close for a long time , This makes them more likely to pay a ransom to unlock their systems . The new crown pandemic and the shift to online learning have only increased the risks .

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For this study , The researchers collected data from 2018 All recorded blackmail software attacks that have affected the school since . But the study points out that , Many attacks remain unreported , Especially when paying ransom . Usually only when the course is interrupted or student information is leaked , The school will make these attacks public .

Researchers can only find what they care about 67 In this attack 6 Ransomware payment amount for times . therefore ,35.6 The $billion cost figure is derived from the estimated downtime and recovery costs associated with the attack , Not the ransom actually paid . According to from 19 Data collected in attacks , Average downtime associated with an attack , That is, the time when the school is closed or the service is basically unavailable is 4 God .

2021 year , A few ransomware attacks against schools made headlines .3 month , Cyber criminals have successfully targeted the computer system of Broward rural school, one of the largest areas in the United States , Ask to pay up to 4000 A ransom of ten thousand dollars . After refusal to pay in the area , They publish the stolen data on the Internet .

Also in 3 month , An attack on the Community College District of Maricopa County, Arizona, affected nearly 20 Ten thousand students . under these circumstances , This zone can detect and stop ransomware before it ravages its system , But it still had to cancel the course for a week when it resumed operation . The researchers say , So far this year ,2022 It was a quiet year for blackmail software attacks against schools . The number of recorded attacks is down from a year ago , The researchers also noticed a decrease in downtime and recovery time .

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