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Italian data regulators have issued a new round of warnings about the use of Google Analytics

2022-06-23 22:57:03Chinese industry information station

Garante Find web publishers using Google Analytics This results in the collection of many types of user data , Including equipment IP Address 、 Browser information 、 operating system 、 Screen resolution 、 Language choice , And the date and time the website was visited , These data were transferred to the United States , Without taking sufficient supplementary measures to improve the level of protection , To meet the necessary EU legal standards .

It adds ,Google The applied protective measures are not sufficient to solve the risk , This is different from several other EU DPA The conclusion is the same , They also found that the problem of data export , Use Google Analytics Violating the group's data protection rules .

Italian DPA It has been given to the publishers in question ( A company called Caffeina Media Srl The company )90 Days to resolve violations . But this decision has broader implications , Because it also warns others that are using Google Analytics Your local website pays attention to and checks its compliance , It wrote in a press release .

" The Bureau draws the attention of managers of all public and private websites in Italy , adopt GA[Google Analytics Abbreviation ] It is illegal to transmit information to the United States , At the same time, considering the large number of reports and problems received by the Bureau , And ask all data controllers to verify the cookies And other tracking tools are used in compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data , Particular attention Google Analytics And other similar services ."

Earlier this month , The French data protection regulator has issued the latest guidance , Yes Google Analytics Warning against illegal use of -- stay 2 A similar error was found in a local website using the software in January .

CNIL Our guidance indicates that , Website owners in the EU have only a very narrow possibility of legal use Google Analysis tools -- Or by applying additional encryption , Where the key is under the exclusive control of the Data Exporter itself or other entities established in areas that provide an adequate level of protection ; Or by using a proxy server to avoid the user's terminal and Google Direct contact between servers .

Austrian DPA stay 1 Month also supports the use of a website Google Analytics Similar complaints .

At the beginning of this year, the European Parliament found itself in trouble on the same core issue . All this is right for Google Analytics The crackdown has been linked to the European privacy movement noyb stay 2020 year 8 A series of strategic complaints raised in May -- The organization targets 101 Regional operators of websites , Make sure it passes Google Analytics and / or Facebook Connection integration sends data to the United States .

These complaints are in 2020 year 7 After the landmark ruling made by the Supreme Court of the group in June -- The ruling makes the data transmission agreement between the European Union and the United States ( be called " Privacy protection ") Invalid , And make it clear that ,DPA Third countries that have the responsibility to intervene and suspend the flow of data to those who suspect that the information of EU citizens is at risk .

So-called "Schrems II" The decision was made on the basis of noyb Founder and long-time European privacy campaigner Max Schrems Named , He told the Facebook The European Union - US data transfer filed a complaint , Refer to the NSA The informer Edward Snowden Disclosed monitoring behavior , Finally referred by law , To the European Court of justice .(Schrems The previous challenges also led to the previous EU - US data transmission is arranged in 2015 Rejected by the court in ).

In recent development , Alternatives to privacy protection are under way .3 month , The European Union and the United States announced that they had reached an agreement on this .

However , The legal details of the planned data transmission framework still need to be finalized -- The proposed mechanism is reviewed and adopted by EU institutions -- Then it can be put into use . This means that for EU customers , Using US based cloud services is still shrouded in legal risks .

The group's legislators suggest , The replacement agreement may be completed by the end of this year , But in the meantime ,Google Analytics There are no simple legal patches available for EU users .

Besides , The gap between US surveillance laws and EU privacy laws continues to widen in some respects -- And never be sure that a negotiated alternative agreement will be strong enough , Able to withstand the inevitable legal challenges .

A simple legal remedy for this fundamental conflict of rights and priorities , It seems to be a high standard , If the existing laws are not substantially reformed , It's impossible .

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