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After China suspended listing, Toyota recalled 2700 pure electric SUV bz4x globally: there is a risk of wheel falling off

2022-06-23 23:07:39It information - it home

IT The home of 6 month 23 Daily news , Toyota is launching its first mass-produced battery powered car SUV bZ4X Less than two months later , Is recalling its 2700 Electric vehicle .

Toyota released its global recall plan on Thursday , Warning that there is a problem with the bolts connecting the wheels , The wheel may fall off .

2700 In cars ,2200 Vehicles are designated for use in Europe ,280 Vehicles are used in North America ,110 Vehicles for Japan ,60 For the rest of Asia , Most have not yet been delivered . The company is still investigating the cause of the defect , And urge the owner not to drive the car before repair .

According to introducing , This year, 3 Month to 6 The part produced in Japan in May bZ4X After fierce driving 、 After emergency braking , Problems such as loose wheel frame screws may occur , In addition to producing abnormal sounds , In the worst case, it may cause the whole set of wheel frames including tires to fall off .

therefore , The original factory has asked the owner to temporarily stop using the vehicle , And improving the program 、 Recall and repair the affected vehicles immediately after confirming the list .

 The main reason comes from the wheel frame screws , It may be due to fierce driving 、 Loosening after emergency braking , It even causes the whole set of wheel frames to contain ...

IT The house reported that , Previous 6 month 17 Japan , Originally scheduled for that night 19:00 Toyota's first pure electric new car on the market bZ4X The pricing announcement process was suddenly cancelled , It has aroused a lot of speculation from the outside world .

A spokesman for GAC Toyota said bZ4X Price delay announcement yes “ Considering that the whole market is affected by chip supply , The price fluctuates greatly , The offline time of the vehicle cannot be accurately estimated for the time being , After comprehensive consideration, we decided to postpone the price announcement . We are discussing internally , Hope to offer a more competitive price , Give back to consumers .”

According to Reuters , Toyota will 7 Monthly global production target cut 5 Thousands of cars , It is expected to produce next month 80 Thousands of cars . however , Toyota's annual production forecast remains unchanged , by 970 Thousands of cars .

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