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If Toshiba is privatized, the transaction price may rise to about $22billion

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Toshiba shares soared on Thursday 6.5%, Previously, Reuters reported that , The bidder is considering paying per share 7000 The price of yen privatized the company , The valuation of the transaction is about 220 Billion dollars .

Toshiba has been seeking takeover offers and other restructuring proposals , To end years of mismanagement and appease activist investors . At present, there are 10 Quotation , among 8 Is to privatize the company . The report quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that , Privatization has a wide range of pricing and conditions .

 Toshiba corp.

analysts Travis Lundy In a paper about Smartkarma The report says :“ This shows that , Some assets need to be divested or split , Like the armor man , If you split , It means that the M & a price of other parts of the company will be lower .” He added , There is still a long way to go , The price is likely to be reduced in the second round of bidding . Toshiba listed its shares in Tokyo the day before 5501 The yen closed .

Bloomberg reports , Bain Capital (Bain Capital) and CVC Capital Partners Are among the funds for bidding . If the deal works , This may be the largest private equity transaction in Japan's history .

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