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What do you know about common search promotion?

2022-06-24 02:14:00Lixiaoming

Search promotion is mainly based on Baidu SEO Main search engine promotion , Up to now , There are nearly onebillion Internet users in China , In the era of mobile Internet , Internet users will surf the Internet at almost any time , And the use of mobile phones is getting longer and longer , Besides, mobile search is the most important behavior of Internet users besides communication . Today, , Search promotion has become a necessary channel for network promotion , It can provide a steady flow of traffic for the enterprise . We all know , The most important thing in network promotion is drainage , Traffic is the foundation of network channel , There is a flow, there is a market . that , Search promotion provides people in need with the ability to quickly find what they need , From a business point of view , Search promotion is convenient for enterprises to find customers , It is also convenient for potential customers to find enterprises or products . that , What are the common search promotion methods ?

 Common search promotion , What do you know ?

1、 Baidu search

Baidu search engine has hundreds of millions of Internet users' search behavior every day , And has a large number of high-quality traffic , Some of the search terms have clear business demand information , It provides a clear source of information for all walks of life . meanwhile ,SEO The profession carries out fine delivery of soft text by matching keyword technology , It can not only accurately and quickly target the user community , It can also enable potential customers with demand to find enterprise and product related information more quickly , It provides convenient channels for enterprises to find customers . Search based promotion , Baidu search also has bidding and other ways to do drainage , It has a wide coverage 、 targeted 、 Pay by effect 、 Flexible management and other advantages . And SEO comparison , The accuracy of paid promotion is higher , And pay for results , There is no waste of resources , Ensure that customers in all industries can control marketing costs more flexibly , Adjust marketing strategy quickly , Continuously improve the return on investment through continuous optimization .

 Common search promotion , What do you know ?

2、 Headline search

At the beginning of the launch of headline search , Many people say , Headline search will soon replace Baidu , After all, it shakes the foundation of Baidu , And it also surpasses Baidu in the trend . But now it looks like , To replace Baidu's position , It's still hard , Baidu relies on search engine technology for more than ten years , Although it is not as good as expected in many aspects , And headlines can be based on existing content services , Do a good job of content aggregation search , In turn, we will explore the various content needs of users , Continue to provide new content services , Then this ecology is a positive cycle , It is also what Baidu should have done but didn't do . Headlines may be valuable later , Can really from pure information + Entertainment content platform , A big step towards becoming a full category content giant , But there is also a long way to go .

 Common search promotion , What do you know ?

3、 E-commerce search

A hundred schools of thought contend on e-commerce platforms , And there are countless products on any platform , Want to find products quickly , Must rely on the search function , Of course, for e-commerce commodity search , Its natural commercial attributes bring more unique technical characteristics . E-commerce search is not like the general whole network search engine , After the search, the user jumps away to other websites , It is difficult to get the user row data before and after the search . E-commerce search algorithm design , We should consider the user's search experience , Business rules should also be considered to ensure fairness and traffic dispersion . The same is true of many e-commerce operators , We need to constantly mine a large number of words for optimization .

 Common search promotion , What do you know ?

4、 Short video e-commerce

In recent years, with the rise of Internet short video , People from all walks of life want to rush into the short video army , Are eager to get a bowl of good soup ! With the development of short video e-commerce, search e-commerce has emerged . According to statistics, many people who buy things on the short video platform at present , At least half of the onehundred people buy directly through search , And Tiktok also went online to the mall , This further indicates that short video e-commerce has gradually become one of the directions of e-commerce in the future . as everyone knows , Most people are more likely to search for deals , For those who buy through their own search , They definitely need such goods , Therefore, the probability of purchase by self search is much higher than that of video . The outlet of short video e-commerce continues , The product of the trend , The earlier you enter the game, the more successful you may be , There is an e-commerce store of its own , Complete the most basic facilities , Find the best products that others sell every day , Go directly to your store to do keyword search and promotion .

 Common search promotion , What do you know ?

If there is a search box, there will be keyword promotion , The ranking of website keywords can be said to be the key to the success or failure of search promotion , Effective ways to optimize keywords , Users can search a lot of information including their own products . In recent years , As more and more enterprises use network channels , Keyword competition in all walks of life is becoming increasingly fierce , Then we should make a good search engine , Or e-commerce search , How to choose the core keyword ? How to optimize keywords ?

1、 The correlation

Target keywords must be relevant to the product or content , And make sure your product is highly relevant to the keywords you choose and the titles and descriptions you create . Keywords with strong relevance , Easier to get included , Then get the ranking .

2、 Search volume

Key words are either long tail words or core words , Must have a certain amount of search , It has to be tested by data , Make sure this word has a search volume on the Internet , You can use some tools to check the search volume , If a word is not searched , Then this keyword is worthless .

3、 Competitive power

Keywords not only depend on the search volume , It also depends on competitiveness , The process of doing a good job in search and promotion is the process of constantly mining keywords , Promote keywords at the lowest cost . Especially considering the bidding factors , If you optimize the keywords to the home page , There is no guarantee that it will bring transformation traffic to the enterprise , Then the keyword with low competitiveness is the most wise choice . To bring a high conversion rate at a small cost .  

4、 Brand words

Many people think brand words are not very useful , Because no one searches for new brands , Then there is no search volume , It doesn't make sense . However, brand words are a special case , If the word competition is small , Easy to do , Why not spend a small price to do a good job of brand words ? Furthermore said , Brand words are also big words for future transaction transformation , Enterprises must add their own brand words in the early stage , A deeply rooted brand effect , It's much more effective than you think .

 Common search promotion , What do you know ?

Mobile Internet Era , Search has become an important part of life , In terms of commercialization , Search promotion is essential . meanwhile , Various marketing methods based on mobile Internet platform , Start to take turns to bloom their own wonderful . We should also grasp the trend of the times , Make good use of all channels , To do a good job in marketing , A new media platform with unlimited potential , Mobile Internet is a new continent waiting for you to explore , It is also a blue ocean with unlimited opportunities .

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