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BYD zhaochangjiang predicts that Tengshi D9 will be launched next month, and 6 medium and large SUVs will be launched later

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IT The home of 6 month 22 Daily news , Tengshi zhaochangjiang said , Teng potential D9 Will be in 7 The month begins , It also suggests that Tengshi will launch a new product in the third quarter 6 The middle and large size of the seat SUV.

From what he said before , Tengshi will release a new product in the third quarter of this year SUV. According to the previous official plan , Tengshi will launch three models this year , They are Tengshi D9(MPV)、 Medium large scale SUV(7 seat ) And medium SUV( Big five ).

From the data he gave , This Tengshi medium and large MUV Performance can be achieved : Speed up 4-5 second ; Comprehensive range of 1200km Or pure electricity 700km+, Charge 10 Minutes before 200km; Equipped with intelligent 4WD , Energy consumption and power loss are lower than 6L Inside .

The seat in : The new car will provide 6/7 Seat options , Third row seats also ensure comfort 、 wide , Comparable to the big five seats in the second row .

In terms of space : The length of a new car may not exceed 5100mm, Width 2 Within meters , Height 1.85 almost .

security : The new car will support active and passive safety 、 Intelligent security and cockpit information security .

Intelligent cockpit : The new car will be equipped with full scene ( Family oriented , Second, commercial )、 voice 、 Multi scenario solutions .

Intelligent assisted driving , This model seems to be just some conventional software iterations and hardware solutions .

It is worth mentioning that , Zhaochangjiang had previously announced on his microblog that , Tengshi will launch a world-class SUV Concept car , Three models will be released this year , Except for the pre-sale momentum D9 Outside , The other two new cars are medium and large-sized SUV With medium size SUV, The brand new of this exposure SUV Or medium and large SUV.

Besides , Before, some netizens exposed a brand new Tengshi SUV Of Spy photos of road test , New car positioning medium and large SUV, It should be 7 This model was released in January .

IT The house reported that , Teng potential D9 Will be in 7 In June, the company opened the market ,8 Delivery starts in late June .

Teng potential D9 It is the first high-end product of Tengshi MPV models , It has two power forms, plug-in hybrid and pure electric , Presale range 33.50-66.00 Ten thousand yuan , Since the opening of pre-sale, the order volume has exceeded 2 Thousands of cars . The government has also launched a first model , The pre-sale price is 66 Ten thousand yuan , Limited sales 99 platform .

 Teng potential D9

Besides , Teng potential D9 plan 6-7 In June, the exhibition of core cities will be opened 、 A test drive . At present, the direct marketing team is fully promoting the construction of channel service system , Planned from the beginning of the year 68 The number of cities has increased to 117 Cities , A wider range of services .

Teng potential D9 Positioning medium and large-scale high-end new energy MPV, It adopts a new design language π-Motion, The length, width and height of the whole vehicle are respectively 5250/1960/1920mm, The wheelbase is 3110mm, Equipped with UWB The key can realize the rear door 8 Meter sensing on .

interiors , The new car adopts an encircling central control layout , With full LCD instrument + The highest 17.3 Inch suspension center control screen + Rear entertainment system + Handrail screen and HUD Looked up and show , Carry Tengshi Pilot Intelligent auxiliary system .

Teng potential D9 Introduction DM and EV Dual power mode ,DM The power system adopts DM-i Super hybrid technology , Comprehensive continuous navigation 1040km, Maximum pure electric endurance 190km, But oil and electricity , The power loss and fuel consumption per hundred kilometers are as low as 5.9L, And equipped with 80KW DC fast charging ,30%-80% Charging time is only required 25 minute ;EV The power system is based on e platform 3.0 make , Equipped with eight in one electric power assembly 、 High efficiency heat pump 、 BYD ace technology, blade battery, etc ,CLTC The longest endurance can reach 600+km, Charge 10 Minutes before 150km,30%-80% Charging time 30 minute .

Tengshi brand new SUV The spy photos of road test are exposed : Positioning medium and large scale SUV, It is expected to be released within this year

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