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Domestic x86 CPU megacore with itx Mini motherboard: up to 8-core 2.7ghz

2022-06-24 04:22:26Chinese industry information station

among ,AIMB-Z20 The motherboard is a piece ITX Mini board of specifications , There are two at the same time DDR4-2666 SO-DIMM Memory slots ( The maximum capacity 32GB)、 One PCIe x4 Expansion slots 、 Two SATA Hard disk interface , Integrated dual Gigabit network card .

Display output support VGA、LVDPS、DP, There are up to serial ports 10 individual , Including a RS-232/422/485/ Nine RS-232,USB The interface has 14 individual , It includes six USB 3.0、 Eight USB 2.0.

AIMB-Z50、Z51 All are mATX Small plate type , Two article DDR4-2666 DIMM Memory slots ( The maximum capacity 64GB), Expansion slots Z50 There is a PCIe x16、 Two article PCIe x4、 One PCI,Z51 There is a PCIe x16、 One mini PCIe、 Two article PCIe x1.

Display output support VGA/DVI-D/DP perhaps HDMI Sanxian , most 14 A serial port 、16 individual USB Interface .

AIMB-Z70 It's standard ATX Big board , Expand one slot PCIe x16、 Two article PCIe x4、 Two article PCIe x1、 Two article PCI, Provide 10 A serial port 、13 individual USB.

The proportion of safe and controllable materials of several motherboards has reached 100%, support SM3、SM4 National secret algorithm , Support Windows 7/10 And domestic Tongxin UOS、 Galaxy Kirin and other mainstream operating systems , Native support x86 Database developed under the framework 、 Development framework 、 Software 、 Drive, etc .

The main board can be embedded in various government self-service terminal devices , And meet the requirements of external equipment , Access to the camera 、 The printer 、 Audio devices 、 Scanning module 、 Display screen, etc , Provide including numbering 、 Face recognition 、 Declaration of administrative approval items 、 Electronic uploading of materials 、 Progress query 、 The full self-service of various businesses such as certification material printing , Greatly reduce the time for manual windows to process repetitive transactions , It is more feasible to realize the pluralistic self-help of government affairs .

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