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List of necessary skills for headhunting consultants

2022-06-24 06:09:12Dream love night star

 One of the necessary skills for headhunting consultants List piece

Speaking of list, As a headhunter, you must be no stranger , Even for a share list Racked my brains . Today we will talk about , How do headhunters get list Of .

One 、list Importance

list It is the most direct and effective way to find competitors who meet the customer's requirements in the same position !HR The candidate who is the best match with the employing department or who can work directly .

Two 、list Where does it come from ?

1、 The accumulation of headhunter friends

Some friends 、 Colleagues or the company will accumulate some contacts , You can ask them to give you a copy ( This is the time to test your interpersonal skills and character )

2、 Other friends around you

For example, my friends around me are doing HR, Can pass TA To find some list; For example, when some friends attend relevant industry gatherings , Can handle the front desk registration staff and so on ;

3、 Website forum

Some headhunting websites or headhunting exchange forums on the Internet often have contacts posted by friends that can be downloaded ( Some are better , People are complete and have mobile phone numbers , But most of them were long ago or important parts such as mobile phone numbers were deleted , But it's normal , Of course, keep the good for yourself !)

4、 Pay for it

Some headhunters will sell some to others when they have accumulated more , Need to pay ( Regardless of the quality , I have written about this in previous articles , It will be meted out ....

Reference article :【 Journalism 】 The headhunter was sentenced for exchanging candidate information without permission in order to expand her contacts )

5、 Find a professional address book shopping website to buy

This does not show , Anyway, all you need to know is that there is this thing , And don't try to find it , For headhunter Xiaobai , Just look for it in a regular way .

6、 Look for a candidate to

Although this is difficult for most people , But this is also one of the more effective ways at present , This requires the headhunting consultant to make contact with the candidate in the ordinary process , Provide more value to candidates , Using one's own “ sincere ” Go to “ Influence ” The candidate

As long as you are willing to do , There must be a chance of success .....

But let it be , take things calmly , Don't get too purposeful with the candidate .

7、 hit CC

This requires a very bad posture , Make a company feel at sixes and sevens , How to touch it ? Such as extension number , All who have experienced know , You can try it if you haven't experienced it . The necessary skills for a successful headhunter ! Industry rules involved are not coded here .

3、 ... and 、 How to make good use of your list?

1、 Organize your list

take list By industry 、 region 、 Positions, etc. are stored separately , Modify the updated information on it from time to time , Because I got one list It's not easy , If you have constantly updated list It will greatly improve the speed of finding people and control the flow of relevant enterprise executives in the industry .

2、CC Yours list

Fight list when , Be sure to find the corresponding region 、 Counterpart Department 、 Communicate directly with the person in the corresponding position , Arrange the order of your calls .

3、 hit list What to pay attention to when

Because of the fight list It's not like typing a resume in the resume library , In many cases, the resumes in the resume database have the idea of looking for a job .list The person on the phone may not be looking for a job at present , Even accidentally hit HR department , At this time, it is very important for you to speak your words , Need to be flexible , So as not to put people in an embarrassing situation , I believe everyone knows this .

hit list It's actually a very effective way to find candidates , For the client , Find your direct competitor's list of contacts , You will soon find the person your customers want , For headhunting consultants to quickly open up the situation , find BD The customer HR Phone calls and candidate calls are very direct and effective ways .

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