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How to drain the Tiktok customer acquisition system

2022-06-24 06:10:10Lubaolin

Tiktok can be said to be the most popular short video platform now , Customers of different ages , It has a market of hundreds of billions , It has driven a batch of businesses to sell goods live on the platform , This has also led to more and more businesses and fewer customers .

Everything is difficult at the beginning , Friends who have done business know , How to get new customers , It has always been a very important link , But we can make videos by ourselves to get customers , It's really hard , Just shoot it. No one is watching it , Can't get fans , An elaborate video , There's not much playback , The growth of fans is still very good , Only a few people watch the live broadcast every day , Toss about for a month , The goods are not sold , I am too tired ,

But seeing someone else selling a product , It was sold out in less than ten minutes , One's own products need not be inferior to others , But why can't you sell it yourself , I am really worried . When you really don't know how to operate, you might as well try

 How does the Tiktok customer acquisition system drain

Directly push the customer acquisition Tiktok system No longer use a single account to get customers , Realized N Account matrix management , Multi dimensional customer drainage , Solved the difficulty of getting customers , Long time , The problem of high cost all the time

To put it bluntly, multidimensional is -- Wide spread net , By means of branch line drainage , Attract customers to the main line , Same video location , But for different groups of people to carry out accurate promotion and drainage , Quantitative change causes qualitative change ,

The customer systems obtained by different branches can be managed uniformly , Avoid the difficult problem of multi account customer management .

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