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US House Energy and commerce committee passes Online Privacy Act

2022-06-24 09:03:10Chinese industry information station

The House subcommittee on energy and Commerce easily passed the bill by oral vote , And submit it to the Committee of the whole for voting .

There have been attempts to pass privacy legislation before , But it was strongly opposed by technology companies , These companies provide free services to consumers , The condition is to use the personal data of consumers for advertising . The debate over such bills has focused on whether federal legislation will replace state laws ( The latter is sometimes more powerful ), Or whether to allow an individual to file a lawsuit in case of privacy infringement .

The fate of this bill is uncertain , The reason is that it faces criticism from Senate Democrats , Including Senator Maria · Kanter Ville (Maria Cantwell), She thinks the enforcement of the bill is not strong enough .

The main sponsor of the bill is the chairman of the energy and Commerce Commission 、 Democratic Representative Frank · Pro long (Frank Pallone) And democratic representative Jane · Shakovsky (Jan Schakowsky), And Republican congressman Casey · McMorris · Rogers (Cathy McMorris Rodgers) And gus · Billy lakis (Gus Bilirakis).

Palon said :“ The approval of this bill today is another milestone , It marks that we are moving towards the ultimate goal of formulating a meaningful national privacy law .”


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