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Why do they have the courage to "reorganize the workplace after 00"

2022-06-24 09:03:19Chinese industry information station

00 Post career people , What did you do ?

00 Post career people :“ My appetite is poor , I can't eat the big cake ”

First time to see “ Straighten out the workplace ” This stem , It is a screenshot of a circle of friends circulating on the Internet :“…… Only us 00 After rectifying the workplace . Work for one year 4 companies , Sue for bankruptcy , I am me , Different fireworks .”

later , This tag( label ) Appear more and more frequently :

someone “ Straighten out the workplace ” The way is to refuse to interview excessive collection of privacy , Refuse to fill in privacy related information such as emergency contacts during the interview , If HR And make a mockery of ,00 After that, he reported the non-compliance of the company's fire control settings , The company was ordered to close down for rectification ;

someone “ Straighten out the workplace ” The way is to refuse unreasonable overtime , The leader said “6 Hold a meeting at ”,00 Then ask directly “ Is there any overtime pay ”, If the leader says “ Is an important thing ”,00 Later, they will ask the leaders “ Why don't you say ”, And the labor law ;

someone “ Straighten out the workplace ” The way is anti PUA, The leader has a strange air “ You young people just can't work hard and achieve great things ”,00 Then he retorted “ I can do big things , But the express delivery for tea and water is not included ”;

someone “ Straighten out the workplace ” The way is to draw a big cake , In the letter of resignation, I wrote directly “ My appetite is poor , I can't eat the big cake ”……

Some people feel as if they have read a cool article :“ There is no time to be quiet , nothing but 00 After that, he was making trouble for us .”

“ Straighten out the workplace ”, Because of different values

I don't know what you read “00 After rectifying the workplace ” Behavior , How do you feel , Would you also feel good . But clearly , Leaders don't think they're doing this “ Shuang ”.

Especially part of 70 after 80 Post leadership , They earnestly advised :“ Work is like this , Now that you are working , It is necessary to have such an awareness , Take the initiative to undertake more 、 Ask for less in return .” Or make it look like iron is not steel :“ Each generation is worse than the last !”

Is it true that one generation is not as good as another ? Perhaps such leaders need to recognize the facts : The values of each generation are different .

Tangningyu, a professor at shanghaijiaotonguniversity, has done a research , She divided the labor group in China into three generations :“ Reform the previous generation ” refer to 1978 People born years ago , They have experienced material shortages ;“ The generation in reform ” refer to 1978-1989 Born in , They have experienced the gradual modernization of society , I have seen the rapid development of the economy , I've heard the rumors of becoming rich overnight ;“ The generation after the reform ” refer to 1989 People born years later , Apart from economic development , They also understand more diverse cultures , Society has also become more open and inclusive . After analyzing the values of three generations , Research suggests : Over time , People's openness has increased from generation to generation , Compared with collective ideology , Respect for the individual has become more valued , For example, people can't accept that work encroaches on too much personal time .90 After fishing ,00 after “ Straighten out the workplace ”, Are the embodiment of this value . The study also believes that , Values and job performance are not one-to-one correspondence , These values are not absolutely right or wrong , It was just born in accordance with the times .

“ Straighten out the workplace ”, For the sake of due rights and interests

I personally think , If you are not a leader , again “ The generation after the reform ”, I still feel surprised after reading these news 、 Unwell , I don't think their behavior is necessary , Then you may need to think again : Are we being PUA Used to , And forget to fight for our due rights ?

Some time ago ,“ ban 996” When news is widely discussed , Someone will speak :“ As long as the money is enough , I wish 996.” But how much is it “ enough ” Well , If such a phenomenon is allowed to develop , Finally we may find , The work of being on call when money is not enough has become the norm , Most efforts have turned into meaningless introspection .

therefore , So-called “00 After rectifying the workplace ”, Most of it is just a joke that we hope to make the workplace more legal, reasonable and reasonable .

00 Former employees : Don't try to be cheerful for a while , It's also a kind of courage

Actually , Not all 00 After that “ Straighten out the workplace ”, Even many people haven't been able to enter the workplace .

For the first time this year, the number of fresh graduates has exceeded ten million ,00 After the job search trip is not so smooth . There are also news reports that , nine movements 00 Willing to work overtime . In this case 00 Later said “ Straighten out the workplace ”, It's like 00 Former workers call themselves “ Workers ” equally , More just self mockery .

If you ask someone who is willing to work overtime 00 after , perhaps 90 after 、80 After these main force of the workplace , Why don't they just “ Straighten out the workplace ” Well ?

Then you will probably hear a helpless answer : I can't even feed myself ! We have old and young people here 、 There are housing loans and car loans , How dare you .

I think , This is not to say that we have no choice 、 Only forced to work , But we are between taking long-term responsibility and trying to be happy for a while , Take the initiative to choose or take responsibility —— This is also a kind of courage .

A confident person “ Straighten out the workplace ”, Let the occupation of personal life return to the original boundary ; If the person who chooses to assume long-term responsibility cannot refuse unreasonable demands for the time being , Encourage, not ridicule, those who fight for their rights , This is for us “ Workers ” Come on , Why not ?

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