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Amazing progress has been made in domestic chips. What is the current situation of Godson?

2022-06-24 09:17:20Chinese industry information station

The title is very attractive :《Loongson Claims its CPU IPC Will Match AMD Zen 3 and Intel Willow Cove by 2023》, Translation is : Godson called it CPU Of IPC The performance will be in 2023 Years ago with AMD Zen3 And Intel Willow Cove( The architecture of the 11th generation of core ) rival .

Tell the truth , Looking at the title, Xiao Lei's first reaction is whether today is April Fool's Day , Obviously not , After all, more than a month has passed since the May Day holiday .

For semiconductors 、 Readers who are not familiar with the chip field may not feel it , But as long as you have a certain understanding of these two areas , Will be shocked , After all Zen3 and Willow Cove But the actual advanced process + Advanced architecture , It represents the highest level of semiconductor industry in the world .

No benchmarking Zen3 and Willow Cove, As long as Godson can achieve Zen1 The level of , Are enough to make us proud in the semiconductor field , Direct and AMD、 Intel challenge . Reason tells me that although the domestic semiconductor industry has developed very rapidly , But I want to catch up with the world's advanced level in such a short time , The probability is still too low .

What is it , Can let foreigners give such reports ??

Dragon core battle Zen3?

In the article report on the Internet , Godson claims that it will 2023 Launched in IPC The performance can be compared with AMD Zen3 Comparable processors . First of all, let's find out what IPC performance , Simply speaking ,IPC Namely CPU The number of instructions executed in each clock cycle , Suppose the clock period is 1, The last generation CPU Can be in 1 In the clock cycle of 100 Orders , The next generation is promoted to 115 strip , Then it's equal to IPC Performance improvement 15%.

and , Proposed by Intel CPU The performance judgment formula is CPU performance =IPC* Main frequency , So when the dominant frequency is constant , contrast IPC Performance can be obtained CPU Performance improvement . for instance , The same is 3.0GHz Main frequency ,A type CPU Of IPC The performance is 100,B type CPU The performance is 150, that B type CPU Is better than A type CPU high 50%.

Of course ,CPU The real performance of involves more complex variables , Like systems 、 Application environment, etc , Just from the data aspect , This calculation is also correct . therefore ,IPC Performance indicators are very important , You could even say IPC Performance improvement is basically the same as CPU Performance improvement .

So Godson's next generation processor 3A6000 Of IPC Can and Zen3 comparable , explain 3A6000 It is comparable in performance Zen3? Not at all ,IPC Performance is an important indicator , however CPU The dominant frequency is equally important , As long as one of the data can not keep pace , Real performance cannot be equal .

AMD Of Zen3 The current entry-level model of the processor is Ryzen3 5400U, Four cores and eight threads , The reference dominant frequency is 2.6GHz, The maximum acceleration clock frequency is 4.0GHz. As a contrast , Godson 3A5000 The dominant frequency of is 2.3GHz-2.5GHz( At present, Godson has the highest dominant frequency of processors on sale ), The huge difference between the dominant frequencies means that even the two IPC Performance is quite ,3A5000 The highest performance of is not as good as Ryzen3 5400U Normal minimum performance .

Even optimistic expectations of the next generation 3A6000 It can improve the main frequency , Probably not more than 2.8GHz,0.3GHz The promotion of seems small , But readers who know the processor field should know ,0.3GHz The change of is basically the same as AMD Zen2 To Zen3 Increase in , It's actually very difficult .

Of course , Even if the real performance cannot match Zen3 comparable , Light is a IPC Equivalent performance is enough to make people excited . But I didn't see any relevant reports on the official website of Godson , Just seeing : Godson 3A6000 And Godson 3C6000 The series will use 12nm Technology and new LA664 Architecture design .

in addition , The simulation test results of Godson based on the new architecture and process show : Godson 3A6000 Processor single core SPEC CPU 2006 Fixed point / floating-point base Score from 26/28 The score is raised to 35/45 branch , To ascend separately 37% And 68%. The above is the official announcement about 3A6000 Series processor performance messages , Not mentioned IPC performance , that IPC Where does the performance data come from ?

( picture source : Godson official website )

After searching , Under the guidance of netizens, I found IPC Performance related reports come from an we media , By integrating the performance test results of the previous two generations of Godson , Based on the 3A6000 The simulation data calculated SPEC06 Single core fixed point Base And floating point Base The achievement of . Final assumption 3A6000 The dominant frequency of is 2.5GHz-2.8GHz, that 3A6000 Of IPC Performance will be comparable to Zen3 similar .

Simply speaking , This result is based on a hypothetical imitation test , There is no actual data support yet , So domestic CPU Our supporters should not be happy too soon .

What is the current situation of Godson ?

Where has Godson gone now ? Recently held “2022 year LoongArch Ecological development and Tongming Lake innovation and Application Forum ” Maybe you can give the answer .LoongArch Maybe not many people have heard of it , But another name should be familiar to everyone —— Godson ,LoongArch It is an instruction set architecture developed by Godson Zhongke , At present, it is mainly used in its Godson series chips .

( picture source : Godson official website )

On the BBS , Godson Zhongke officially released 3C5000 Series of chips , What is used is the one mentioned above LoonArch Instruction set architecture , According to the official story ,3C5000 Series of chips can meet the requirements of general computing 、 Demand for large data centers and cloud computing centers .

( picture source : Godson official website )

Although the domestic semiconductor industry has had many problems in the past , But as the leader of self-developed semiconductor chips in China , Godson really deserves their name .3C5000 Official data from the series show that , It USES the 16 Core design ,unixbench Score up to 95000 More than , The double precision computing capacity can reach 560GFlops, Peak performance vs. typical ARM 64 The core processor is equivalent to .

Besides ,3C5000 The series supports the highest 16 Road interconnection , With Godson 7A2000 Bridge chip , send PCIe The bandwidth is up to... Compared with the previous generation of chips 400% above . From the description ,3C5000 The series does have good performance , How about the specific performance ?

Specific parameters ,3C5000L The dominant frequency of is 2.0GHz-2.2GHz, Support 4 individual 72 position DDR4-3200 controller , Support ECC check , Support 1 individual SPI、1 individual UART、3 individual I2C、16 individual GPIO Interface , The power consumption is 130W.

( picture source : Godson official website )

although 3C5000L It doesn't look brilliant , But it is one of the best processors in China , The pace of progress is also much faster than expected . and ,LoongArch I have got rid of MIPS The bondage of , According to the relevant information ,LoongArch It is a completely self-developed new architecture , Compatible only with binary translation technology MIPS.

You could even say , Nowadays, the main factors that restrict domestic chips are only the manufacturing process and lithography machine , In chip design, domestic chips have burst out with amazing strength , With steady progress , As long as we can solve the problems of the lithography machine , So in the future 10 It is not impossible to catch up with the leading level in about years .

Some readers may feel that 10 Years is too long ? actually , Able to use 30 Catch up with Intel in 、AMD Sixty or seventy years of research and development achievements , It is enough to make people exclaim that we have made great progress in the semiconductor field .

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