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Tens of millions of yuan in arrears of payment, hundreds of employees were paid in arrears, and every day Jianbao played the "golden cicada out of its shell"

2022-06-24 09:17:45Chinese industry information station

But now you are Tiktok 、B I can't find it on the station “ Every day Jianbao ” This account number has changed ,APP、 The applet also stopped the service .

Actually , Recently, Tiantian Jianbao was exposed that the capital chain was broken , It not only owes tens of millions of money to merchants , A large number of employees have been underpaid .

According to another report , Tiantian Jianbao's office area in Beijing has also been refunded , In addition, its delivery warehouse in Guangdong Sihui has also been empty .

Hundreds of merchants are owed tens of millions of money

“ It's very hot , In the mind is very cool ”

In the near future , A large number of businesses report Tiantian Jianbao's arrears of payment and deposit in real name on the short video platform .

Among them, Mr. Zhu, a merchant, said that he 2 Years ago, he settled in Tiantian Jianbao APP, However, the platform is suddenly unable to settle the payment for goods , And refuse to return the platform margin , common 92 Ten thousand yuan .

Last year, Mr. Zhu 10 In June, I went to Tiantian Jianbao's headquarters in Beijing , But the staff answered that the payment for goods could only be settled after the restructuring and financing , It will take a while .

And this year 5 month , All of a sudden, treasure is appraised every day APP Suddenly stopped operating , The order information is also missing , The staff could not be reached .

in fact , Mr. Zhu is just one of many businesses that have been defaulted .

There are also many merchants who report that their arrears range from several thousand yuan to millions . According to the merchants , From last year 8、9 month , Every day Jianbao began to default on the payment for goods .

In order to recover the arrears , Merchants set up a debt collection group . In one of the debt collection groups , There has been more than 200 Merchants are counted on the register .

In addition, according to the Red Star capital Bureau , According to the statistics of some businesses , From last year 9 Month so far ,“ Every day Jianbao ” Payment for goods and deposit in arrears , Involving hundreds of businesses , The amount is up to 3000 More than ten thousand yuan .

On black cat complaint platform , There are also a large number of businesses who report being in arrears 、 Margin, etc .

A merchant told Sanyan Finance , Now we can't contact the person who appraises treasures every day , The platform data is also cleared ,“ It's very hot , In the mind is very cool ”.

Almost all employees were laid off

If the arbitration is successful, there will be no money

in fact , In addition to defaulting on businesses , Every day Jianbao also has hundreds of employees who are in arrears .

According to blue whale financial report , Employee name “ From last year 8 Salary arrears begin in January , Drag it all the way to 12 month , Start mandatory layoffs , Three months' delay below the director level , Director level or above ( Including the director ) In arrears 5 To 7 Months .”

The employee said that before the layoff, the company had 310 Left and right , Almost completely cut , Only a few people are left to be responsible for the operation of platforms such as Tiktok .

In the cut 300 people , There are about 100 People choose to arbitrate . Others accepted another solution : The company promised to pay the salary in arrears in ten installments .

As a matter of fact , Whether it is arbitration or silence , It is not so easy for employees to get money .

A programmer who used to do treasure checking every day “ Front end brother pan ” In the short video platform, he shared the front and back of his arbitration .

At that time, the programmer did not agree to the plan of paying salary by installments every day , last year 12 In June, he chose to submit to arbitration .2 The arbitration session will be held in January , But I still insist on the plan of installment every day , Although a large group of colleagues finally accepted this plan , But the front-end brother pan finally insisted .

1 More than months later , The programmer received the arbitration award . The result of the ruling is that Tiantian Jianbao will receive the ruling before 30 Days. , Pay the employee the salary owed in a lump sum 、 damages 、 Annual leave not taken , Almost small 20 ten thousand .

But it turned out that the deadline had passed , The programmer did not receive a penny . He also pointed out that , Colleagues who had previously agreed to the installment plan did not receive any salary , Even if an enforcement application is filed , It doesn't work .

5 month 16 Japan , He had no choice but to try to apply for enforcement , But there is still little hope ,“ Hundreds of thousands of hard-working money feels like it is going to be lost ”.

Every once in a while , Front end brother pan will send a video about salary arrears , But when will the money come , He didn't know .

APP Applet shutdown

The short video account was renamed

do a quick change

Tiantian Jianbao seems to have reached the point that it is completely irreparable .

This year, 5 month , Every day, treasure is appraised APP And the applet suddenly stopped running , This strengthens the commitment of businesses and employees to the company “ run ” View of the .

At the beginning, brother pan of the front end also participated in the development of Tiantian Jianbao applet . He said , The company originally retained several developers , Now all have been cut , And I didn't get any money .

In addition, the rent of the office area has been refunded , Whether the business or the employees , If safeguarding rights becomes a big problem .

Especially for businesses ,APP And after the applet is disabled , They can't see the details of the order , This has brought them great difficulties in safeguarding their rights .

In fact, on the whole , Tiantian Jianbao is on the verge of death . The only reason people think it's still alive , Its short video account is still being updated .

But it seems to reduce the pressure of public opinion , Tiktok and... Of Tiantian Jianbao B Station account names have been changed .

Tiktok name from “ Every day Jianbao ” Changed to Ruize Jianbao jewelry strict selection , The Avatar was also changed , Ruize is a treasure appraiser under his banner . In addition to changing the name and avatar , This account has also been cancelled V authentication , From enterprise account to personal account .

Another Tiktok account “ Tiantian Jianbao jewelry collection ” Also renamed Haidong Jianbao jewelry collection .

It is worth noting that , These two accounts are still selling stationery and jewelry live .

B The station account is also renamed Jianbao office , The wechat official account is located in 2021 year 12 Month has already stopped .

Through this series of operations , Tiantian Jianbao seems to have disappeared from the Internet . On the surface, it seems that these accounts have been operated by several well-known appraisers .

financing 5 round , Why did Tiantian Jianbao fall down ?

Why is it that every day there is a fire , This is inseparable from the rapid development of short video .

At first, Tiantian Jianbao just shared the Jianbao video , Because its humorous style is rising rapidly in Tiktok . Later, the business gradually expanded to collection identification 、 Entertainment e-commerce and other fields .

since 2018 To 2021 year , Every day, you can gain 5 Round of funding ,5 The total amount of financing in the round has reached 4000 Thousands of dollars . The investors include Internet giants such as ByteDance .

In the field of entertainment e-commerce , Success in play 、 Micro studio 、 Tiantian Jianbao occupies the top three positions .

The founder of Tiantian Jianbao is Wang Yi , He was in 2018 Tiantian Jianbao was founded in . according to the understanding of , Wangyi is a serial entrepreneur . Public information display , Wang Yi was in SP industry 、 Mobile download tools 、 Cosmetics e-commerce and online pawn industry start businesses .

2013 year , Wang Yi founded an online pawn platform “ Pawnshop ”, Have obtained 4 Round of funding . It is said that , He was inspired by another Wenwan jewelry e-commerce wechat shop , Founded Tiantian Jianbao .

Tiantian Jianbao's mode is through short video drainage , And then do the video game e-commerce to realize . A business that seems to form a complete closed loop , Why did you get to where you are today ?

stay 2021 By the end of year , When facing employees who are in arrears , Wangyi once promised “ The worst 10 We can pay the arrears to you within six months ”.

He also explained the salary arrears in an internal letter 、 Reasons for layoffs .

Wang Yi pointed out 2021 The trend of the Internet environment in was sluggish and the impact of the epidemic 、 The company's business development is blocked 、 Plus the ups and downs of corporate financing , It is the main reason why the company is forced to lay off employees .

Wang Yi also put forward several measures : open B Increase revenue sources by live broadcasting, goods, etc , Restart a new round of financing .

From the letter , We can also see the operation of Tiantian Jianbao . Wangyicheng ,“ In addition, it has been deeply cultivated for many years and has a complete supply chain system , In the present situation , The income is basically stable for one month 350-400w, The company's operating costs will also increase 250w within , The net profit of the company exceeds 100w.”

However, in terms of the total amount of tens of millions of businesses and employees , Can the company really hold on ?

According to a recent report by blue whale Finance , After being asked if there is any debt , Wang Yi answered only one sentence “ We are making some adjustments here ”.

Maybe Wang had expected the result early , but “ It's true ” Not everyone can do it .

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