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Dog poops at home and is covered with floor sweeping robot

2022-06-24 09:17:48Chinese industry information station

According to the man , There is 3 Dog , For more than two years, I never poop at home , Help me that day , The man walks the dog and keeps it at home .

There are two at home Sweep the floor robot , One is responsible for sweeping the floor , One is responsible for mopping the floor , After opening it, I went downstairs to have dinner with my friends .

When I came back two hours later, I saw a scene in the video . The mopping robot will stop when encountering obstacles , Stopped at the door , There is a pile of dog poop in front . The sweeping robot will return to the base station after completing the work , The base station is full of shit .

The man cleaned with deodorant 2 Hours , The next morning, the whole room was filled with a smell mixed with the smell of stool , I feel like I can't live any longer .

The net friend comment on :

Guodegang's crosstalk has predicted this situation

My family has also encountered , Fortunately, it didn't loose , And I soon found out , The affected area is not large , But the taste is terrible

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