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Netflix co CEO confirms to launch cheaper Advertising Package

2022-06-24 09:18:04Chinese industry information station


This package is for those who think Netflix People who are too expensive and don't mind advertising , The existing Netflix There are no planned changes to the hierarchy .Sarandos Say :“ We exclude a large customer base , That's what they say :‘ well ,Netflix It's too expensive for me , And I don't mind advertising ’ People who . We are adding an advertising layer ; We are not what you know today Netflix Add ads on the . We are saying for those ‘ well , I want a lower price , I'd like to see advertisements ' Of people add an advertising layer ’.”

Netflix Already negotiating with advertising sales partners , although Sarandos No details are provided about the possible emergence of the advertising support layer , but Netflix Employees have been informed internally , Its goal is to 2022 By the end of the year .

according to the understanding of ,Netflix Basics (Basic) The package price is 9.99 dollar , It provides 480p Streaming media , And the standard (Standard) The price of the package is 15.49 dollar , A resolution of 1080p.Netflix The most expensive premium (Premium) package , Monthly pricing 19.99 dollar , Is the only provider 4K HDR The level of streaming media .Netflix It is the only streaming media service that charges extra to improve the quality of streaming media , The level of advertising support will probably provide streaming media quality similar to the basic package .

In addition to the level of advertising support ,Netflix It also plans to crack down on account sharing . In some countries ,Netflix Has been testing for those who share with people outside the family Netflix The account holder pays an extra fee .

stay 2022 First quarter ,Netflix Express , It's in 10 Lost users for the first time in the year . The company attributed this sharp slowdown in revenue growth to a large number of family shared accounts and competition .Netflix Estimated to have 2.22 Billion paying families and others 1 Billion households that have not been monetized .Netflix Has been confirmed , It plans to implement more effective multi household sharing monetization in the future .

Sarandos Express , He believes that Netflix Growth can be restored through planned changes .“ We have sufficient scale, profitability and free cash flow to continue to develop this business ,” He said , It also suggests “ There is still much room for growth ”.

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