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The new White House partnership aims to accelerate the construction of offshore wind farms

2022-06-24 09:18:20Chinese industry information station

As part of the announcement , The Biden administration is committed to promoting offshore wind power projects and leasing sales “ Timely and effective licensing and environmental review ”. in the past , Licensing has always been an important bottleneck in promoting offshore wind power projects .

It's crucial , Biden also took action to alleviate another major bottleneck : Professional vessels required to ensure that turbines as high as skyscrapers are installed on the high seas . The project competes with the few installation vessels in the world for time , The number of these ships just exceeds 30 ship . The United States faces additional restrictions , because 《 Jones Act 》 Regulations , Ships traveling between two points in the United States must be built in the United States 、 Have 、 Manning and registration .


The first ship built in the United States meets the requirements of 《 Jones Act 》 The ship should be completed next year . In order to speed up the construction of more ships , Biden announced on Thursday that he would give priority to financing offshore wind power vessels . They will be designated as “ Ships of national interest ”.

The Biden administration is still working on a “ Offshore wind energy supply chain roadmap ”, To figure out what needs to be done to achieve state and federal wind energy goals . Biden plans to 2030 In, the U.S. offshore wind power capacity was increased from the current 42 Megawatts expanded to 30000 mw . This 2030 The goal of the year should be sufficient clean energy capacity , by 1000 Ten thousand homes supply electricity .

To achieve this goal , The United States will have to build more wind farms .3 A preliminary analysis published in may found that , The White House goal will be to build 2100 Wind turbines and foundations , And five to six installation vessels and other types of professional fleets . The United States will also have to lay 6800 Miles of cable , To connect distant turbines to homes where they will power on land . according to 3 Monthly report , It takes an average of... Per year to complete all this work 12300 To 49000 Full time employees .

meanwhile , Who joined the partnership 11 The governor plans to work with the Biden Administration , Jointly solve problems across state boundaries . These issues range from building transmission lines to managing fisheries . The impact of offshore wind energy on local fisheries has always been a pain point that states must address , This is also part of their drive to promote clean energy .

up to now , The few offshore wind farms in the United States are located on the east coast , Including larger projects currently under development . But the Biden administration has begun to open up the waters of the west coast and the Gulf Coast , So Thursday's announcement mentioned that the states in these regions can join the cooperation in the future .

The Biden administration's dream of offshore wind power is part of a larger mission to mitigate climate change . The United States plans to 2050 Cut its greenhouse gas emissions to near zero in , Part of this is by making the power grid 2035 Years ago, it relied entirely on clean energy .

Outside the United States , The development momentum of offshore wind energy is getting better and better . According to Norway Rystad Energy companies released forecasts earlier this week , The capital expenditure of global offshore wind power is expected to double by the end of this decade , achieve 1000 Over US $100 million .

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