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Facebook pay will be renamed meta pay, but the function changes little

2022-06-24 09:29:31Chinese industry information station


And Facebook To Meta The rebranding of the brand is similar to ,Facebook Pay To Meta Pay The rebranding of the brand should send a signal , It shows that the company is committed to the development of metauniverse . With Meta More and more investment in the meta universe ,Meta Pay It will also play a more important role .

When it comes to trust ,Meta Not quite the best reputation , But the company said , since 2009 Since then , It has been 160 A country / The district provides 55 Secure payment services in two currencies . The payment card number is encrypted , And anti fraud monitoring , To detect unauthorized activities . Users can also prevent unauthorized payments by using passwords or fingerprints .

If the user has not used Facebook Pay, You need to set up your Meta Pay. If the user wants to do this , Just enter the payment settings , Enter their payment information , Then use... When shopping online Meta Pay Button .Meta Pay Support most credit and debit cards , as well as PayPal and Shop pay.

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