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New preview of Raytheon 4: lots of new scenes exposed

2022-06-24 09:29:40Chinese industry information station

After the end , Thor, the veteran Thor, embarks on a new journey , And this journey made him find an unprecedented purpose to pursue - Inner peace , Unexpectedly, the rest of life is not as good as you wish , New forces of evil “ Gore the God Slayer ” Spoil the fun and spoil the game , The potential is to annihilate all the gods in the universe ! To counter this powerful threat , Saul called on the warrior goddess to sit on the throne of Asgar 、 Krona warrior KOG and scientist ex girlfriend Jane foster , Jane was even more surprised to get his magic power 、 Become one who wields the hammer of Thor “ Female Thor ”! With the help of the StarCraft attack team , They embarked on a thrilling interstellar journey together , Uncover the mystery of the Revenge of the God Slayer , And stop his evil actions in time !

Subvert Marvel pictures Challenge the most crazy work

First Marvel hero independent fourth masterpiece

This summer's strongest file

After the end Thor 、 StarCraft alien attack team The new combination will travel through the universe hand in hand

Ghost Director Taigaviditi Return to direct again

type : action 、 adventure

Video footage :

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