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Star Lord Chris Pratt says his Mario voice will be different from any other voice in the past

2022-06-24 09:29:47Chinese industry information station

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He is accepting. Variety The interview said :“ I worked closely with the directors and tried something , In addition, I found something I am very proud of , Can't wait for people to see and hear . This is an animated dubbing narrative . This is not a live action movie . I won't run around in a plumber's clothes . I am providing sound for an animated character , And it's the latest , Unlike anything you've heard before in the Mario World .”

The last sentence seemed to mean that Pratt would not imitate Charles · Martinet yes nintendo Iconic interpretation of the famous plumber .

in addition ,Illumination Founder and CEO Chris Meledandri It was recently said in a statement that :" When people hear about Chris · Pratt's performance , Criticism will vanish , Maybe not exactly -- People like to express their opinions , It should be . When we finally hear Pratt's interpretation of Mario , I -- And I suppose all the others Twitter user -- It is almost certain that they will express their opinions .”

The Mario film was originally scheduled for 12 It's on in June , But it has been postponed recently . It will now be 4 month 7 Japan in North America and 4 month 28 Premiere in Japan . The cast of the film also includes Anya, who plays princess peach · Taylor - Joey 、 Charlie playing Luigi · Dai and Jack playing bozer · black . Although martinet didn't play Mario , But he will be on the surprise guest list .

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