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Yuan universe "ignites" virtual clothing: 1000 yuan "buy skin" 100 yuan sales price is fried to 10000 yuan

2022-06-24 09:30:10Chinese industry information station

It is “ Wardrobe ” One of the coolest clothes in —— With a digital collection tag , Many businesses rely on uniqueness 、 limited 、 Value added Internet assets flaunt , Dream for buyers , Amaze yourself .

however , A dress worn in a photograph , It also raises questions about the concept of speculation :199 Yuan to buy a picture ? This seems to be another game of harvesting intelligence tax .

Beijing News shell finance reporter noticed that , Some digital collection platforms have appeared in the secondary market , Original selling price 299 Yuan's virtual clothing , The price can even rise more than a hundred times .

The founder of a technology company ,《 The age of the meta universe 》 The author xiayuedong said in an interview with the shell finance reporter of the Beijing News , Customized design works for personality , May be the greatest value and significance of virtual clothing . meanwhile , There is a problem of concept hype in virtual clothing , The bubble is very big , It is easy to cause huge losses to individuals . And a large number of low-quality works are filled with them .

“ Environmental protection 、 Efficient 、 freedom to create ”, These concepts have been mentioned repeatedly in the virtual clothing publicity . Xia Yuedong said , People need to understand that the value of virtual creation lies in the quality of the work itself , It is not the concept that determines its value , The foam will burst one day .

What is virtual clothing “ Emperor's new clothes ”, still web3.0 A subversion of the times ?

 The virtual clothing displayed in the little red book . Screenshot

The virtual clothing displayed in the little red book . Screenshot


Clothes that can only be worn on photos

 The virtual clothing displayed in the little red book . Screenshot

The virtual clothing displayed in the little red book . Screenshot

The world of virtual clothing , You can do everything .

Shell financial reporter searches through the little red book “ Virtual clothing ”, You can see a lot of colorful 、 A bold look , Including bionics 、 Mermaid 、 Liquid show 、 Bubble pack . According to the merchant's introduction , The buyer can incarnate the little mermaid of the yuan universe , Can surround white chocolate into the shape of love , The curvature of the waves can also be worn on the body . Including mechanical masks , These clothes that cannot be worn in reality , It can be realized in the virtual world .

Virtual clothing has become an art like existence here , The blessing of the concept of the meta universe also pushes it to the wind . Reporters noted that , Every virtual garment sold has a design concept 、 Create a story 、 Inspiration source and exclusive name, etc . In the business publicity , Most will mention the metauniverse , And said that people can really own something in the virtual world , Become its sole owner . More Than This , Each virtual garment is basically set with the selling time and quantity , Most will not exceed 100 pieces .

The purchase method of virtual clothing is relatively simple , There are basically no restrictions on buyers ,“ There is no need to consider the figure 、 Size ”, Virtual clothing can realize an exclusive fashion blockbuster . In general , The Seller issues a fixed-time limited sale notice on the platform , After the buyer has photographed the virtual clothes he wants , Just select a photo matching the clothing requirements and send it to the seller or upload it to the platform , You can wait “ Wear ” On the virtual clothing .

at present , Most businesses stipulate that each suit of clothes can only be worn on one photo . Shell finance reporter saw , The official launch of the little red book “ Virtual fashion buyer's shop ”, New products will be announced every Friday , The lowest price of the latest phase III virtual clothing is 19 element , The highest price reaches 1280 element .

Shell financial reporter tried to buy a virtual jewelry designed by students of Beijing Institute of fashion , limited 30 Pieces of , It will be sold out after only ten minutes . After purchase , The product appears on the account of the reporter xiaohongshu R-Space Space , But to wear, you need to send your real photos to the designated mailbox . In actual experience , Seller's commitment 7 Give feedback within working days , The reporter 2 Days later, I received a photo of wearing this virtual jewelry .

“ There's a computer , Can use software , You can basically enter the industry .” Virtual clothing brand METACHI founder 、 Chinese Pioneer designer Zhang Chi told shell finance reporter , Now most virtual fashion designers are students of fashion schools , Even game company employees who have no idea about clothes , A designer who has transformed traditional fashion design like himself , Maybe only 1%.

The shell finance reporter combed the introduction of the virtual fashion designer on the platform and saw , Many students who have just graduated or have not graduated from major fashion design colleges .

LIV I am a graduate student of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts , Research “ The application of non wearable materials in fashion design ” Direction , The outbreak affected her to go out for inspiration . until 2021 year , Virtual clothing concept fire ,LIV Found a new direction ,“ Virtual clothing full of sense of technology and visual impact , Instantly washed away my aesthetic fatigue ,DNA Surging —— I realized , This is definitely mine Spiritual Oasis( Oasis of inspiration )!” She told the shell finance reporter .

2022 year ,LIV Set up their own virtual clothing brand LIV IN OASIS, The sweetheart series clothing launched in the little red book has also opened up the market .“ During that time, orders blowout , quite a lot KOL、 Ladies and sisters pay for the sweetheart series , And enthusiastically released to the platform , Sharing experiences .”

LIV The first set of clothing from the idea to the realization of commercial realization , It took nearly half a year .“ Now xiaohongshu has opened a trading platform , New entrants can quickly cash in .” She said , The early investment risk in the field of virtual clothing is small , One computer can do it , Most of the expenses are time and marketing costs . Now , The time she spent making a virtual suit ranged from one day to half a month .

From a designer's point of view , Even if the threshold is low 、 The cost is low 、 Low risk , It's hardly a good business . At present, the virtual clothing sold on the platform is mainly at the price of 100 yuan , Limited sales , The total income of a set of design is only tens of thousands of yuan . It can hardly be called windfall profits , It's more of an attempt .

LIV Think ,“ freedom to create ” Is the most touching point of virtual clothing ,“ It breaks the physical limitations of reality and the digital vision that cannot exist in reality , This is undoubtedly the creation oasis of futuristic clothing .”

In Zhang Chi's opinion , Clothes except for practical needs , It's more about beauty Pursuit . With the fast fashion , People buy clothes more often , Tens of billions of clothes are wasted every year .“ A lot of clothes are worn only once , and web3.0 Time , There are more opportunities for people to be active on social networking platforms than to meet , When digital assets generate value , What virtual clothing meets is the demand for beauty .”

 Virtual clothing publicity on the little red book . Screenshot

Virtual clothing publicity on the little red book . Screenshot


The secondary market “ Run wild ”:

Selling price 299 element , The resale price has risen more than 100 times

The first year of the yuan universe is coming , Virtual clothing has been combined with NFT Hook up , And is regarded as the same investment product as the digital collection .

at present , Virtual clothing is endowed with uniqueness by businesses , limited 、 A virtual collection with its own social attributes . In addition, as tradable / Value added Internet assets , Everything NFT Have their own unique number and code , Do not copy / Tampering . In little red book , Virtual clothing is defined as R- Digital works , Unique identification based on blockchain technology , Each digital work has a unique serial number on the chain , Record the creation of works publicly 、 Depository transaction 、 Ownership and other relevant information . These digital works can be in the form of plane works , It can also be 3D Model of , Even video .

Xiayuedong told shell finance reporter , Virtual clothing can be understood as one of the products of meta universe scene creation , But not in the strict sense NFT product .“ Virtual clothing is completely unlimited creation and presentation 、 Share . And the publication of digital collections 、 The valuation follows a very strict issuance process and rules , If not, there is no value ”.

Xiaohongshu is one of the two mainstream virtual clothing platforms in China , The other is ByteDance 6 month 8 The digital fashion platform launched on the day “ Boiling silence APP”.

For designers and virtual clothing brands , The little red book 4 The recruitment plan was made public in January . A small red book virtual clothing brand manager told the shell finance reporter ,“ Lower threshold , As long as there are works and a certain number of fans, you can settle in .”

The reporter did not see any obvious entry channel in the boiling silence , According to the official introduction, it will cooperate with China's top original design brands , At the same time, excellent personal virtual clothing creators will be invited to settle in . The creators of the little red book told the shell finance reporter , They have already received the invitation of boiling silence .

It is worth noting that , Little red book and boiling silence are not special digital collection platforms , The reporter did not see the opening of the secondary market . This means that there is no circulation , There is no value added , Users are more likely to buy virtual clothes based on their likes .

however , Virtual clothing is on some digital collection platforms , A fierce game is being played . The shell financial reporter is IBOX See above , Buyers can freely consign the virtual clothes they buy on the platform , This means that it has its own secondary market . among , sale 732 Share of 《 Change 》 Virtual clothing , The selling price is 299 element , According to the platform rules , Only users on the official white list are eligible to buy new collections . And be able to enter “ Priority white list ” Our users usually need to have other official collections .

 Official rules .

Official rules .

Shell finance reporter browsing ,《 Change 》 The virtual clothing shows the first sold out status , The maximum consignment price reaches 99999 element , At least 13777 element .

 The maximum consignment price reaches 99999 element . Screenshot

The maximum consignment price reaches 99999 element . Screenshot

Shell finance reporter saw ,6 month 3 One of the copies on sale on the th 《 Change 》, The first 3 Day buyers will be 36800 The price is RMB , The price has risen more than a hundred times . same day , Was bought by another buyer , And again in two minutes 56888 The price is RMB , Not yet sold .

 Transaction records .

Transaction records .

In the secondary market , There is no shortage of virtual clothing without price . Shell financial reporter found , Many players cut prices all the way after consigning virtual clothes , There are also cases where the sending price is lower than the buying price .

The rise of virtual clothing hype , And become a currency symbol on the digital collection platform , Compared with the aesthetic significance of clothes , Buyers began to pay more attention to the future appreciation potential and the degree of popularity .

Every investor expects to be a pioneer , Can press potential stocks . What is the measure of price ?

Regarding this , Zhang Chi said , Just like traditional clothes , There will be the concept of brand , The impact of the limit .LIV Think , Virtual clothing is a premium commodity , The evaluation factors are influenced by the popularity of the creator or the brand itself 、 Is there any star net red with goods 、 Flow rate, exposure, etc . besides , The design sense of the work itself and the refinement of the after-sales wear service , It will also affect the level of pricing .

Mr. Wang, 2021 In, he began to contact digital collections , One after another in IBOX、 Phantom core and other platforms have invested nearly 20 Ten thousand yuan , Including portraits 、 Albums, etc . This year, 4 month , He started with virtual clothing , I bought dozens of pieces only on the little red book .

Shell financial reporters rarely see photos of wearing virtual clothes on his home page . In Mr. Wang's view , Virtual clothing is no different from other digital collections , They are collections with investment value ,“ Value lies in consensus ”.

“ Consensus ” Blockchain 、 Words frequently mentioned in the field of metauniverse , Simply speaking , Everyone in the system thinks it is valuable , Then it has value , The value of bitcoin is going to tens of thousands of dollars under this consensus .

As for why you buy virtual clothes in little red book , Mr Wang said ,“ Open a secondary market to buy , It's just pure leeks .” He believed in , The secondary market will open sooner or later .


Get together “ Rush to eat ”,

Virtual clothing or “ Utopia ”?

Virtual clothing appearance time , Before the metauniverse .2018 year Amber Jae Slooten Created the first virtual clothing brand .

“ Clothes have two functions , Practical and expressive , But what if we separate the two ? I see a future , There we will re plan the space , You can express yourself , But it will not harm the earth .”Amber Jae Slooten Once explained the value of virtual clothing .

The market is hot , Traditional fashion clothing brands 、 Big Internet companies have entered the Bureau , Independent virtual clothing brands emerge in endlessly .

2019 year 5 month , First digital garment “Iridescence Rainbow Dress ” Born on the Ethereum blockchain , The transaction price is 9500 dollar . thereafter , With the concept of the meta universe out of the circle , Virtual clothing has become a new trend .

6 month 17 Japan ,Facebook(Facebook) Founder Zuckerberg said , is Facebook、Instagram and Messenger And so on , Users can buy virtual clothes for their avatars . The brands introduced at the beginning include Balenciaga 、 Prada and Tom · Brown et al .

Virtual clothing once existed in the concept , In the concept of meta universe, there is a space for ground extension . Combined with the NFT Market growth and epidemic impact , Many fashion brands are increasing their size , In addition to the early virtual fitting ,3D Display, etc , Also held a virtual clothing show 、 Cross-border cooperation 、 Design special clothes for virtual people, etc .

Shell financial reporter noticed , Balenciaga passed a VR The game was released 2021 Fall collection . Nike acquires virtual sneaker design company RTFKT, And with Roblox Cooperation launched “ Nike paradise ”Nikeland Virtual experience . Gucci (Gucci) Created a time limited Gucci Garden Exhibition virtual space .

“ When I first said to make virtual clothes , People around me think I'm crazy .” Zhang Chi thinks , Even now , The recognition of virtual clothing in the fashion circle is still not high , The entry of a fashion brand is more like an early taste ,“ No matter whether it can develop in the later stage , But we have to get in , This is the concept of fashion itself ”.

Besides traditional fashion brands , More independent platforms and brands focusing on virtual fashion appear . From a global perspective , There has been a Mo、DressX、Tribute Brand、RTFKT Brands such as , Through and fashion brands 、 Designers and technology companies , Explore more possibilities of virtual clothing .

DressX It is a pure digital fashion international e-commerce store , Its founder once said in an interview that , To create a digital wardrobe in the meta universe . While giving full play to the value of the virtual clothing itself, it also has NFT Platform cooperation , Created DressX NFT The store . Reporter's observation , At present NFT The clothes in the store are not interchangeable with those in the original mall , That is to say, not every piece is DressX All the products purchased in the mall have NFT attribute .

DressX Virtual clothing store . Screenshot

DressX Virtual clothing store . Screenshot

however , Virtual clothing takes a step , The voice of doubt has never stopped ——QQ Show , You can't touch them, and they all become groove points . Besides , Virtual clothing is compared to P chart ,“ Could have robbed money directly , He also sent you a picture .”“199 Buy a picture ?”“ I didn't think I would buy skin for myself ”, Many netizens regard it as a new way to cut leeks .

LIV Tell shell financial reporter , The wearing diagram of virtual clothing is not as simple as it looks , After the merchant receives a photo , First of all, we need to simulate the alignment in the computer according to the action of the characters 、 Environment rendering and post detailing , To achieve a realistic wearing effect . However, the photo synthesis of some virtual works is not good enough , At a glance, it looks very “ false ”, This leads people to think that virtual clothing is P Stickers on .

The shell finance reporter browsed the works of various platforms and found , Due to the different technical levels of merchants' rendering , The quality of virtual clothing is also uneven , Including part of the virtual clothing can not fully fit the characters 、 Hair goes through clothes 、 Blurry edges, etc .

stay LIV It seems , Although the threshold of virtual clothing is low , But want to do well , It still takes a lot of time to polish the details of the version 、 Adjust the proportion 、 Pay attention to the tailoring process , Make it look like a real dress , Instead of just stacking the rough products of technological elements ,“ The essence of virtual clothing is aesthetic output .”

Zhang Chi agrees with this ,“ No understanding of beauty , It's not good . in addition , Imagination and knowledge and understanding of the times are important .”

Xia Yuedong reminded me in an interview with shell finance reporter , Now the biggest problem of virtual clothing is concept hype , The bubble is very big , It is easy to cause huge losses to individuals , It is not too much to think of it as a gamble .“ A large number of low-quality works are also filled with them , These works have no value at all .”

“ Environmental protection 、 Efficient 、 freedom to create ”, These concepts have been mentioned repeatedly in the virtual clothing publicity . Xia Yuedong said , People need to understand that the value of virtual creation lies in the quality of the work itself , It is not the concept that determines its value . The foam will burst one day , This scene is similar to the hype about air currency in those days 、 MLM money .“ Customized design works for personality , This may be the greatest value and significance of virtual clothing .

Zhang Chi thinks , Virtual clothing is still in its infancy , It is too early to talk about problems and chaos .“ Now the future of the whole virtual clothing is unknown , No one has ever succeeded in virtual clothing , So you don't know how big the market is , But it is this unknown that inspires people .” He has many expectations for the future of virtual clothing , The first thing to do now is to believe , You can't stop doing it after twoorthree years .

In the blueprint drawn by the brand , The future virtual clothing can appear in the motion graph 、 Video platform 、vlog Bloggers and video calls 、 Games, anywhere . Besides , The threshold for ordinary people to wear luxury brands is lowered 、 Private custom clothes appear 、 Clothing waste is reduced .DressX Virtual clothing has been upgraded from static to dynamic , For example, the ribbon dancing with the wind 、 Flowing patterns, etc , But it still stays at a relatively early stage .

“ Whether the emerging digital collection platforms in China comply with the regulations , There is no explicit provision in the current law , However, if the sale of digital products is based on the attributes of its virtual currency , On suspicion of breaking the law . Besides , It also depends on whether the platform has obtained relevant qualifications , Whether the nature of the digital collection trading platform makes the digital collection financial 、 The tendency of securitization .” Zhaohu, a partner of Beijing Zhongwen law firm, told the reporter of shell finance .

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