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[Video] new edge features are improving Xbox and PC gaming

2022-06-24 09:32:58Chinese industry information station

stay Edge Enable efficiency mode in the browser , Not only can it play better Windows 10/11 The performance of the equipment , And players will try to reduce the resources occupied by the browser during the game . Vice president, Microsoft consumer services and software products Liat Ben-Zur explains :“ Use this feature , You don't have to close your browser to play and reopen it when you're done . After closing the game ,Microsoft Edge Will exit efficiency mode , Let you go back to where you left off last time ”.

Microsoft is also for Xbox Cloud games add Clarity Boost function . This is a space upgrade function , Designed to Xbox Streaming games are clearer and sharper . Microsoft has been testing this feature for the past six months , Due to a series of client scaling improvements , These improvements will improve Xbox The visual quality of cloud games , This improvement is very obvious .


Microsoft is also for Edge Created a game home page , This includes game news 、 live broadcast 、Xbox Content and Xbox Cloud Gaming Fast access to . Edge There is even a new game menu , These include free leisure and arcade games , Such as Microsoft Solitaire.

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