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Bepicolombo flies over Mercury again and sends back a new image of the planet's crater filled surface

2022-06-24 09:33:05Chinese industry information station


BepiColombo It's ESA (ESA) And Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) A joint mission . The final destination of the spacecraft is the orbit of mercury , But it has to go through a series of overflights to get there . The latest one adventure yes BepiColombo Of “ Gravity assisted maneuver ” One of , This is a navigation action , Will help it eventually in 2025 It entered the orbit of its main planet in .

This is a BepiColombo The second of the six flybys planned for mercury . before , This task is in 2020 Flying over Venus at the end of the year and sending back some fascinating images .


The new mercury image is about... From the spacecraft to the mercury surface 570 miles (917 km ) When shooting . During the flight , It's even closer , More images will appear later . The gears that appear in the image are part of the spacecraft .

ESA has also released annotated versions of the images , The names of craters and other noteworthy geological features are emphasized . Humans have not sent a lot of space to mercury, the planet closest to the sun “ Go!Explore ”. NASA's “ The sailor 10 Number ” stay 20 century 70 Flying over mercury in the s , Later, NASA's “ Messenger ” The mercury probe is 2011 It entered orbit in .

BepiColombo Will provide scientists with new ideas and data , So that they can seek to understand the geology of the planet 、 Atmosphere and history . ESA said :“ The lighting conditions in this picture are different from those recorded by NASA's messenger mission to mercury , Enhanced the difference between smooth terrain and earlier rough terrain .”

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